Why a Bench in the Shower? Uncover the Comfort & Convenience

Hey friends! Amanda here, bringing you some thoughts and tips on an emerging bathroom trend: shower benches. As an interior design expert in New York City, I always look for functional yet stylish additions that elevate a home. And let me tell you, a shower bench checks both those boxes.

Perching Pretty: The Rising Popularity of Shower Benches

Walk into any chic NYC apartment or swanky boutique hotel these days, and you’ll likely spot a sleek shower bench built right into the stall. While not yet ubiquitous, these seating nooks are growing in popularity. And for good reason! A shower bench offers practical and aesthetic benefits that can enhance your bathing experience.

In this post, we’ll explore why more and more homeowners are perching pretty on shower benches, from the safety and health advantages to the design possibilities. I’ll also share savvy tips on choosing the right bench style and material for your space. Let’s dive in!

Why Do People Put a Bench in the Shower

A Throne for Your Shower: The Practical Perks

While a shower bench primes your bathroom for pampering, its benefits go far beyond luxury. Here are some practical reasons to add a seat to your stall:

A Healthy Dose of Safety and Support

One key motivation for installing a shower seat is to boost safety and accessibility. A sturdy shower bench can provide much-needed support for folks with mobility limitations, seniors who want to age gracefully in place, or those recovering from surgery. No more wobbly bath stools or risky gymnastics to bathe! A built-in seat offers a reliable resting place while reducing slips and falls.

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Many benches even feature non-slip surfaces and ergonomic designs to aid stability. When safety and accessibility are top concerns, opt for waterproof teak or easy-to-clean tile benches. Check all the boxes for their durability and mold resistance.

Convenience and Comfort

Even for the most sure-footed, a shower bench grants sweet conveniences that are hard to resist! Tired of awkward leg-balancing acts while you shave? A bench provides a comfy spot to perch as you groom.

Seniors and those with arthritis may also appreciate a padded place to rest mid-shower when joints need a break. A built-in ledge can handily store shower supplies within arm’s reach. No more forgetting razors or fun yet frivolous bath bombs outside the shower!

For the ultimate indulgence, look for a moisture-resistant wooden bench with plush cushioning and storage shelves. Just don’t get too comfortable on that spa-worthy throne, or you may never leave the shower!

Make Your Shower More Comfortable with a Bench

Soothing Spa Vibes and Therapeutic Relief

Speaking of spa-like, a shower bench also unlocks health benefits you’d expect at a fancy bathhouse. The warm mist and steam envelope your body as you sit and relax tense muscles. With benches designed for steam showers, the experience gets even more curative. The heat dilates blood vessels to boost circulation and flush out toxins.

Meanwhile, a contemplative pause mid-shower calms the mind and eases stress. For those seeking therapeutic relief, a molded teak bench with ergonomic contours relieves aches while whispering sweet nothings of self-care. Light some eucalyptus-scented candles, and let the spa day commence!

Design Decisions: Crafting Your Custom Bench

Shower benches offer form and function in perfect harmony. But how do you design the ideal throne with so many options for shapes, sizes, and materials? Let’s explore how a custom bench can complement your showers cape and decor style:

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Think Space and Proportions

When designing a built-in bench, first assess your shower dimensions. Measure the stall width and depth to ensure your bench fits flush without cramping the space. If your shower’s on the snug side, consider a corner bench or fold-down wall seat to save space when not in use.

You’ll also want the bench at the optimal height and depth for ergonomic comfort. A good size lets your feet rest flat while keeping your thighs supported. Benches that are too low cause strain, while benches that are too high increase the risk of falling. If possible, try testing benches of different sizes to find your perfect fit.

Mind the Placement

Bench placement impacts both function and visual flow. Most benches are placed at the rear or side of the stall for the most accessible access. Avoid placing the bar in the direct shower stream, creating a slippery splash zone.

Hard benches like tile and teak need professional installation to ensure proper drainage and slope. Otherwise, water may pool on the surface, leading to mold or mildew buildup. Consider consulting a contractor, especially for built-in benches secured to shower walls. They can ensure the court is sturdy enough for maneuvering on and off.

Benches in Showers The epitome of relaxation

Mix Materials Like a Pro

Now comes the fun part – picking the perfect materials to match your decor! Choose waterproof tiles in coordinating colors and patterns for your shower walls for a seamless look. Natural teak lends a crisp, modern vibe, while stone exudes earthy, organic charm.

Are you seeking a pop of contrast? Bold mosaic tiles or quartz benches make an eye-catching statement. For visual interest, try a white marble seat atop a teak base. The combinations are endless, so have fun and make it your own!

Bench Styles for Every Decor Motif

To spark your design juices flowing, let’s explore how classic bench styles can complement popular bathroom motifs:

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Sleek and Serene

For a pared-back modern look, go for clean lines and neutral hues. A narrow wooden bench topped with a gray upholstered cushion provides a soft contrast to white subway tiles. Stow shower essentials in under-bench cubbies to continue the soothing, uncluttered vibe.

Add standalone greenery like bamboo or a eucalyptus sprig for an organic accent. Simple, serene, and chic!

Vintage Character

Old-world charm comes alive with a built-in ceramic tile bench sporting an intricate geometric pattern. Antiqued brass fixtures and accent tile trims complete the vintage vignette. For shabby chic flair, repurpose a carved wooden garden bench as shower seating.

Layer fluffy towels in soft hues and a framed botanical print to tie it all together. Classic and cozy!

Bohemian Flair

Embrace free-spirited boho style with an intricately tiled cement bench, like vivid Moroccan patterns or retro floors. Use it as your neutral base to build upon. A woven jute bath mat, rattan storage bins, and fresh flowers or herbs inject organic texture.

The Most Important Factors in Choosing a Shower Bench

Be bold with a brightly painted, curved wooden bench for the ultimate bohemian bathroom. Then, pile on patterned rugs and handmade pottery to finish your far-out oasis!

No matter your design style, a custom shower bench adds a spa-worthy touch. These tips inspire you to integrate this functional focal point into your bathroom.

While I can’t join you in the shower to continue this convo (although my NYC apartment welcomes visitors!), head to the comments to share your bench plans or experiences. I’d love to hear how you’re perching pretty and taking bath time to the next level.