Dining Room Accent Wall Ideas That Will Take Your Breath Away

Hey there, decor lovers! Amanda here, your friendly neighborhood interior design enthusiast. Today, I want to chat about one of my favorite ways to instantly elevate a dining room – accent walls!

An accent wall can completely transform the look and feel of your dining space. It creates visual interest, defines areas, and sets the room’s decorative tone. I love accent walls and all the possibilities they provide for personalizing a home.

This post will explain everything you need to create a showstopping dining room accent wall. From choosing the perfect fence to color schemes, materials, lighting, and more – we’ve got you covered!

So brew a fresh cup of coffee, and let’s dive in.

The Basics of Accent Walls

Before we get to the fun stuff, let’s quickly go over what precisely an accent wall is and how it can enhance your dining room.

Dining Room Accent Wall Ideas That Will Take Your Breath Away

What is an Accent Wall?

An accent wall is a single wall in a room that is treated differently to make it stand out from the other walls. This is achieved through color, texture, material, lighting, accessories, or a combination of these elements. The accent wall is a focal point and injects visual interest into the space.

Why Add One to Your Dining Room?

There are so many benefits to incorporating an accent wall in your dining area:

  • Defines the space. An accent wall separates the dining area and other zones like the living room or kitchen in an open floor plan.
  • Adds character. It brings out your style and gives the dining space a unique personality.
  • Creates a focal point. Draws the eye to key features like a hutch, art piece, or architectural detail.
  • Sets a mood. It makes the dining area feel more intimate, energetic, and elegant – whatever vibe you choose!
  • Easy to switch up. Easier to refresh compared to painting the entire room.

Key Considerations

Before picking up that paintbrush, keep these factors in mind:

  • Wall selection – Choose a wall that will have maximum visual impact.
  • Size of space – Make sure the accent wall is proportional to the room size.
  • Architectural elements – Consider existing features like windows, moldings, etc.
  • Lighting – Ambient light affects how colors and textures are perceived.
  • Furniture placement – Focal points and conversation areas should inform wall choice.
  • Overall decor – The accent wall should coordinate with existing furnishings and style.

Now, let’s explore how to choose the perfect wall and design a showstopping accent full of personality!

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Don't Limit Yourself to Paint When Creating an Accent Wall

Choosing the Right Wall for Your Accent

Deciding which wall will become your accent wall is an important strategic decision. Here are some things to consider when making your selection:

Assess the Room Layout

Look at how your dining space is laid out and how people naturally flow through the area. Is there a wall that immediately draws the eye when you walk in? Utilize that sight line when determining accent wall placement.

Also, pay attention to adjacency. Choose a shared wall to define the dining space if your dining room is open to a kitchen or living room. An accent wall along the entryway can also be a grand welcome statement.

Spotlight Focal Points

Identify any existing focal points in the room – perhaps a fireplace, statement light fixture, or large piece of artwork. Your accent wall should complement or enhance those features.

A wall with an architectural detail, like windows or built-ins, is also a great way to create emphasis. You can highlight those elements with color-blocking or framing techniques.

Mind the Size

In a small dining room, stick to just one accent wall. More than one can make the space feel cluttered. Instead of a whole wall, you could do a focal rectangle or polish up a recessed niche area.

Conversely, a large or double-height dining room has ample room for multiple accent walls or floor-to-ceiling treatments. Go bold here with vivid colors or lavish textures on various partitions.

Create a Bold Accent Wall With an Unexpected Color or Pattern

Color and Texture: Setting the Tone

The real fun begins when selecting the colors, materials, and textures that will make your accent wall shine. Let’s explore some sensational options.

Bold Color Accent Walls

Nothing makes quite the dramatic statement of a brightly-colored accent wall. Here are some stellar choices:

Rich reds or burgundies – Bring warmth and intimacy to a formal dining space.

Navy blues or hunter-greens – Sophisticated colors that pair well with marble and wood.

Golden yellows or oranges – Cheerful colors that stimulate conversation and appetite.

Magentas or violets – Unleash your adventurous side with these jewel tones.

Keep in mind the psychology and meaning behind colors when selecting your shade. Red promotes intimacy, and blue inspires productivity, yellow boosts positivity, etc. Choose what fits the room’s intended ambiance.

The accent color should complement existing furnishings. For example, if your dining set has warm wood tones, a cool blue wall balances it out beautifully.

Textured Accent Walls

For some tactile intrigue, consider a textured accent wall. Here are some dazzling options:

Natural materials – Wood planks, brick, or stone add organic charm.

3D wall panels – Geometric or nature-inspired relief panels for modern flair.

Wallpaper – Floral prints, grasscloths, damasks. There are so many stunning choices!

Upholstered wall – Luxe velvet or leather for a glam vibe.

Canvas texturing techniques – Use troweled or textured paint finishes.

Mix and match materials for really unique designs. For rustic charm, combine reclaimed wood with tin ceiling tiles. Or blend canvas texturing with glossy wallpaper accents.

Textures also play beautifully off lighting. The following section covers how to illuminate your accent wall for maximum impact.

Go Bold with an Accent Wall in Your Dining Room

Lighting Your Accent Wall

With the proper lighting, your accent wall will shine! Use these tips to put a flattering spotlight on all that gorgeous texture and color.

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Layer the Lighting

For drama, utilize a combination of lighting sources:

  • Ambient lighting – Ceiling lights provide overall illumination.
  • Task lighting – A chandelier above the dining table for mealtime visibility.
  • Accent lighting – Track lights or picture lights highlight specific wall features.

Dimmers give you even more control over the ambiance in the space.

Illuminate Texture

Graze lighting placed at an angle can dramatically accentuate the texture of your wall.

Use warm white light (3000K) to highlight natural materials like wood and stone. Cool white light (5000K) better shows off smooth, reflective surfaces.

Play with Direction

Sconces and picture lights with adjustable arms allow you to direct sunlight and create interesting shadows on the wall.

You can also install recessed lighting at varying heights to make an ordinary wall a work of art!

Style It With Fixtures

When choosing accent lighting fixtures, opt for stylish options that complement your wall’s look:

  • Sleek track lights work well with modern textures like 3D wall panels.
  • Rustic wagon wheel chandeliers pair beautifully with reclaimed wood walls.
  • Crystal wall sconces add a glam touch to velvet or metallic accent walls.

See how lighting and textures tie together seamlessly? Let’s look at how artwork can make your accent wall a real showpiece.

Are accent walls outdated

Artistic Flair: Murals and Artwork

Incorporating art is an excellent way to infuse personality into your accent wall and create captivating eye candy.


Murals are a fun choice for a playful, creative accent wall. Consider these approaches:

  • Hand-painted murals – Hire a local artist to paint a custom scene like a flower garden or Tuscany landscape.
  • Removable wallpapers – Self-adhesive wallpapers let you switch up designs down the road with minimal effort. Great for rentals!
  • DIY ideas – Get creative with painted shapes, patterns, or song lyrics. Add a sentimental touch to children’s artwork.

Art Display Ideas

First, curate an art collection that aligns with your style and the dining space functionality. For family dining rooms, photos of loved ones are perfect. Formal dining rooms could showcase abstract art or prized paintings.

Once you’ve gathered your art, display it creatively:

  • Gallery walls – Group frames of various sizes, colors, and orientations. Apply the “60-30-10 rule” for visually balanced arrangements.
  • Picture ledges – Display art and decorative objects along a ledge for a clean, contemporary look.
  • Floating shelves – Great for curating art vignettes with sculptures or floral arrangements.

Now, let’s explore how shelving can add functional flair.

Geometric shapes on the dining room accent wall

Incorporating Shelving and Storage

Beyond displaying art and objects, shelving introduces useful storage nooks into your accent wall design.

Built-In Cabinetry

Custom built-in cabinetry provides gorgeous storage for all your dining room essentials. Built-ins can:

  • Complement an existing cabinet or sideboard
  • Provide concealed storage for linens and serve ware behind closed doors
  • Display your fine china and glassware with open shelving
  • Incorporate a sleek wine rack or bar cart

Versatile Floating Shelves

The wonderful thing about floating shelves is their versatility. Mix and match to display:

  • Collections of books, plants, or cherished keepsakes
  • Sculptures, vases, or candles for ambiance
  • Framed photos and art
  • Functional barware and kitchenware

In a small dining room, floating shelves keep the space feeling light and airy. For large dining rooms, full-wall built-ins make a grand statement.

Now, let’s shift gears to budget-friendly DIY accent wall ideas you can tackle on a weekend.

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DIY Accent Wall Ideas

Are you looking for accent wall inspiration on a budget? These DIY projects add tons of personality without breaking the bank:

Paint Techniques

  • Bold geometric shapes – Use painter’s tape to create chevrons, diagonals, or framing lines.
  • Ombre – Blend two colors from dark to light with a wet-on-wet painting technique.
  • Stenciling – Available in tons of trendy prints, patterns, and textures.
  • Faux treatments – Use textured rollers, rags, and sponges to mimic materials like marble or brick.

Fabulous with Wallpaper

  • Temporary wallpaper – Peel-and-stick wallpapers are easy to install and removable. Great for rentals!
  • DIY wallpaper headboard – Line the wall behind a bed with a fun print for a bedroom accent wall on a budget.
  • Remnants and samples – Shop sample sales or request discounted remnants from home improvement stores.
Shelves and mirrors in dining room accent wall

Crafty Accents

  • Photo collage – Arrange favorite pics in frames, on canvas, or pinned to a corkboard.
  • Washi tape art – Use colorful washi tape to create playful geometric designs.
  • Vinyl quotes or shapes – Apply inspirational words or eye-catching silhouettes.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling seriously inspired!! Now, let’s check out some accent wall trends and cultural influences.

Accent Wall Trends and Inspirations

Accent wall designs are constantly evolving. Here are some of the latest trends making waves:

Nature Inspired

Biophilic design that celebrates natural elements is having a significant moment. Try:

  • Botanical or jungle murals with tropical leaves and plants
  • Wood accents that incorporate live edge slabs or tree branch details
  • Earthy terra cotta, sage, olive color schemes

Global Influences

Add an exotic flair with patterns and decor inspired by Morocco, India, or other favorite destinations. Display:

  • Turkish tiles or Indian block prints
  • A handpainted mural with Egyptian hieroglyphics
  • Woven textiles, jute rugs, and warm spice colors from around the globe

Geometric Shapes

The modern geometry trend shows no signs of slowing down. Play with:

  • Bold graphic prints, like black and white zigzags or colorful origami shapes
  • 3D hexagon wall panels
  • Diamonds, lines, and circle murals

What’s old is new again with the revival of iconic styles. Try:

  • Retro ‘70s earth tones and psychedelic prints
  • ‘80s postmodern Memphis-style colors and shapes
  • Midcentury modern ‘50s Palm Springs vibe with swanky metallics

As you can see, your options for creating a sensational accent wall are virtually endless. The most important tip is to infuse your personality into the space.

Shiplap accent wall

Decorate boldly with what makes you happy – a gallery of family photos, an exotic print that whisks you away to far-off destinations, or an era-evoking style.

Your home tells your unique story. So, create an extraordinary accent wall that makes you smile whenever you see it.

I hope these ideas sparked some creativity or validated the vision you already have in mind. Outfitting your dining room with a captivating accent wall is one of the most rewarding home projects.