7 Creative Ways to Display Art in Your Kitchen

Do you ever feel like your kitchen needs to include something? As a native Texan and home decor enthusiast, I struggled with making my kitchen feel as vibrant and welcoming as the rest of my home. The heart of my home felt dull and uninspiring. I longed to infuse it with art, color and a touch of my personality, but wasn’t quite sure how.

If this resonates with you, you’re not alone. Many homeowners often overlook their kitchens when decorating because the room feels purely functional. Transforming your cooking space into a personalized gallery may sound intimidating. Fortunately, you don’t need an art degree or fancy equipment. Countless creative ways to display art in your kitchen suit all styles and budgets.

As a writer for Home Decor Chat, I’ve experimented with various kitchen art ideas over the years. I’ve made many mistakes (adhesive strips don’t mix well with pot steam!) but have also uncovered ingenious solutions. From gallery walls to unexpected placements, infusing art into your kitchen is easier. Let’s explore some of my favorite artistic kitchen ideas to stir up inspiration!

Leverage Open Shelving

Open shelving continues to grow in popularity for kitchen storage and display. While appearing in sleek, modern kitchens, this trend also suits cozier cottage spaces—the secret lies in curating shelving vignettes that balance beautifully.

Leverage Open Shelving

When working with open shelving, stock your existing kitchenware and appliances. Consider the predominant textures, colors, and styles. Then, seek out artworks that harmonize with these elements. For example, if your kitchen features clean stainless steel appliances, abstract art prints with a neutral color scheme would complement them nicely.

When styling your open shelves, remember the principles of visual balance. Aim to distribute items evenly across shelves, incorporating artworks of varying sizes and dimensions. Play with height also – a sculptural ceramic vase on the top shelf can balance nicely with cookbooks and decor below. Approach open shelving like an art gallery; the placement of each piece matters.

Speaking of galleries, don’t limit yourself to wall art and decor items. Sculptures, pottery and textiles can all find a fitting home on open shelves. This diversity in mediums makes for a multi-layered, dimensional display. Just be mindful of available space.

Unexpected Spaces Offer Hidden Potential

Most kitchen art ideas center around walls and shelving. But before you resign floor space to appliances and cabinetry, consider the potential hiding above you – literally! From the tops of cabinets to room dividers, unexpected spaces in your kitchen may provide the perfect incredible canvas.

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When targeting an unconventional spot, removing the guesswork is critical. Carefully measure the area beforehand when selecting art. Remember that placing pieces too large overwhelms and minimizes visible space. Sizing down even slightly creates balance. For most unexpected areas, pieces around 30 inches wide or less suffice.

Unexpected Spaces Offer Hidden Potential

Removable solutions like Command strips eliminate worry for renters or those who favor flexibility. Appropriately applied on clean surfaces, these strips secure art neatly and remove cleanly after. Saving walls from excess holes is always ideal. Just remember – steam and condensation from appliances can still damage art over time.

Unexpected spaces also invite you to defy convention – and gravity! Don’t limit pieces to eye level out of habit. Hanging art higher up draws the gaze up and can make kitchens feel more expansive. Just ensure visibility from multiple vantage points.

Functional Pieces Double as Decor

Infusing art into your kitchen extends beyond wall space. Household items with artistic flair, from dishware to linens, inject visual intrigue while remaining fully functional. Blending decor and utility is the epitome of efficiency.

Serving boards are one of my favorite examples of this. Wooden boards with charming illustrations or vivid designs transition beautifully from the kitchen to the dining room. They serve as a tasty charcuterie board one night and a conversation piece the next! You can also design your own with craft paint and stenciling techniques.

Functional Pieces Double as Decor

Kitchen linens also provide a blank canvas. Tea towels and napkins featuring intricate prints or patters add a vibrant pop of color by the stove or fridge. When not in use, display them with unique holders like wire frames or ceiling racks to show them off decoratively. Try cross-stitching or embroidering your designs for an artistic touch in line with kitchen traditions.

Beyond linens, creative organizers like ceramic utensil holders and illustrated canisters add whimsy while storing essentials. For fruit bowls, handmade glass, ceramic and sculptural wood options add intrigue to any countertop. Their colors and textures become an artistic arrangement housing fresh produce.

Build a Captivating Gallery Wall

When you imagine an art gallery, you likely imagine large walls covered in various paintings, prints, and photographs. You can recreate that visually captivating experience in your kitchen by dedicating a wall to displaying treasured pieces.

To build a stellar gallery wall, first assess the available space. Focus on apparent walls like those along a breakfast nook or above cabinetry. Consider the shape of the wall itself – arrange artwork to align with that outline.

Curating a gallery wall invites playful experimentation with arrangement—lay art pieces out digitally or with poster board templates to balance symmetry and asymmetry aesthetically. Play with the proximity of framed fragments to each other.

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Build a Captivating Gallery Wall

When selecting frames, choose complementary colors and styles tailored to each piece. Are they mixing modern photographs with vintage paintings? Choose simple black frames for the former and antique wood frames for the latter. This celebrates the diversity of pieces. For a unified gallery, uniform colored frames strengthen the cohesive story.

A kitchen gallery wall at its core reflects personal stories and inspiration meaningful to those who gather there. There’s no right or wrong – only pieces that spark joy. So relish in the process of curating pieces both old and new.

Backsplashes as Functional Art Murals

In every kitchen renovation, the backsplash presents a distinctly opportunity to infuse creativity. Too often ignored or covered with basic subway tile, backsplashes can transform into stunning works of art. Since they functionally protect walls from splatter, kitchen backsplash art combats the mundane with beauty.

For custom luxury, specialty tiles imbued with intimate designs or illustrations craft one-of-a-kind spaces. While pricier, their artisanal quality and durability make them worthwhile feature investments that designers covet. Bold patterns, nature motifs and geometric shapes add visual drama, dimension and texture where backsplashes traditionally fall flat.

Backsplashes as Functional Art Murals

Printed art glass fuses digital designs with the sheen of glass tiles. Companies like MosaicHouse apply UV-resistant ink between tempered glass layers, allowing any photograph or art print to become a backsplash. Certain collections recreate iconic paintings for lovers of specific artists to preserve in your kitchen.

Even temporary backsplash art breathes new life through removable decals. Repositionable and designed not to leave residue, these vinyl stickers feature every motif imaginable – from charming florals to abstract patterns befitting modern spaces. Their playful, impermanent nature means switching Effortlessly changing them with the seasons or your mood.

Lighting Illuminates Art Best

Have you ever noticed how lighting transforms art? The proper illumination uplifts a piece from mundane to majestic. It distinguishes flat dimensionality into layers of line, color and form with dimension and depth not initially visible. Your kitchen art deserves that same drama.

Overhead can lighting has its place illuminating countertop tasks. But displaying art calls for dedicated fixtures concentrating beams on walls. Under-cabinet lighting, whether wired or battery-powered puck lights, emits a soft glow perfect for accenting artwork hung above kitchen cabinets without shadows.

Small picture lights serve a similar purpose on a focused scale. Attaching directly to walls or shelves just above or beside art pieces, adjustable picture lights highlight treasures precisely. Like miniature spotlights, their concentrated beams create a halo effect around art for prominence.

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Lighting Illuminates Art Best

For kitchen islands or dining banquettes, dramatic pendants steal the show. Ornate metal pendants suspended above eye level cast light inward and downward over these spaces, creating ambient light ideal for displaying art. Their commanding presence alone sculpts shadows, infusing art with staged drama. Mix pendant heights, shapes and finishes for added intrigue.

No matter the method, ensure lighting artwork properly keeps your collection looking radiant. Kitchen grease, moisture and general wear diminish appearance over time. Proper lighting preserves integrity by minimizing damage risk during peak visibility.

Mix Mediums for Maximum Impact

While showcasing paintings and prints defines traditional art displays, including three-dimensional mediums amplifies visual impact decoratively. Sculptures, textiles, ceramics, and mixed-media compositions energize the senses, spur imagination, and inspire curiosity through contrasting styles.

To harmonize a multimedia art display, begin by designating a focal point. This anchor piece captures attention immediately, so ensure adequate lighting illuminates its intricacies. Based on available space, choose a commanding canvas, vibrant mosaic, or abstract sculpture as that superstar.

Next, curate complementary works in shapes, color palettes, textures, and themes. For example, adorn a modern kitchen focused on clean lines with vivid abstract paintings, angular sculptures, and geometric textiles. Meanwhile, an industrial kitchen comes to life with reclaimed wood sculptures, illustrated prints, and graffiti canvases.

Mix Mediums for Maximum Impact

Approach arrange arrangements holistically, stepping back periodically. Recognizable individual pieces together should convey visual harmony. Don’t overlook ceiling space either – suspended installations elicit intrigue. Most importantly, artworks should intermingle comfortably with their surroundings.

Kitchen art invites individual creative expression, so embrace pieces that resonate with joy and admiration without inhibition. Surround yourself with inspirational works that reflect core values, hobbies, and cultural traditions. Let this eclectic gallery feed your passions and imagination.


Infusing creativity into your kitchen no longer requires tremendous effort or expense. With many possibilities for personal style, highlighting cherished art emphasizes what a kitchen does best – bringing beloved people together.

Through tips and home inspiration, I hope to empower you to view your kitchen as a joyful, creative haven beyond the functional space it provides. Surrounding yourself with meaningful art nourishes the soul. So explore ideas matching your taste and begin creating your dream art sanctuary today!

What favorite artworks, sculptures or wall colors capture the spirit of home cooking and connection for you? I would love to hear your visions for an inspiring kitchen overhaul! Let’s swap ideas in the comments.