5 Must-Know Tricks for Expanding Storage Space in Small Kitchen Remodels

As a home decor enthusiast living in an urban apartment, I understand firsthand the struggle of limited kitchen space. My mission at Home Decor Chat is to share creative solutions for maximizing storage in our compact abodes. With clever tweaks and innovative organizers, we can transform our kitchen’s functionality without sacrificing style or breaking the bank.

Let’s explore my top five storage-expanding secrets for any small kitchen remodel. Whether you need more room for meal prep essentials or display space for that Texan ceramic ware collection, these ideas will open your eyes to what’s possible, even in the tiniest kitchens. I promise you’ll be looking at your kitchen in a whole new way by the time we reach the end!

Decluttered and organized small kitchen with labeled storage

Embrace Vertical Storage Solutions

My first tip is no surprise, considering real estate is ultra-limited in urban apartments. But looking up instead of horizontally truly unlocks valuable hidden storage potential. Wall space and elevated positions essentially act as blank canvases in your kitchen’s layout. Get creative about displaying items to free up precious base cabinets and countertop territory.

Hanging Pots and Pans

Are you tired of rummaging through a dark cabinet, fumbling around for pots and lids? Utilize air space for an accessible pot and pan organizer. Choose from a wall-mounted or hanging ceiling rack, depending on your aesthetic preference. Bonus points if it doubles as an eye-catching focal point!

Arrange pieces by size, material, or color for a playful approach. Or keep like items together for easy one-stop-cookware-grabbing. Still, trying to figure out where to begin shopping? For small kitchen inspiration, browse my roundup of the best pot and pan racks.

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Fold down dining table in a small kitchen maximizing floor space

Mounted Shelving

Another vertical storage avenue? Mounted shelving! From floating to hanging designs, shelves are ideal for displaying everyday dishware, small appliances, cookbooks, and decorative accents within arm’s reach.

Consider an open-faced shelf above the stove for oil, spices, and cooking utensils—or cute hanging corner shelves to stash mugs and jars. Mix rustic wood, sleek metal piping, or glass for eclectic appeal.

Strategically place mounted shelves near appliances to boost efficiency as you cook. Most importantly—display items delightfully! Play with heights, colors, and textures for a magazine-worthy look.

Extra Touches

Other vertical storage extras? Pot lid racks, magnetic knife strips, narrow floor lamps with shelves, and wall-mounted paper towel holders. Small additions make a mighty impact!

Kitchen cart doubling as an island in a small kitchen space

Innovative Cabinet Organizers

Does another primary square footage suck in small kitchens? The black hole of messiness that is our cabinets and drawers. It is time to revolutionize those spaces with bright inserts explicitly designed for the organizational impaired (like me!).

Pull-Out Cabinetry

Are you tired of endless cabinet rummaging for that stockpot or casserole dish? Gentle readers, let me introduce you to the above gifts: pull-out cabinetry—no more back-breaking digging or towers of precariously stacked cookware.

Pull-out cabinets fully utilize interior cabinet space, making the contents easily visible and accessible. Glide pull-out shelves smoothly access items in the back without removing everything upfront. Or opt for vertical tiered pull-outs to separate and organize by product type.

Lazy Susans

Are you in the open shelving camp but want clever corner access? Meet the lazy Susan, everyone! A spinning shelf placed diagonally in a corner cabinet lets you effortlessly view and grab whatever your heart desires with a simple swivel. Genius!

Lazy Susan corner cabinet in a small kitchen for efficient storage

Lazy Susans range from primary spinning rounds to multitiered shelves perfect for organizing spices, canned goods, condiments, or cleaning supplies. Explore Cornerlazy Susan solutions in all shapes and sizes to make that troublesome corner cabinet work for you. The struggle is over!

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Multi-Functional Furniture & Hidden Storage

For tip number three, we traverse into transformer territory with adaptable, shape-shifting furniture. Along with inconspicuous secret compartments, this functional furniture flexes storage muscles in small kitchens.

Kitchen Carts & Islands

Let’s chat about the multitasking miracles that are kitchen carts and islands. Often on wheels for mobility, these storage heroes offer counter prep space, organizational features like baskets, drawers, and shelves, plus the option of built-in appliances.

Kitchen islands lend a sense of luxury, providing concealed storage within its base and an eat-in snack bar. Mini kitchen carts offer ultimate flexibility, allowing you to create separate workstations throughout your home.

Magnetic knife strip and utensil holder for space efficiency in a small kitchen

Hidden Storage

Beyond typical furniture pieces, incorporate covert storage spaces for rarely used items. Stash small appliances inside base cabinet pull-outs and utilize all vertical real estate along the tops of wall cabinets.

Construct false drawer fronts to conceal rarely used appliances or booze bottles. Hollow base platform cabinets make discreet hideaways. Secret compartments? Check. Wasted space? Never heard of it.

Smart Appliance Picks

Appliances notoriously hog precious real estate in small kitchens. Luckily, there are space-saving versions of our cooking necessities on the market. Compact and multi-use appliances get the job done while freeing up footprint space.

Two-In-One Appliances

All-in-one combo appliances merge two traditionally separate appliances into one efficient unit. For instance, select a microwave-convection oven unit rather than buying standalone models. Other dynamic duos include refrigerator-freezer combos, washer-dryer combos, and range stovetops with hood vents. Voila – half the appliances and double the space!

Pull out cabinetry in a small kitchen maximizing storage space

Slimline & Compact Appliances

Trade bulky appliances for streamlined versions designed for small spaces. Swap traditional dishwashers for slimline or portable countertop models. Choose low-profile, apartment-sized refrigerators and narrow 30” ranges. Countertop ovens, mini food processors, and hand mixers are also kitchen gems when challenged by limited square footage.

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Declutter & Organize

Is my final small kitchen remodel secret? These incredible storage solutions will only reach their full potential with serious decluttering. Organization experts agree almost all homes can eliminate 30% of their belongings without missing them. Let’s clear out some chaos, folks!

Declutter Zone by Zone

To avoid overwhelm, break the decluttering process down zone by zone using the KonMari method.

Step 1: Remove all items from one area (for example, pots & pans).

Step 2: Handle each piece, keeping items that “spark joy.”

Step 3: Discard the rest.

Repeat in batches throughout the kitchen until only your most loved items remain.

Slimline appliances in a small kitchen for a sleek look

Categorize Like Items

Group all dishes together, appliances together, canned goods together, etc. Assign a designated storage spot for those categories. This streamlines daily tidying and keeps “orphan” items from going astray.

Label Everything

Mark cabinets, drawers, and containers by category so everyone knows exactly where to find and return items after each use. Consistent organization is critical!

Wrap Up

And there you have it, friends! My top five storage-expanding secrets for transforming cramped quarters into a model of efficiency. With elevated organizing, pull-out accessibility, and condensed appliances, your new and improved kitchen will function beautifully regardless of its footprint.

Small kitchen with wall mounted shelves and hanging pots and pans

Once we break free from the conformity and limitations of traditional kitchen design, the options are truly endless. These ideas sparked inspiration for your small kitchen remodel. Happy storing and blessings from Texas!