10 things every man should have in their bedroom

A man’s bedroom is his sanctuary. It’s a place where he can relax and escape the stresses of the day. There are no hard and fast rules on how should a guy decorate his room. While the specifics of what a man should have in his bedroom may vary, there are some essentials that every guy should have. Here are ten things every man should have in their bedroom.



A nightstand is a piece of furniture often used in a bedroom to provide a convenient place to store items that you may need close at hand while you are in bed. This can include things like a bedside lamp for reading, a clock to keep track of the time, a glass of water, or any other small items that you want to have easily accessible.

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Some people use their nightstand to store personal items like a book or a journal, while others use it to keep everyday items like a phone or a pair of glasses. Ultimately, the purpose of a nightstand is to provide a convenient and accessible place to store things you may need while in bed.


A dresser is a piece of furniture typically used to store clothing and other personal items. In a man’s bedroom, a dresser can store items such as shirts, pants, socks, and underwear. It can also store other personal items, such as grooming tools, cologne, and jewelry.

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Some dressers have drawers or compartments that store items like ties, belts, and accessories. Using a dresser allows a man to keep his bedroom organized and free from clutter, making it a more comfortable and functional space.

3. Bed

A solid bed frame and a comfortable mattress are essential for a man’s bedroom. The bed is often the focal point of the room, and a sturdy bed frame provides a strong and stable foundation for the mattress. This is important for ensuring a good night’s sleep, as a well-made bed frame can help to prevent the mattress from sagging or becoming uneven over time.

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A comfortable mattress is also essential for a good night’s sleep. A mattress that is too soft or firm can cause discomfort and disrupt your sleep, so choosing one that is well-suited to your needs is essential. Investing in a solid bed frame and a comfortable mattress can create a comfortable and restful sleep environment in your bedroom.

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Quality Bedding

Quality bedding and sheets are essential for many reasons. First and foremost, they play a crucial role in ensuring a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. High-quality sheets and bedding can be soft and luxurious, helping you to relax and drift off to sleep more easily.

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In addition, good bedding and sheets can help to regulate your body temperature, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They can also help to protect your mattress, extending its lifespan and saving you money in the long run. Overall, investing in high-quality bedding and sheets is integral to creating a comfortable and inviting sleep environment in your bedroom.


A lamp can provide additional light in the room, making it easier to see and providing a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. You can choose from various lamp styles, such as table lamps, floor lamps, or desk lamps, to suit your taste and the design of your bedroom. Just be sure to position the lamp in a way that provides ample light without shining directly into your eyes while in bed. Adding a lamp to your bedroom can be a simple and effective way to enhance the ambiance and functionality of the space.


There are many types of clocks that would suit a man’s bedroom. Some popular options include digital clocks with large, easy-to-read numbers, traditional analog clocks with the hour and minute hands, and alarm clocks with features like snooze buttons and FM radio.

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Additionally, you could consider a wall clock or a mantel clock, depending on the layout and design of your bedroom. Ultimately, the type of clock you choose will depend on your personal preferences and the specific needs of your space.


Many types of chairs would be suitable for a man’s bedroom. Some popular options include comfortable armchairs or recliners, which can provide a relaxing spot to sit, read, or watch TV. You could also consider a lounge chair or chaise longue, providing a comfortable place to relax and unwind. Alternatively, you could choose a simple and stylish accent chair to add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom.

7. Television

Whether or not to have a TV in your bedroom is a personal decision and will depend on your circumstances and preferences. Some people find that having a TV in their bedroom helps them to relax and unwind before going to sleep, while others prefer to keep their bedrooms as a TV-free zone.

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There are pros and cons to both approaches. On the one hand, a TV in the bedroom can provide a convenient way to watch your favorite shows or catch up on the news before bed. On the other hand, it can be a distraction and prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. If you decide to have a TV in your bedroom, be sure to position it in a way that doesn’t disrupt your sleep, such as facing away from the bed.


Choosing a suitable desk is essential if you like to work in your bedroom on the weekends. One option is to use a traditional writing desk, which can provide a comfortable and spacious workspace. Alternatively, you could consider a more compact option, such as a laptop desk or a standing desk, which can be easily moved and stored when not in use.

If you have limited space in your bedroom, a wall-mounted desk or a fold-down desk can be a good choice, as these can be easily tucked away when not in use. Ultimately, the type of desk that works best for you will depend on the layout of your bedroom and your personal preferences.

9. Closet

A closet is a great storage space that can help to keep your belongings organized and out of sight. Here are a few ways you can make use of a closet in your home:

  • Use it to store clothing and accessories, such as shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, and bags. Be sure to organize items by type, color, or season to make it easy to find what you’re looking for.
  • Use it to store household items, such as linens, towels, blankets, and pillows. This can help to keep your bedroom or living space clutter-free.
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  • Use it to store seasonal items, such as coats, hats, gloves, and scarves in the winter or beach towels and swimsuits in the summer. This can help to free up space in your main living areas.
  • Use it to store items you don’t frequently use, such as holiday decorations, out-of-season clothing, or extra bedding. This can help to maximize the space in your home.

Using your closet, you can keep your belongings organized and make the most of the space in your home.

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A drawer you can lock

You can add a lockable drawer to your bedside drawers to provide added security for your items. A lockable drawer can help store valuable or sensitive items, such as important documents, jewelry, or personal items. It can also provide peace of mind by preventing unauthorized access to these items.

To add a lockable drawer to your bedside drawers, you can either purchase a set with a built-in lock or retrofit an existing set of drawers with a lock. Just be sure to choose a high-quality lock that is secure and easy to use.

Full-Length Mirror

A full-length mirror can be a valuable addition to a man’s bedroom, depending on the size and layout of the space. A full-length mirror can provide a convenient way to check your appearance before leaving the house and make a small bedroom appear more extensive and spacious.

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You can choose from various mirror styles and designs, such as a floor-standing mirror or a wall-mounted mirror, to suit the aesthetic of your bedroom. Just be sure to position the mirror in a way that is convenient and easy to use.

Scented Candles

Scented candles and other aromatherapy items can be an excellent addition to a man’s bedroom, as they can provide a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. These candles come in a wide range of fragrances, from calming lavender and mint to uplifting citrus and floral scents.

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They can be lit to create a relaxing bedroom ambiance or mask unwanted odors. In addition to candles, there are other aromatherapy items that you can use to create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom, such as essential oil diffusers or room sprays. Just be sure to choose scents that you enjoy and that are conducive to relaxation and sleep.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains can be a good choice if you prefer a dark room when sleeping. The curtains are designed to block out light, making them ideal for use in bedrooms. They can help create a dark and restful sleep environment, which can benefit a good night’s sleep. Blackout curtains are also helpful in blocking out unwanted noise and providing added privacy. They are available in various styles and colors, so you can choose a set that matches your bedroom’s decor. Be sure to choose thick and opaque curtains, as these will provide the best light-blocking capabilities.

In conclusion, having the right bedroom essentials is a great way to make your bedroom a comfortable and inviting place.From bedding to lighting to decorations, there are many items for any man’s bedroom. Investing in the right pieces canmake all the difference in creating a stylish and functional space. Whatever your style and budget, there’s sure to besomething out there that’ll make your bedroom the perfect place to relax and unwind.