5 Easy DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Projects for Weekend Warriors

Ah, the humble farmhouse kitchen. Brimming with earthy textures, welcoming warmth, and rustic charm, our farmhouse kitchens hold a special place in all our homes (and hearts). But let me tell you a little secret as a native Texan interior decorator – you don’t need to own acres of farmland to channel the cozy farmhouse aesthetic. With just a few easy DIY projects, you can infuse your cooking space with that down-to-earth style, no matter where you live.

As your resident DIY enthusiast here at Home Decor Chat, I’ve rounded up 5 of my favorite easy-breezy farmhouse kitchen decor projects you can tackle over the weekend. Armed with simple household tools and materials, you’ll give your kitchen a splash of vintage country appeal as you craft upcycled storage solutions, artistic wall art, and more.

So call your best friend, turn up the country classics, and let’s roll up our sleeves for an excellent old DIY hoedown! These novice-friendly projects will surely make you fall head over bootstraps in love with your kitchen’s transformation by sundown.

Understanding the Farmhouse Design Ethos

Before we dig into the projects, let me walk you through the fundamentals of the farmhouse design style. Picture yourself in an early 20th-century rural American farmhouse – filled with repurposed hand-me-downs and functional DIY fix-ups, well-worn and weathered from years of loving use.

5 Easy DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Projects for Weekend Warriors

The quintessential farmhouse kitchen is the productive heart of the home. Unfussy and unsophisticated, this space celebrates simplicity, purpose, and resourcefulness above all. You’ll find plenty of natural unfinished woods, sunny checkerboard floors, vintage curiosities, and cozy textured fabrics.

While trends come and go, the appeal of the farmhouse style remains eternal. These kitchens brim with nostalgia and warmth – it’s Hygge before Hygge was a thing! The tranquility of pastoral living, the sincerity of worn and weathered antiques, the hospitality of a place well lived in – the wholesome charm we adore.

Preparing for Your Farmhouse DIY Adventure

Now that we’re familiar with the origins of farmhouse style, let me share my tips for preparing for your upcoming projects. Suitable materials and tools will make your DIY journey as smooth as butter!

DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Materials

Reimagine what you already own! Upcycling materials you have around your home aligns perfectly with the resourceful farmhouse ethos. Keep an eye out for:

  • Wood cut-offs, crates, salvaged wood boards – for rustic shelving or box frames
  • Vintage tin cans, mason jars, baskets – for charming kitchen storage
  • Old window panes, cabinets, drawers – for upcycled organizers
  • Mismatched plates, utensils, and teapots – for decorative displays
Preparing for Your Farmhouse DIY Adventure

Essential DIY Tools

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Gather your DIY arsenal! Having these essential tools on hand will tackle the most common projects:

  • Power drill, screws
  • Sandpaper, wood glue
  • Tape measure, level, stud finder
  • Pliers, hammer
  • Paint brushes, chalk paint
  • Pencil, box cutter

Planning Your DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Projects

Map out your game plan for the weekend with these tips:

  • Set a budget for materials and tools
  • Review the project steps to estimate the total times
  • Clear your calendar to allow complete focus
  • Select a workspace with ample light and room

Now that your DIY ducks are in a row, let’s start crafting! Roll up those checkered sleeves and allow your inner Chip and Joanna to gain rein.

Project 1: Rustic Wooden Spice Rack

My first easy DIY idea elevates spices from bland to bold with a custom repurposed wood rack. Give new life to salvaged barn boards or leftover lumber, and display your seasoning staples with farmhouse pride!

Step 1: Lightly sand your wood boards to smooth any significant nicks or scratches. Wipe away debris. Tip: Weathered boards with existing patinas add lovely character.

Rustic Wooden Spice Rack

Step 2: Use your power saw to measure and cut boards to the desired spice rack dimensions. My favorite size is 36″ long by 6″ deep.

Step 3: Align boards and use wood glue and screws to affix them into a ladder-style rack shape with three shelves. Allow the glue several hours to fully cure and harden.

Step 4Paint or stain your wooden rack in your choice of chippy farmhouse finishes. I love cheery tomato red or muted sage green.

Step 5: Once fully dry, mount your rustic rack on the wall with hardware—style shelves with your favorite cooking spices and oils for an earthy decorative focal point.

Voila! Your handcrafted rack adds instant farmhouse function and charm to your kitchen. I adore seeing the shadows of dried herbs and flowers through the glass bottles when the sunlight hits just right.

Project 2: Repurposed Mason Jar Utensil Holder

My next weekend DIY darling upcycles a classic Ball mason jar into a handy farmhouse utensil holder using simple found items. Retro, functional, and budget-friendly – this project is a triple win in my books!

Step 1: Source a quart-sized mason jar and wash it well. Rub some rubbing alcohol on any label remnants to remove them.

Step 2Using acrylic craft paint, paint the mason jar’s outer surface with cute farmhouse colors. Allow it to fully dry before proceeding. Pro Decor Tip: Opt for “chippy” paint and intentionally distress it after drying for an antiqued look.

Repurposed Mason Jar Utensil Holder

Step 3: Once dry, wrap craft twine or jute around the jar’s midsection, using hot glue to affix it in place. I prefer natural twine because it lets the jar’s patina peek through.

Step 4: Next, measure and cut a round piece of burlap using the diameter of your mason jar as a guide. A 9-inch round will likely fit most quart jars.

Step 5Glue the burlap circle to the inside bottom of the mason jar. This will conceal jar contents and prevent utensils from rattling against the glass surface.

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Step 6: Lastly, use epoxy glue or industrial-strength velcro to affix your dressed-up mason jar to a kitchen wall, cabinet door, or countertop area.

Fill ‘it up with your most-used cooking utensils to display with farmhouse pride! The neutral twine and burlap allow your unique kitchen color scheme to shine through.

Project 3: Inspirational Kitchen Wall Art

What better way to infuse your farmhouse kitchen with daily inspiration than with uplifting hand-lettered wall art? Grab your trusty paintbrushes and craft paint, and get your creative juices flowing!

Step 1: Select an inspirational quote, blessing, or meaningful words to display. I chose “Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good” – a lovely reminder of gratitude perfect for my kitchen.

Inspirational Kitchen Wall Art

Step 2: Use your preferred hand lettering technique to lightly sketch the quote onto the canvas, wood board, or other surface. Reference guides like fonts or stencils. Tip: Space letters evenly and play with sizes for added visual interest.

Step 3: Once the layout is complete, use a small brush to review pencil outlines with the desired paint colors. I incorporated earthy teals, mustard yellow, and tomato red into my nature-inspired piece.

Step 4: Allow the paint to fully dry. Then, apply a sealing topcoat, such as polycrystalline or varnish, for added protection and sheen.

Step 5: Proudly display your hand-painted piece using mounting hardware like sawtooth hangers or command strips. I placed mine right near my breakfast nook as a daily reminder.

Voila – you’ve created soulful, one-of-a-kind art brimming with personal meaning! DIY wall art is a lovely way to blend your passions, values, and talents into your home decor.

Project 4: Upcycled Vintage Drawer Organizer

With this simple DIY, you can reimagine and upcycle old wooden drawers or cutlery organizers into custom farmhouse storage solutions! Infuse new life into old pieces gathering dust and make kitchen necessities more accessible.

Step 1: Source some vintage wooden drawers or cutlery organizers from thrift shops, garage sales, or your attic to repurpose. Look for solid, good-condition pieces without excessive damage or rot.

An upcycled vintage wooden drawer repainted and reorganized as a kitchen organizer holding various

Step 2Clean surfaces with mild detergent and allow them to air dry thoroughly. To prep the surface, use 120-grit sandpaper to gently sand away any loose splinters or paint remnants.

Step 3: Apply the desired farmhouse paint or stain colors using a small foam brush or lint-free cloth. Allow several hours for the paint to cure fully. I used cheery cherry red milk paint!

Step 4: Once fully dry, decide how to mount your upcycled organizer. Options include vertically on walls, stacked on countertops, or horizontally under cabinets.

Step 5: Lastly, style your organizer to store oft-used kitchen items. The ideas are endless, from tea towels to pot holders to recipe cards! Group items by type or color.

Voila! Breathe new life into forgotten pieces with a simple farmhouse makeover. Share the love by upcycling organizers for friends, too!

Project 5: Rustic Serving Tray from Cabinet Door

Entertain farmhouse-style with this easy upcycled serving tray made from an old wooden cabinet door! Update leftover salvaged doors with sanding, paint, and hardware for custom rustic trays perfect for apps, drinks, and more.

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Step 1: Source a solid wood cabinet door or flat surface from old furniture or salvage shops. Ensure it’s smoothly sanded and cleaned before proceeding.

Step 2: Use a small brush or foam roller to Apply charming farmhouse paint or stain to the door surface and edges. Allow several hours for the paint to cure fully.

Step 3: Once completely dry, affix new hardware handles or knobs with included screws for easy transporting. Opt for black wrought iron, brass, or nickel for versatile options.

A rustic serving tray crafted from an old wooden cabinet door painted and fitted with handles displayed with an arrangement of fruits and cheese for entertaining

Step 4: Apply a non-slip shelf liner or sticky pads to the door’s bottom side to prevent sliding. Optional: Stencil or wood burn personalized designs onto the surface.

Step 5: Artfully display on your newly transformed tray! Styling ideas include fruits, baked goods, charcuterie, appetizers, and drinks for entertaining.

Simple, seamless, and stylish! Who would have thought a dated old door could become the stunning star of your next dinner party? With this project, upcycling opportunities are endless.

Pulling Your Farmhouse Kitchen Together

Once your merry band of DIY projects is complete, it’s time for the fun part – curating your collections for a cohesive farmhouse look! Follow these style tips:

Flavor Palette

Infuse comfort and hospitality by blending natural wood tones with pops of cheery checkered or gingham prints. Key colors include:

  • Earthy neutrals like cream, tan, and brown
  • Happy sky blues and cherry reds
  • Stone grays and olive greens

Rustic Textures

Incorporate natural materials for depth and dimension. Play with contrasting distressed and smooth finishes:

  • Grainy burlap and linen
  • Weathered unfinished wood
  • Worn leather and pine cones
Pulling Your Farmhouse Kitchen Together

Vignettes + Styling

Display collected favorite pieces in artful vignettes across open shelves or tables:

  • Vintage curios + kitchenware
  • repurposed boxes + crates
  • botanicals + woven baskets

Maintaining Your New Farmhouse Style

To keep your projects looking their country’s best for years to come:

  • Clean surfaces gently with mild soap and a soft cloth
  • Avoid direct heat or sunlight to prevent fading
  • Seal unfinished wood regularly with a protector
  • Patch nicks in paint with touch-up kits
  • Dust often using a soft brush or microfiber cloth

Bringing the Country Home

Well, there you have it, folks- 5 down-home farmhouse decor projects ripe and ready for your rustic DIY picking! No acres of farmland are required for these easy yet impactful weekend upgrades.

With just a few salvaged wooden boards and some painted mason jars, you can invite the welcoming spirit of the countryside into your kitchen. May your newly transformed heart-of-the-home brim with cozy gatherings, muddy boots, and sweet Southern hospitality for years to come.