9 Shower Tile Trends That Will Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa-Like Retreat

Stepping into the shower should feel like entering a tranquil sanctuary, where the gentle patter of water washes away the day’s stress. However, many bathrooms need to capture that spa-like ambiance. Outdated tiles or plain white walls leave showers feeling sterile and uninspired.

The suitable tiles can transform that ho-hum space into a luxurious, spa-like retreat. With so many options now available, from bold patterns and captivating textures to larger formats and nature-inspired materials, shower tiles present the perfect opportunity to make a stylish statement.

A close up of textured shower tiles in a warm

Let’s explore the nine hottest shower tile trends to elevate your bathroom to that coveted destination.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles remain a popular choice, beloved for their timeless beauty and organic textures. Options like marble, travertine, and slate exude elegance that is perfect for a spa vibe. Their subtle variations create depth and visual interest.

Consider honed finishes on these tiles. The matte texture has a sophisticated effect but also practical advantages. The porous natural stone won’t get as slick when wet. Keeping the beautiful striations and variations intact, honing mutes the shine for a more modern aesthetic.

A cozy yet stylish bathroom corner featuring a combination of colorful and eco friendly tiles

Lighter natural stones work beautifully for a tranquil and airy feel. Keep walls soft, with accents of darker tiles on the floor or in niches. Or go bold with a statement dark stone, like black slate, surrounding the shower.

Large Format Tiles

Say goodbye to tedious grout lines and cramped feel with the growing trend toward larger format tiles. Now available in various materials like porcelain, ceramic, and stone, these spacious tiles create a seamless look.

Fewer grout lines mean easier cleaning and a more polished look. The expansive tiles also give the illusion of more square footage. This makes them an excellent option for small or awkwardly shaped showers needing that spacious spa aesthetic.

A detailed vignette of large format tiles transitioning seamlessly into a textured tile floor

Go super-sized with tiles 12″ x 24″ or larger. Or bump up moderately sized tiles, like 4″ x 12″, common in decades past, to more contemporary 6″ x 12″ or 8″ x 16″.

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Wood-look Tiles

Wood tiles lend beautiful warmth and texture, perfect for spa-style showers. From tropical teak to weathered barn wood, wood-look options range from light and contemporary to rich and rustic. Faux wood tiles mimic all the charm but skip the maintenance issues real wood faces in wet environments.

Modern versions capture realistic grain patterns with surprising precision. Mix wood-look tiles with other nature-inspired stone tiles for a harmonious blend of textures and colors—accent with foliage, rattan baskets, or wood shelving to complement the nature motif.

A dynamic shot of a shower floor with nature inspired pebble tile

Consider a black steel shower frame or metallic fixtures to contrast the wood tiles strongly. Factory-sealed tiles ensure water resistance and facilitate easy cleaning.

Moroccan Tile

Moroccan-style tiles’ intricate patterns and vibrant colors add a touch of the exotic. These ornate options blend beautifully with boho, traditional, or eclectic bathrooms that want to evoke the ambiance of a Marrakech hammam.

The Eight-Pointed Star is a traditional worldwide pattern but closely associated with Moroccan motifs. Available in a kaleidoscope of colors, it brings movement and energy wherever applied. Encaustic cement tiles offer an artisanal vibe with intricate patterns etched into their surfaces.

A luxurious shower niche detailed with small

Use Moroccan tiles sparingly by creating a stunning mosaic focal wall or vibrant shower floor. Surround with neutral tiles to keep the ornate patterns from feeling too busy.

Hexagonal Tiles

For a trendy take on geometric tiles, embrace hexagons’ versatility and visual impact. Interlocking hexagonal tiles create honeycomb patterns that feel contemporary and fresh in the shower. Their unique shape makes them ideal for making a statement.

Use hexagons selectively on a focal wall or shower floor to create an eye-catching element. Choose a graphic black-and-white scheme or inject bright pops of color for dramatic effect. Keep surrounding walls neutral to balance the hex tiles visually.

A serene spa like bathroom with large format porcelain tiles covering the floor and walls

Alternating the direction of the tiles creates dynamic movement and textures. Hexagonal tiles work equally well on floors and walls. Combine with rectangular tiles for contrast and additional visual interest.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles remain a quintessential and versatile option for modern, classic, or eclectic showers. Their sharp parallel lines offer a clean and minimal backdrop ripe for accessorizing.

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Give this classic tile a contemporary spin by playing with color, patterns, textures, and creative layouts. Searing cobalt blue or earthy yellow adds drama, while Moroccan patterns, fish scale textures, and herringbone layouts introduce interest, shape, and movement.

A sophisticated bathroom featuring wall to wall matte finish tiles in a soft gray

Frameless glass doors and black steel fixtures complement pure white tiles beautifully. Mix white tiles with wood accents, vibrant art, or tropical foliage to introduce contrast and texture.

Keep a light color scheme to make small showers feel more spacious. Complement simple white tiles with pops of colors and patterns in shower curtains, rugs, and accents for an eclectic twist.

Marble & Quartzite

For luxury seekers, marble tile exudes refinement and old-world glamor, instantly elevating shower spaces. Yet while classic Carrara marble remains popular, many designers now opt for exotic imported stones in bold patterns and lively colors.

Quartzite, often confused with quartz, offers an intriguing natural stone option. Comprised of quartz grains fused by heat and pressure, quartzite tiles mimic the ethereal look of marble with signature veining but boast superior durability.

A subtle yet elegant shower area featuring matte finished marble look tiles

When it comes to specific types of marble and quartzite, much depends on personal preference. Do you want something more uniform or distinct with dramatic veining? Monochromatic or an array of blended tones that vary from tile to tile?

While marble is generally softer and more porous than ceramic or porcelain, advancements have made many new tiles more stain- and water-resistant, ideal for shower spaces.

Oversized Wall Tiles

Oversized wall tiles prove ideal for a bold and modern statement. These extra-large rectangular tiles minimize grout lines for graphic impact, and their generous size expands the feel of space seamlessly.

These tiles help reduce water penetration and mold growth by limiting grout lines, which deteriorate over time. Fewer grout lines also streamline cleaning efforts.

A sustainable and stylish bathroom featuring shower walls lined with tiles made from recycled glass

Oversized tiles work well when covering entire shower walls or selectively behind niches, benches, or shelves. Use large tiles to establish an uncluttered backdrop, then add visual interest by mixing other tile shapes, textures, and patterns.

Patterned Floor Tiles

Patterned floor tiles remain popular to infuse personality and visual intrigue underfoot without overwhelming small spaces. From Moroccan mosaics to traditional subway arrangements, patterns add spirit while enhancing the overall design scheme.

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Opt for bolder patterns on floors, where they make a statement without compromising functionality. More intricate tiles often prove trickier to clean. Use solid tiles on walls or limit intricate patterns to selective spaces like niches.

A tranquil shower area that mimics the soothing essence of nature

Patterned tiles feel right at home in modern, Victorian, or craftsman spaces. Complement tiles with other features boasting intricate designs – patterned fixtures, custom shelves, cabinetry, or window treatments. Match wall and floor patterns but vary colors for an eye-catching contrast.

Mixing Tiles like a Pro

With so many captivating trends to incorporate, it’s tempting to go tile crazy. Yet effective tile combinations require care and planning. Follow these fundamental tips when blending tiles:

Mind the Ratios

Frame bold mosaic tiles with larger solid tiles in matching proportions. Pair a detailed backsplash with oversized plain tiles on the surrounding walls.

A vibrant and personalized shower space showcasing bold

Vary Textures

Combine smooth and textured tiles for added depth. For safety, take care when transitioning from wet areas to carpeted spaces.

Echo Colors

Pull colors from patterned tiles to echo on walls or ceilings. This makes the space feel considered and cohesive.

Zone by Function

For practicality, use large uniform tiles in wet zones. Relegate more ornate tiles to accent walls or decorative niches.

An accent wall adorned with metallic mosaic tiles in copper tones

The right tile choices can make showering a genuinely transformative experience. With many trends to explore – from bold patterns and captivating textures to larger, sleek formats and nature-inspired materials – let your creative spirit run free. Just be strategic with placement. Highlight the strengths of each unique tile and make them shine through artful combinations and pairings.

Soon, you’ll step into the shower daily with fresh energy and inspiration, surrounded by your unique vision for a serene spa-like space.