Dining Room Chandeliers (19 New Modern Designs)

Earlier this year, we decided to update our dining room light fixtures.  Our old lighting was tired, and frankly, we all hated it.  To create the perfect dining experience, we decide to go bold and install a dining room chandelier.

With such a big change to our lighting, we looked at a wide variety of lights and took our time deciding.  The result was a beautiful traditional glass chandelier above our dining table.

Below is a selection of chandeliers that we look at in a variety of styles.


Modern Chandelier

Modern Chandeliers use modern lighting such as LED bulbs and tend to buck the traditional glass style.  They come in all shapes and sizes, providing a futuristic look for your dining room.

Coll modern ChandelierPin

This modern chandelier will make a delightful addition to any interior. This chandelier, with its unique, will make it easily blend with all decors. The light features a cluster design that’s amplified by an irregular spacing. Turn your dining room into an ideal space with this fixture.

Modern Crystal ChandelierPin

Create a stunning look that will make a truly unique statement in your home with a chandelier like this one. This fixture, with its modern design, will make it easily blend with all decors. With its glass cage design, it makes it a unique addition to your dining area. The chandelier will add elegance and functionality to your interior decor!

Modern Curtain ChandelierPin

This curtain chandelier is a wonderful addition to your home décor. The design makes this ideal for a modern dining room. This stunning light fixture has a wave design that will look amazing in your home. Decorating a dining room is not a walk in the park, but this incredible light will help you take a big step forward.

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Modern ChandelierPin

This impressive chandelier will make more than a statement in your home. The elegant design makes this a wonderful addition to your formal dining area. The pretty crystal will add elegance and functionality to your interior decor. This beautiful decor will be great for your dining room table.

Modern Ball ChandelierPin

This futuristic chandelier is an inexpensive way to make your home look more expensive. The modern design makes this ideal for a formal dining area in an apartment. Looking like a UFO, it will become the centerpiece of your dining room.

Rustic Chandelier

Rustic Chandeliers use traditional materials such as wood and metal for their construction.  They are suited for dining rooms that have wooden tables and fixtures.

Rustic Ornate ChandelierPin

Choosing the right lighting will make your home lovely and practical. The rustic construction of this chandelier adds a lot of charm for a modern look. This chandelier has a look that will definitely bring so much charm to your living space. It’s important to furnish your home with items that will complement your style, and this chandelier will fit the bill!

Rustic ChandelierPin

The right lighting will set us in a mood we will always want to feel, and this stunning chandelier can be a big part of it. The intricate design makes this an ideal light fixture for your rustic dining room. This nature-inspired chandelier will make your dining area a place that you really enjoy.

Glass Chandelier

Glass Chandeliers are two of the traditional styles.  They use a lot of glass and crystal to diffuse a soft, elegant light for the dining room.

Traditional Glass ChandelierPin

The right chandelier will complement your dining room. A chandelier with a traditional glass structure like this will be the main attraction in your dining space. Create your dream room and see how it blossoms with an alluring chandelier!

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Beautiful Glass ChandelierPin

This small dining room is complemented by the large crystal chandelier. This room would be a perfect place to serve high tea and enjoy a relaxing brunch.

Glass ChandelierPin

Installing the right light fixture will make all the difference when it comes to the look of your dining room. This glass chandelier has a look that will make a bold statement in your space. Your home deserves the best!

Candelabra Chandelier

Candelabra Chandeliers are light fixtures with multiple branches, topped with candle-like bulbs.  They bring an antique elegance to your dining room. 

Candelabra ChandelierPin

The right candelabra will welcome any guest and instantly make them feel relaxed, not to mention give you peace and tranquility you will have as soon as you are alone. This candelabra, with its bold design, will make it easily blend with all decors. This is a very affordable way to give your dining room a facelift.

Gold Candelabra ChandelierPin

You should recognize the design of this candelabra from the photo above. It is the same design but with a brass fitting instead of chrome. It gives a bit more of a formal feel to this traditional dining room.

Elegant Candelabra ChandelierPin

A stunning chandelier can add instant interest to your dining room, elevating your entire décor at once. The beautiful design brings a unique blend of classic style and contemporary design to your home. This fixture will make your dining room a place where you enjoy spending time.

Traditional Candelabra ChandelierPin

This candelabra will lend a welcome touch to the décor of any room. The pretty composition will add elegance and functionality to your interior decor. This light fixture will make your home a beautiful and inviting space that you rarely want to leave.

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Ornate Candelabra ChandelierPin

The right décor will set us in a mood we will always want to feel, and this chandelier can be a big part of it. The chandelier, paired with the large mirror, gives this room an old-time elegance. Adding decor to your home can make a house feel like a home.

Candelabra Ornate ChandelierPin

Harmony is essential in making a dream dining room, and acquiring the right chandelier will make it perfect. The beautiful crafting adds contemporary and timeless design. This chandelier will make your traditional dining room a place where everyone want to hang out.

Colored Chandelier 

Colored Chandeliers make use of colored glass that usually matches the color of the walls or fittings of your dining room.  These fixtures bring a modern look to your dining room decor.

Green Colored Chandelier Pin

Create a stunning look that will make a truly unique statement in your home with a color scheme link to this one. The lush green adds contemporary and timeless design. The chandelier features green glass shades, so it is as complementary to the rest of the room.

Blue Colored Chandelier Pin

Once again, we have the same design but with a different color scheme. Just as the green chandelier matched the decor, this blue chandelier perfectly matches the blue and pink color scheme.

Red Colored Chandelier Pin

The red chandelier will add life to any space and will have your dining room looking amazing. I can imagine sitting in this room any time of the day with that incredible view. Decorating dining is one of the most exciting parts of moving into a new home, and this red chandelier will let you do it in style.

When I look at the dining room chandeliers above, I understand why they have been so popular for so many years.  They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they will become the focal point in the right dining room.