Oregano’s Allies: The Best Companion Plants for Your Herb Garden

Greetings from my little patch of garden paradise here in Wisconsin! As an avid gardener with over 20 years of hands-on experience, I’ve cultivated a passion for discovering compatible plant pairings that thrive together. Finding the perfect plant partnerships is an art – and some science. In this blog post, I’ll share my tips for companion planting with one of my favorite herbs: oregano.

Oregano’s pungent, earthy aroma and delicate purple flowers have graced my garden beds every year without fail. While oregano has undeniable appeal on its own merits, it also makes an excellent companion for many vegetables, herbs, and ornamentals. With proper planting techniques, oregano’s companionship can bolster flavors, deter pests, and lend aesthetic appeal to your garden landscape.

An Ode to Oregano: The Basics

Before diving further into suitable plant pairings, let’s start with an introduction to oregano itself. Oregano is a hearty perennial herb in the mint family that is relatively easy to grow and richly rewarding. The compact, bushy plant sports petite leaves throughout spring and summer, bursting with a woodsy, slightly peppery flavor. Left unharvested, delicate purple oregano flowers attract pollinators and beneficial insects to your garden in midsummer.

Benefits of companion planting with oregano

While oregano thrives in my native Wisconsin, gardeners across most regions can cultivate it successfully indoors or outdoors. The versatile herb prefers total sun exposure, well-drained soil, and moderate watering. Once established, the drought-resistant roots will spread gradually to form a flavorful ground cover. Prune back leggy growth as needed to encourage dense foliage production.

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Now that we’ve covered the growing basics let’s explore some of my favorite companion plants for oregano!

Green Thumbs Up: Best Veggie Partners


A round-up of oregano companion plants would only be complete with homage to the classic pairing of tomatoes and oregano. With their mutually beneficial relationship, tomatoes and oregano have graced sauces, salads, and soups for ages. When planted nearby, oregano’s pungent oils lend a depth of flavor to sweet tomato varieties. Meanwhile, as oregano flowers attract pollinators, tomato fruit yields and flavor improve.

Companion plant seeds for oregano


If you’re a Margherita pizza or stuffed bell peppers fan, consider planting oregano alongside peppers in your vegetable beds. I’ve observed that the strong scent of oregano in my garden deters common pepper pests like spider mites. Meanwhile, peppers seem to thrive with oregano companionship, becoming sweeter and richer in flavor. The dynamic duo adds visual appeal and a Mediterranean vibe to patio container gardens.

Bush Beans

They are seeking an easy-growing oregano companion to plant in Wisconsin. Look no further than bush beans! As nitrogen-fixing plants, beans enrich the surrounding soil to bolster oregano’s growth and flavor. In return, oregano’s shallow roots and bushy form don’t overshadow short-statured bean plants. The duo makes an excellent addition to small-space gardens, containers, or raised beds. For best results, sow beans and oregano seeds together in early spring once soil temperatures warm.

Companion plants to improve oregano flavor

Herbal Blends: Partnering with Fellow Herbs


For good reason: sweet basil and zesty oregano form the backbone of classic Italian cuisine! Their flavors complement each other beautifully. The annual and perennial herbs within your garden make great bedfellows regarding growth habits and care requirements—plant oregano and basil within 8 inches of each other for full flavor and easy harvesting. Chop and add to sauces, soups, and more!

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Are you seeking an easy, fast-growing companion for oregano? Cilantro’s quick germination and lush leaf production provide the perfect counterpoint to oregano’s slow development. The dynamic duo imparts a tasty one-two punch of flavor to salsas, salads, Thai curries, chimichurri sauce, and more! Both herbs prefer full sun and well-drained soil, so they complement each other beautifully in garden beds.


With their tiny leaves and subtle floral flavors, thyme, and oregano impart the sweet perfume of a Mediterranean hillside to any dish! As herbs are accustomed to hot climates, they also make great companions regarding growing conditions and soil needs. Plant both perennials as an aromatic ground cover to fill spaces between pavers or stone landscaping.

Companion plants to improve oregano growth

Flower Power: Pairing Oregano with Ornamentals

No spice garden is complete without the nectar-rich colors and textures of ornamental flowers! Interplanting oregano with brightly-hued annuals or perennials creates a vibrant kitchen garden appealing to chefs and pollinators alike.


Marigolds have a longstanding reputation as one of the best companion plants for herbs like oregano. Their cheerful yellow and orange blossoms attract beneficial insects that prey on common pests like aphids and whiteflies. Marigolds also repel nematodes, making them great neighbors for oregano. Scatter seeds or tuck seedlings around established oregano plants. The duo will soon erupt in a beautifully blended mosaic that appeals to human and insect eyes alike!


Culinary companion plants for oregano

Are you looking for a dynamic duo to beautify your garden beds? Nasturtiums and oregano complement each other perfectly! With their vivid red, orange, and yellow blossoms, nasturtiums attract pollinators to your garden while repelling pesky aphids. Trailing nasturtiums make excellent companion plants to edge beds or window boxes filled with oregano. Plant vining varieties at the base of oregano plants, and soon you’ll have a beautiful and buzzing display.

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Planting Pointers: Spacing & Placement

Proper plant spacing is critical to avoiding overcrowding of oregano companions. Use these general guidelines when cultivating oregano companion plants:

  • Oregano: Space plants 8-12 inches apart
  • Bush Beans & Beets: Plant 4 inches from oregano
  • Marigolds & Nasturtiums: Plant 6-8 inches from oregano
  • Tomatoes & Peppers: Allow 12-18 inches between plants

When designing your layout, remember taller vegetables and trailing flowers should be positioned behind or beside lower-growing oregano to prevent overshadowing. Container gardens with oregano and ornamentals like nasturtiums or marigolds create beautiful self-contained pairings.

How to companion plant oregano

Parting Words of Wisdom

Companion planting brings out the best in oregano and its neighboring plants. Thoughtful pairings can enhance flavor or aesthetics while increasing garden biodiversity. Embrace experimentation until you discover your favorite plant partnerships! Let these suggestions inspire you to infuse herb-scented harmony into your garden paradise. Happy growing, friends!