What are front doors called? The answer may surprise you!

Hey friends! It’s Amanda here, and I’m back with another home decor adventure. Today, we will explore the surprisingly fascinating world of front-door terminology.

Now I know what you’re thinking – a blog post about front door names sounds dryer than week-old toast. But stick with me because this innocuous little architectural feature has a rich history and some shockingly cool names behind it!

A Brief History of Doors: From Ancient Openings to High-Tech Access Points

Let’s start our exploratory mission by going way back in time. Doors have been an integral part of human homes since the earliest civilizations. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Chinese had unique door styles and building techniques.

Back then, a front door was the barrier between the private realm and the wilderness beyond. It provided security, climate control, and prestige. The more complex your door, the wealthier you were perceived to be. Just think of the grand stone portals of ancient temples compared to a simple hide curtain in a nomadic hut!

What are front doors called

By the medieval era, doors had evolved into menacing fortified barriers built to withstand sieges. At the height of the Renaissance, fancy carved doors displayed wealth and status. And by the modern age, new materials like glass allowed doors to incorporate windows and natural light.

Today, doors are high-tech access points with state-of-the-art locks, cameras, and fingerprint identification! But no matter how advanced doors become, they all hearken back to the most basic human desire – to enter and exit our domains as we please.

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Now that we’ve crossed the threshold into door history (see what I did there?) let’s examine the myriad names for exterior doors found on homes.

The Main Entrance Goes by Many Names

The Humble Front Door

Let’s start with the obvious: “Front door” is the most generic, widely used term for the main entrance to a home. It’s the door at the front of the house, leading from the outdoors to the interior. Simple enough!

The Many Names of Front Doors

This door is a primary access point for all who enter – homeowners, guests, delivery people, or trick-or-treaters. The front door welcomes all comers through the threshold and into the home.

Entry Door for Access

Another popular term is “entry door,” which emphasizes the door’s role in providing entry into a building. This door grants access to anyone passing through it.

The term ” entry door” can be used interchangeably with ” front door, ” but it has a more technical vibe. It’s often used in the context of architecture and design.

The Exterior Door Between In and Out

Similarly, “exterior door” highlights the door’s location on a home’s outside facade. It connects the interior spaces with the great outdoors.

Builders and architects often specify “exterior doors” that withstand the elements. This distinguishes them from interior doors within the house.

Fancy Names for Elevated Entrances

Now that we’ve covered the standard terms, let’s explore some surprising alternative names that add flair!

Portal – A Doorway to Another Dimension

In science fiction, a portal is a magical doorway to another universe. While we can’t travel through our front door to Narnia, the word “portal” is still used architecturally.

Derived from the Latin word for “gate,” a portal is a grand doorway designed to impress. It serves as a transitional space leading to something meaningful.

Imagine approaching a soaring Gothic cathedral entrance. That arched opening beckons and draws you in. This symbolic passageway transports you from the mortal world into the divine realm beyond.

Make a grand entrance with the perfect front door for your home.

Gateway for a Grand Arrival

Similar to a portal, a gateway denotes a ceremonial point of entry. Derived from Old English words meaning “passage through a gate,” a gateway signals a transition.

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Gateways usher you into a new experience – a building, a part of town, or a state of mind. Consider India’s Gateway of India, a massive ceremonial archway that greeted visitors arriving by boat to Mumbai.

A grand front gateway creates a sense of occasion and arrival, even in a house.

Foyers and Vestibules Extend the Entry

For a genuinely drawn-out entrance experience, include a foyer or vestibule!

A vestibule is a small enclosed space inside the doorway, while a foyer is a larger open area beyond it. Moving through these extended spaces builds anticipation before entering the home proper.

In cold climates, vestibules prevent drafts and trap heat. And formal Edwardian homes feature elegant covered foyers to welcome guests.

Walking through multiple thresholds makes the passage into the home feel like an occasion.

The front door is the gateway to your home

Culturally Diverse Door Designs

Now that we’ve covered the Western architectural lexicon, what about other cultures? Front doors around the world reflect vastly different aesthetics, values, and purposes.

Asian Doors Follow Nature’s Path

In Asia, doors blend simplicity and harmony with nature. Japanese shoji doors diffuse light through translucent paper panes, and Chinese front gates bear ornate protective symbols.

According to Feng Shui principles, the front door is critical for harnessing positive energy flow or “chi.” Proper alignment allows Chi to move smoothly between the landscape and home.

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Doors

Across southern Europe, doors range from Mediterranean ironwork to Moorish arched patterns.

Classical architecture, seen in grand Italian villas, introduced decorative columns and porticos. Meanwhile, Islamic influences added ornamental metalwork and carved wood doors throughout Morocco, Turkey, and beyond.

These doors unite function and artistry, security, and beauty across the region.

African Doors as Canvas for Culture

In Africa, doors often bear symbolic markings that convey identity, values, and traditions.

For example, Ethiopian doors feature intricate, colorful patterns, and Ghanaian Ashanti doors have surfaces decorated with emblems called Adinkra symbols.

Even the humble dung-colored Maasai door turns a simple opening into a vibrant canvas proclaiming, “This is who we are.”

The front door a symbol of protection and security

Industry Jargon Used by Door Pros

Alright, we’ve made our way from ancient history to the world’s far corners! Let’s head back and talk shop with door industry insiders.

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Beyond the standard terms, specialists use their insider vocabulary. Here are a few examples:

Specs and Door Types

Contractors refer to door “specifications” – the technical details, such as materials, sizes, and local building codes.

You’ll hear about solid wood or steel doors, panel or flush doors, and specific styles like French, sliding, or Dutch doors. Hardware like hinges, locks, and peepholes are called “door fittings.”

Marketing Descriptions

Meanwhile, manufacturers describe doors with sales-friendly phrases like “entry systems,” “weatherproof doors, “or “energy-efficient models. “

Catchy names like “Ultimate Shield” security doors are designed to catch the customer’s eye. The company uses this terminology in catalogs, websites, and installations.

Anatomy of a Humble Front Door

Whew – we’ve covered some ground on this doorway discovery tour! As we approach the end, let’s take a minute to admire the simple majesty of a classic wooden front door:

  • The sturdy door jamb – side pieces that attach the entrance to the frame
  • A rugged sill across the bottom for support and sealing
  • Windowpanes across the top or on the sides are called sidelights
  • A transom window up above to let in the sun

For design nerds like us, appreciation of the small details is critical. Even a modest front door has elegance if you stop and look closer.

Spread the Doorway Love!

Well, we’ve reached the end of this passage about door terminology. I hope you’ve discovered some surprising new names and facts!

Front doors are more than just a utilitarian slab of wood or metal – they’re enduring icons of artistry, identity, and home.

So next time you pass through your front portal, vestibule, entryway, or whatever you call it, take a moment to admire its uniqueness. Send good vibes to passersby, and love the door that welcomes you home!