Essentials for a Man’s Bedroom: 10 Must-Have Items for Comfort & Style

Hey guys! Amanda here, dropping in from the chic streets of New York. As someone who has made a career out of home design, I often get asked what essentials every man should have in their sanctuary – the bedroom. 

While tastes may vary, certain timeless items can transform your sleeping space into a stylish yet functional retreat. So brew a fresh coffee and chat about turning your bedroom into a relaxing oasis.


Let’s start with the nightstand – an often overlooked but essential bedroom item. This compact side table packs a practical punch, providing a handy spot to curate your bedtime routine. 

I recommend picking a style that speaks to your personality – are you a minimalist at heart, or do you appreciate intricate details? Do you prefer the warmth of wood or the cool gleam of metal? Whatever you choose, ensure it’s stable and the right height to complement your bed.

Nightstand for mens bedroom

Here are some nightstand essentials to have within arm’s reach: 

  • Lamp – my favorite is a table lamp with a warm glow and adjustable brightness. Lighting is everything!
  • Digital alarm clock – no more “I didn’t hear my phone” excuses for being late! 
  • Reading before bed signals your brain that it’s time to unwind. 
  • Water bottle – hydration is key for a good night’s rest.
  • Essential oils – I’m obsessed with lavender and eucalyptus scents for relaxation.
  • Charging station – phones and devices can disrupt sleep, so keep them out of bed.

How can a simple nightstand hold items to create a soothing pre-sleep routine? Make this small space count.


For clothing and accessory storage, a dresser is a bedroom staple. I recommend a minimalist, neutral-colored dresser that won’t clutter the room. Save the personality for your bedding and wall art!

Dresser in male bedroom

Here are some tips for picking the perfect dresser:

  • Make sure it fits the room’s proportions. Measure carefully! 
  • Opt for soft-closing drawers – no more slammed fingers.
  • Include a mix of shallow and deep drawers.
  • Add drawer organizers to maximize space.
  • Install a mirror on top to check your fresh fits.
  • Style the top with books, plants, or accent lighting.

With strategic organization and styling, your dresser can be functional and fashionable.  


Let’s move on to the main event – your bed! This anchor piece deserves careful consideration. First up is choosing a frame. I suggest a low-profile platform bed in a sleek metal or wood for a masculine, modern look. 

Next up is the mattress. Do your research and test them out in-store until you find “the one.” Your comfort is critical for amazing z’s.

mens bedroom bed

Here are my top tips for picking the perfect bed:

  • Choose a supportive frame with no squeaks or wobbles. 
  • Opt for a mattress right for your sleep style – side, back, or stomach snoozer?
  • Layer on a mattress protector and then soft, breathable sheets. 
  • Mix textures and patterns in your bedding – play with sheen, color, and embellishments.
  • Finish with plenty of pillows – you can never have too many! 
  • Add personality with throws, a bench, or floating shelves at the headboard.
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See how picking the right bed can become a fun, creative project? Take time and make choices that help you sleep, relax, and feel energized. 

Quality Bedding

Now that you have the perfect mattress and bedding, let’s dive deeper into those linens. Splurging on high-quality sheets, duvets, shams, and blankets is a worthwhile investment for a blissful bed.

comfy quality bedding in mens bedroom

Here are my top tips for choosing bedding:

  • Feel the fabric – aim for soft, breathable natural fibers like cotton, linen, or bamboo.
  • Read the thread count – 400-600 is ideal; higher is sometimes better.
  • Note the weave-sateen tends to be silky while percale is crisp and matte. 
  • Pick a neutral palette – white, gray, and ecru are timeless. 
  • Add pops of color and prints with decorative pillows and shams.
  • Look for eco-friendly dyes and chemical-free processing. 
  • Wash before use to maximize softness – skip the fabric softener.

See how bedding can make a stylish statement? Experiment and find what makes you feel pampered. Your bed is the heart of the bedroom, so give it some love!


Let there be light! The suitable lamps can make your bedroom both functional and fabulous. For ultimate customization, try layering ambient and task lighting. 

mens bedroom clock

Here are my tips for picking the perfect lamps:

  • Choose dimmable table lamps for soft bedside lighting. 
  • Add an eye-catching floor lamp in a corner as an accent.
  • Install sconces or track lighting if your space is tight in the room.
  • Use intelligent bulbs to control brightness and tone from your phone. 
  • Pick shades in soothing hues like cream or light blue.
  • Mix elegant materials like crystal, ceramic, wood, or marble.
  • Add personality with funky geometric shapes or bold patterns.

Lighting opens up so many possibilities! Take your time playing with different lamps until you find the perfect glow.


A clock is a bedroom essential for keeping track of time. But it can also be a stylish focal point! 

For an instant style upgrade, skip the primary alarm clock and opt for a statement-making wall clock. Whether you prefer modern minimalism or vintage charm, a striking timepiece can spice up your space.

mens bedroom television

Choose one with soothing wake-up sounds and adjustable brightness if you need an alarm. For extra personality, go for a retro radio style. 

Here are more fun clock ideas to try:

  • Choose oversized numbers you can read from bed.
  • Seek natural materials like wood, stone, or marble. 
  • Incorporate metal finishes like brushed brass for warmth. 
  • Play with shape and dimension – go 3D!
  • Make it bright – sync it with your phone and temperature.

Are you creatively keeping time? Let your clock reflect your aesthetic. Just please avoid anything neon and kitschy – you know who you are!


A comfy chair creates a cozy spot to relax in your bedroom retreat. When choosing your chair, ensure it complements your room’s style and dimensions. Measure twice so it fits just right!

Here are some chair options perfect for lounging:

  • Channel your inner librarian with a wingback chair by a window. 
  • Keep it casual with a slipper chair tucked in a corner.
  • Add texture with a bouclé or velvet armchair.
  • Choose a swivel chair for a home office nook. 
  • Save space with a sleek armless accent chair. 
  • Splurge on a recliner for optimal Netflix binging.
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Mens bedroom with comfportable leather chair

Whatever you pick, layer on pillows and throws to create a welcoming oasis for reading, daydreaming, or catching up with friends. A comfy chair opens up your room’s versatility.


The jury’s out on whether a TV belongs in the bedroom. If you love falling asleep to late-night shows, go for it! If not, skip the tube. But if you do add a TV, choose carefully. 

Here are my tips for picking the perfect bedroom TV:

  • Choose a wall mount or sleek console to save space. 
  • Seek adequate brightness and sound without being disruptive.
  • Position it so it doesn’t face directly at the bed. 
  • Add backlight-blocking curtains as needed.
  • Incorporate ambient lighting so it’s not too dark. 
  • Use a smart remote and timers to control usage. 
  • Choose soothing content and apps to wind down – no action movies!

Make sure your setup promotes healthy sleep habits, not all-night binges. Be mindful, and you can make bedroom TV work.


Carving out office space is essential for the busy bees who need to work from home. But fear not, small-space dwellers – there are creative ways to fit in a desk!

mens bedroom closet

Here are my space-saving desk suggestions: 

  • Try a wall-mounted, fold-down, or floating desk.
  • Repurpose an unused dresser by adding a drop-leaf. 
  • Seek an adjustable height standing desk on wheels.
  • Use a lapboard and comfy chair instead of an entire desk.
  • Add a barstool or counterheight table to a windowsill.  
  • Install shelving above to maximize vertical storage.

You can create a bedroom workstation with some measurements and imagination that fits your lifestyle. Just be sure to tuck it away after hours to relax! 


Every bedroom is complete with closet storage. Maximize your square footage with these space-saving solutions:

  • Install ceiling-height shelves and rods to use every inch.
  • Try compartmentalized or modular shelving to stay organized. 
  • Use hanging shoe racks, under-bed bins, and tie/belt racks. 
  • Add shelves inside the door for things like hats and handbags.
  • Incorporate a mirror, stool, and lighting for a built-in dressing room.
  • Seek custom closet systems – they’re pricey but dreamy! 

Take time sorting and editing your wardrobe – donate what you don’t love. Then, get creative with storage hacks to keep your closet functional and frustration-free. You’ve got this!

Mirror in mans bedroom

Lockable Drawer 

A lockable drawer adds peace of mind for holding valuables or private items. Choosing a nightstand or dresser with a built-in locking drawer is the easiest route. But you can also retrofit an existing piece by installing a drawer lock. 

Here are my tips for picking the right lock: 

  • Seek a high-quality safety for durability – no flimsy plastic!
  • Make sure it’s easy to use – tiny keys are easily misplaced.
  • Pick a subtle lock that blends into your decor.
  • Opt for a combination lock to avoid keys.
  • Choose a double-cylinder lock if you want security on both sides.   

Locking away prized possessions? Make sure your system is secure yet practical for daily use. Strike that balance between protection and accessibility.

Masculine bedroom with fill length mirror next to a cloths rack

Full-Length Mirror

A full-length mirror is excellent for outfit checks before dashing out the door. When choosing your mirror, ensure it fits your room’s flow.  I have some tips:

  • Lean into the space with a floor-length leaning mirror.
  • Sleek beveled edges and wheel mounts for vintage charm. 
  • Install a minimalist wall mirror for a floating effect.
  • Opt for a tri-fold mirror if floor space is limited.
  • Incorporate storage, shelves, or lighting for added function.
  • Place it near windows for natural light and accuracy. 
  • Angle slightly away from the bed for an uninterrupted view.
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However you incorporate it, a full-length mirror can make your bedroom feel more spacious while adding a touch of glam.

Scented Candles

Nothing transforms a room like the perfect fragrance. Bring your bedroom to life with scented candles and essential oils. They smell divine, and scents can promote relaxation before bed. 

add some scented candles

Here are my favorite aromas for unwinding:

  • Lavender – floral and soothing.
  • Eucalyptus – fresh and invigorating. 
  • Sandalwood – rich, woody and earthy. 
  • Bergamot – citrusy and stress relieving. 
  • Cedarwood – clean and calming. 

I love using an essential oil diffuser so the scent fills the room. Just a few drops can create a spa-like oasis. 

But be wary of overpowering scents if you have allergies or sensitivities. Choose natural soy or beeswax candles, and always blow them out before bed.

You can transform your bedroom into a luxurious retreat with the right fragrance. Breathe deep and let your mind unwind.

Blackout Curtains 

Block out any peeking light with blackout curtains to sleep like a log. These thick, opaque curtains prevent light infiltration so you can sleep undisturbed. 

Masculine bedroom with heavy curtains

Opt for lined curtains to soften incoming light if complete darkness isn’t your jam. For sound sleepers, lighter linen or cotton curtains may suffice.

Here are my blackout buying tips:

  • Feel for heavyweight, light-blocking fabrics. 
  • Layer curtains and shades for maximum coverage.
  • Ensure proper length – puddling can reduce efficiency.
  • Look for energy-efficient options also to help insulate. 
  • Make sure they’re easily washable.
  • Incorporate complementary sheer panels for privacy and style.

For daytime aesthetics, choose colors and patterns that complement your decor. Then close ‘em up tight for peaceful zzz’s.

In Closing

Ten things can make your bedroom the ultimate personal sanctuary. Take your time curating this unique space. Make choices that nourish your mind, body, and spirit as you sleep and start each new day. 

Your bedroom is an intimate reflection of who you are. So embrace your unique style and tastes. Surround yourself with items you use and love – don’t just follow trends. This is your sacred space for resting and recharging.

If you need guidance, bounce ideas off friends or work with an interior designer. We’re here to help! But in the end, let your heart guide you. 

Your room, your rules. With the correct elements tailored to how you live, your bedroom can become a stylish oasis you look forward to retiring to each night. 

Sweet dreams! Let me know if you have any other bedroom queries. I’m always happy to chat about creating spaces we love.