5 Small Laundry Room Hacks That Will Save Your Sanity

Laundry day. For many of us, just reading those words elicits a feeling of dread. As a home decor writer living in an apartment with a teensy laundry closet, I’ve spent my fair share of hours cursing at piles of unsorted socks and digging through mountains of unfolded towels. But recently, I set out on a mission to transform my chaotic laundry zone into a functional, organized oasis I enjoy spending time in.

Through clever space-saving solutions, savvy storage tricks, and style-boosting upgrades, I morphed my closet-sized laundry dumpster fire into a stress-free sanctuary. Whether working with a tiny laundry nook or a full-on laundry room, these five hacks can help make laundry day more accessible to your sanity. Let’s dive in!

A bright and airy laundry room with a stackable washer and dryer 1

Hack #1: Maximize Vertical Space

When working with a pint-sized laundry zone, you need to take advantage of every inch of available space. One of the best ways to do this is by going vertical. Floor space may be limited, but you likely have unused vertical real estate on walls, doors, and even the ceiling.

Fill this vertical space with storage solutions like shelves, cabinets, racks, and bins to consolidate supplies and equipment. Get laundry essentials like detergent, dryer sheets, stain removers, and irons off the floor and onto wall-mounted storage.

You can also go vertical with your laundry workflow. Install retractable drying racks or clotheslines on walls and ceilings to air dry garments. This not only saves space but also cuts energy costs.

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A bright and airy laundry room with white cabinets 2

I installed an over-the-door rack for hanging delicates and fitted out my tiny closet with tall, narrow shelving units for neatly stacking folded garments. Utilizing vertical space was a total game-changer!

Hack #2: Multitask with Multifunctional Furniture

Multitasking is a clutch when dealing with confined square footage, furniture, and appliances,. From transforming tables to storage ottomans, pieces with multiple functions allow you to streamline necessities in a compact footprint.

One of my top space-saving appliance picks is a unitasker washing machine and dryer. Stackable or combination all-in-one models condense both essential machines into one narrow body.

I also love an excellent Murphy bed-style ironing board. Mounted on the wall or a cabinet door, these fold down to reveal a hidden ironing surface when needed and tuck away when unused.

A bright and organized laundry room with clearly labeled shelves

Small rolling carts do double duty, displaying decorative objects and providing concealed storage for laundry essentials. For foldable surfaces, try a slim console or table that collapses to stow against the wall.

Getting creative with multifunctional furnishings made all the difference in my petite laundry!

Hack #3: Strategic Storage Solutions

When space is limited, storage efficiency is crucial. Carefully plotting where to contain laundry supplies allows you to corral all essentials while keeping your zone clutter-free neatly.

I’m obsessed with maximizing often overlooked vacant space, like the inside of cabinet doors. Hanging racks, mesh pouches, and magnetized containers transform useless real estate into primo-organized storage territory.

Slim, rolling utility carts are perfect for tucking into tight spaces between appliances and walls while keeping supplies readily accessible.

A small laundry room with clever storage solutions

And don’t underestimate the power of bins and baskets! Layered organizing containers help compartmentalize wardrobe accessories, cleaning tools, laundry pods, and other small items to keep things tidy.

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With my optimized storage, I can find what I need in a snap – and have a little leftover room for decorative touches!

Hack #4: Brighten With Lighting & Color

A bright, cheerful space makes laundry duty feel decidedly less painful. Well-lit rooms help illuminate tasks, while uplifting colors energize the mind.

Splurge on lighting fixtures for guaranteed brightness. Try peel-and-stick undercabinet lighting or battery-powered puck lights inside storage spaces for supplementary illumination.

Infusing cheerful, saturated accent colors boost mood as well. I painted my closet door a vibrant blue and added floral curtain panels for a punch of positivity.

A small laundry room painted in a light and airy color scheme

You can also mirror illusion as your way of appearing larger than life. Reflective surfaces cast natural light further throughout your petite laundry palace, adding the impression of depth.

I love my new radiant and colorful closet! I almost look forward to laundry days now.

Hack #5: Design a Smooth Workflow

An optimized laundry workflow keeps your system running like a well-oiled machine. Establishing an efficient sequence of tasks and a designated place for everything reduces overall effort.

Start by defining separate activity zones: sorting, washing, drying, ironing, and folding. Position hampers or bins nearby appliances according to the sequence.

Next, label everything! Signage keeps all items accessible to identify and return to allotted spaces. I posted reminder charts mapping my ideal laundry workflow process, including optimal wash cycles, drying times, and folding methods for everyday items.

A well organized laundry room with a designated space for sorting

Finally, consistency is vital. Commit to tackling loads in a timely fashion, promptly folding, and strictly upholding organization to keep your routine running seamlessly. Occasional deep cleaning days help redistribute clutter creeping back in.

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Getting my closet laundry production line in order has done wonders for my sanity! I enjoy laundry days now—no, which is no small feat for a once-laundry-despiser like me.

These transformative tips also help rescue your laundry room (or closet!) from chaos. Please drop me a comment below sharing your small-spacel space laundry hacks! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more tiny home decor inspiration.