9 Easy Updates to Create a Spa-Like Bedroom Retreat

As a native Austinite, I’m no stranger to this beautiful city’s fast-paced, vibrant culture. But after a hectic day exploring Austin’s art scenes and soaking in the electric energy, I yearn for a serene sanctuary to retreat to—a space where I can completely unwind and give my mind and body the refreshing “reset” they need.

This is why I set out on a mission: to transform my bedroom into a relaxing, spa-like haven rivaling the tranquility of Austin’s top luxury resorts. And let me tell you, the blissful payoff is so worth it! From the moment I step into my bedroom, I’m enveloped in a soothing ambiance carefully crafted to melt away stress.

And here’s the best part: You don’t need an expansive main suite or copious designer budget to create this oasis. With clever tweaks, anyone can infuse their bedroom hideaway with spa-worthy serenity. Intrigued? Read on for my top nine easy updates for manifesting a rejuvenating, spa-style bedroom retreat!

A cozy and serene bedroom with a comfortable bed featuring high quality bedding and a supportive mattress

Set the Foundation: Embrace the Spa Aesthetic

Before diving into specific updates, it’s helpful to understand the elements that characterize a spa’s signature calming aesthetic. My tips below formed the essential foundation for my tranquil bedroom overhaul:

Adopt a Minimalist Mindset

Too much visual clutter competes for our attention, stirring up mental clutter! Embracing simplicity helps clear both.

Tip: Assess your bedroom’s contents with a critical eye. If an item doesn’t serve a purpose or spark joy, lose it! Organizing or storing the remaining essentials helps maintain a crisp, clutter-free sanctuary.

Incorporate Natural Textures and Materials

Natural textures and elements like stone, wood, and plants connect us to nature’s soothing essence.

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Tip: Try a wooden headboard, a rattan side chair, linen bedding, or low-maintenance greenery accents.

Soften the Lighting

Harsh, bright overhead lights feel stimulating rather than relaxing.

Tip: Install dimmers to control lighting intensity. Try layered lighting elements like table lamps, string lights, and candles to cast a warm, cozy glow.

A cozy and serene bedroom with a spa like atmosphere

Stick to Neutral Hues

Vibrant colors can feel visually jarring and energizing rather than calming.

Tip: Paint your walls a neutral tone like airy light blue or subtle beige. Choose bedding and furnishings in similarly muted, zen-evoking shades.

Pick a Soothing Color Scheme

Speaking of color, thoughtfully curating a tranquil bedroom palette can profoundly influence your mood and sleep quality. Here’s how to reap the psychological benefits of strategic hue selection:

Understand Color Psychology

Did you know cool blues and leafy greens promote inner peace? Earth tones like beige or sand evoke warmth and comfort.

Tip: Notice how certain hues make you feel, then choose colors with qualities matching your relaxation goals.

Refresh With Paint

Painting or accent walls in a favored soothing shade sets the overall tone.

Tip: Use light, neutral paint colors for small bedrooms to avoid an overwhelming “closing-in” effect.

A cozy and serene bedroom with a wooden headboard

Dress the Bed

Bedding presents another opportunity to incorporate calming colors.

Tip: Try light blue sheets or a sage green duvet cover—layer in accents like fluffy white and brown pillows.

Add Pops of Color

Thoughtfully placed décor and accessories provide charming pops of color.


  1. Adorn windows with breezy linen curtains in airy blue.
  2. Lay a fluffy blush pink rug beside the bed.
  3. Display artwork boasting pleasing palettes.

Sculpt Soothing Illumination

A bedroom’s lighting scheme significantly influences its ambiance. Follow these tips for creating flawless spa-worthy illumination:

Give Dimmer Switches a Go

As mentioned, excessive brightness disturbs relaxation. Dimmer switches allow customized brightness adjustment to set the perfect peaceful mood.

Try Layered Lighting

One overhead fixture rarely cultivates a comforting aura. Combining several low-wattage lighting sources creates a warmer, nuanced glow.

Tip: Pair overhead recessed lights with table and floor lamps. Add strings of fairy lights and an assortment of candles.

Mind the Color Temperature

Light bulb packaging displays a “color temperature” measurement representing cool to warm hues. Higher numbers emit cooler blue tones, while lower indicate more genial yellow rays.

A cozy and serene bedroom with soft lighting

Tip: Choose bulbs around 2700-3000K to cast a cozy sunset glow perfect for sleepy sanctuaries.

Banish Glare

Glare from harshly angled light creates an uncomfortable strain.

Tip: Install light-diffusing shades. Position fixtures to distribute light evenly across the space.

Invest in Ultra-Comfy Bedding

What good is a relaxation sanctuary without a heavenly bed? Treat yourself to these rejuvenating sleep essentials:

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Choose Breathable Fabrics

Temperature regulation helps prevent restless sweating or shivering. Natural fibers like cotton, linen, and silk feel warm and breathable.

Tip: Splurge on high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets or budget-friendly linen.

Consider Moisture-Wicking Properties

Fabrics like bamboo rayon and certain synthetic microfibers actively pull moisture away from the body, keeping you blissfully dry.

Tip: If night sweats plague you, try moisture-wicking bamboo bed sheets.

Select a Supportive Mattress

An outdated or uncomfortable mattress sabotages sleep and body alignment. Time for an upgrade?

A cozy and serene reading nook in a spa like bedroom

Tip: Seek options offering both cozy softness and adequate support. Ask about return policies in case it’s not the perfect fit.

Bring Nature In

Houseplants and natural materials infuse spaces with relaxing nature essence while purifying indoor air. Here are some ideas:

Add Air-Purifying Plants

Certain plants absorb air pollutants and release oxygen, helping us breathe easier.

Tip: Opt for hard-to-kill varieties like snake plant, peace lily, bamboo palm, or spider plant.

Incorporate Natural Textures

As mentioned earlier, natural materials promote harmony and tranquility.


  1. Display natural relics like stones, crystals, shells, or driftwood.
  2. Use a woven basket for storage.
  3. Add a jute rug or rattan nightstands.

Install Wood Elements

Wood exudes warmth and connection to nature.

Try a reclaimed wood headboard, bamboo window shades, or rustic wood side tables.

A cozy bedroom retreat with soft

Diffuse Calming Scents

Introducing soothing aromas turns any room into an instant aromatic oasis.

Explore Essential Oils

Essential oil diffusers transform pure plant oils into stress-relieving vapor. Certain scents promote relaxation or sleepiness.

Tip: Fill a diffuser with lavender, chamomile, clary sage, or sweet marjoram oil and add it to your nightstand.

Light Cozy Candles

The flickering glow and hypnotic fragrance of candles sets a peaceful mood.

Tip: Place candles around the room with relaxing scents like jasmine, sandalwood, rose, or vanilla. Avoid overpowering florals.

Mist Linens with Favorite Fragrances

Spritzing bedding, curtains, and upholstery infuses fabrics with lovely scent.

Tip: Seek non-toxic linen sprays in girlie florals, clean cotton, or soothing chamomile.

Curate Tranquil Soundscapes

Strategically curated sounds promote next-level relaxation by masking disruptive noise pollution.

Mask Distracting Sounds

Devices producing gentle, consistent “white noise” drown out barking dogs or noisy neighbors. The effect is mentally soothing, allowing your brain to rest and relax.

A serene bedroom with a cozy bed

Tip: Try a white noise machine, floor fan, or sound machine app with white noise, ocean waves, or rainfall settings.

Queue a Calming Playlist

Listening to slow, quiet music effortlessly shifts energy from chaotic to peaceful.

Tip: Create playlists of gentle classical pieces, acoustic guitar, nature sounds, or new age music.

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Add Water Features

The gentle trickling of fountains or chimes recalls spa gardens’ flowing streams and waterfalls.

Tip: Install a compact tabletop water fountain or wind chime near windows. Place a fountain outside bedroom windows to mimic babbling brooks.

Craft a Relaxation Nook

Embedding a designated relaxation zone devoted to restoring mental clarity and soothing nerves makes it easier to disengage entirely.

Add a Cozy Seating Area

Curate a dedicated seating space by a window or in an unused corner with calming amenities.

Tip: Include an oversized armchair or loveseat, a side table, warm lighting, and a plush rug.

Provide Snuggly Throw Blankets

Enveloping yourself in soft blankets feels intensely comforting.

Tip: Stock your relaxation zone with beautifully textured throws in natural fibers like wool, cashmere, cotton, and linen.

A serene bedroom with a minimalist aesthetic

Display Inspiring Books

Curling up with an inspiring book invites contemplation and living mindfully.

Tip: Fill shelves with books promoting personal growth, creative arts, spirituality, nature adventures, or poetry.

Add Personal Touches

Lastly, embellish your private spa sanctuary with beloved mementos and artistic details reflecting your unique essence. Customize to delight the senses and soothe the soul!

Incorporate Cherished Memorabilia

Surrounding yourself with nostalgic keepsakes elicits comfort and positive memories. Dig out those vintage family photos, travel trinkets, giftable artworks, or handmade crafts by favorite tiny humans.

Add Soothing Artwork

Tranquil images depicting nature, abstract shapes, or intriguing patterns visually reinforce calm. Local Austin artists offer plenty of stunning options!

Tip: Seek out artwork in muted color palettes conveying serenity. Botanical and ocean themes work beautifully.

Bring Fabrics You Adore

Splurge on dreamy fabrics that feel like a warm hug, from lush velvet pillows, to silky satin sheets, to the softest 100% cashmere throw blanket!

A serene bedroom with a neutral color palette

Creating a personal sanctuary radiating top-to-toe zen takes time, but focusing on just a few simple touches at a time makes manifesting the oasis of your dreams feel completely doable. Begin with the updates resonating most powerfully with your spirit. Gradually build upon your vision as inspiration strikes. Most importantly, approach the process from a self-care perspective rather than demanding perfection.

Let your bedroom become sacred, speaking intimately to your unique essence and nurturing your body, mind, and soul. You deserve nothing less! Now, won’t you breathe with me deeply…and exhale all tension as we let relaxation in? Ahhhh 😌 Here’s to your private spa sanctuary!