18 Black and White Bathroom Ideas

When I think of bathroom color schemes, I usually dream of pastel color combinations and warm tones. But now and then, I see a black and white bathroom, and they take my breath away. There are many black and white bathroom ideas to choose from.

Below are some incredible bathrooms that show how versatile black and white can be. If you are looking at updating your bathroom decor, we have ideas for you. Let us know your favorite by voting at the end of the article.

Modern Black and White Bathrooms

If you are looking for modern interior design ideas for your bathroom, then the black and white color scheme is perfect.

Black and White Bathroom IdeasPin

The black basin and tap add depth and style to this bathroom, along with the white marble countertop and bottle vase that adds some much-needed contrast. I think without the splash of green from the plant and the red container on the shelf, this bathroom would be too dark.

Balance between black and white in this bathroomPin

There is a nice balance between black and white in this bathroom. Black is still the predominant color, but the white basin and bathtub light the room up. The matte black of the tiling contrasts the shiny ceramic of the basin and tub.

Bathroom With Tropical FeelPin

The large windows and plants give this bathroom a tropical feel to this master bathroom. The black walls, floor, and rug provide contrast for the focal point of the room, the beautiful wood and white vanity.

The use of large plants blends the indoor with the magnificent view of the forest.

Bathroom Overlooking the cityPin

The black walls and window frames sit between the white columns and ceiling. While bathing, you are afforded a view of the city skyline. Topped by white double sinks, the black vanity matches the walls, with the polished wooden floorboards finishing of the look.

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Gray and Black White tubPin

The three tones of this room work together to give an elegant minimalist look to this room. The black wooden floor is continued up the silver-gray wall with three black wooden panels. Sitting on the floor is the large freestanding tub, and this is the focal point of the room.

I would like to see a splash of color in this room as it is just a little too bleak for my tastes.

New black and white bathroomPin

Although there are many black surfaces in this bathroom, the overall feel is light and spacious. I particularly like the use of the gold fleck in the marble wall behind the white bathtub. The twin vanity follows the black and white theme, as do the black faucets set into the white marble backsplash.

Cubic BathroomPin

This bathroom is a significant departure from the ones above. The bold geometric shapes give a very modern look. With a rectangular mirror and square bath, this bathroom could be out of Minecraft (according to my seven years old).

This modern bathroom features a wall-mounted mirror, large tub, and white marble vanity.

Amazing TubPin

The placement of the bathtub provides a unique look to this bathroom. Sitting on the metal frame this type of bathtub is usually built into the room. The way that is gets installed works well in this beautiful bathroom. The vanities also match this style with the tap fixtures coming up from the hardwood floors.

Wooden accentsPin

The contrast between black and white gets softened by the light wood panels of this bathroom. The white tub and floating sink contrast the dark gray wall. But the wood is the star of the show in this room.

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Charcoal grayPin

There is a touch of film noir to this bathroom. The charcoal walls and tub next to the large windows remind me of old Hollywood movies. The white marble floor tile looks amazing with the natural light flowing through the windows.

Retro Black and White Bathrooms

Vintage or Retro bathrooms are perfect for black and white designs.

White Subway Tile BathroomPin

White is the predominant color used in this bathroom. The white subway tile backsplash doubles as a shelf and looks like an unused fireplace. The large basin sink sits atop the black vanity unit.

The plants scattered around the room provide some welcome color. I particularly enjoy the large mirror hung above the backsplash shelf.

Elegant Bathroom Pin

Keeping with the chessboard theme, the black and white floor tile introduces this bathroom. Along with the black tiled wall and chandelier light, this bathroom is a throwback to an elegant era.

Luxury Black and White BathroomPin

This bathroom expands even further on the black and white theme. By mixing the colors in each of the features. With white legs on the black claw foot bub and black legs on the white vanity. I don’t know why, but this starts me thinking about Alice in Wonderland.

I enjoy the use of gold tap fixtures on the tub and sink for the splash of color. The dark mosaic tiles are used to create a gorgeous backsplash.

Stylish BathroomPin

The swirling patterns of the walls behind the tub, shower, and opposite the sink are the feature of this room. They inject a lot of energy into this bathroom.

The rest of the room is a mixture of black, white, and dark gray tiles. These bathrooms look fantastic and are one of my favorites. However, I am not sure how I would feel about it if I was hungover.

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White bath with black tilePin

I love the use of the small black tiles in this bathroom. Surrounding the mirror and bathtub, they bring focus to the room. With the all-white walls and intense lighting, this is a clean, fresh bathroom and a monochromatic look.

Minimalist Black And White Bathrooms

Using black and white makes it easy to create a stylish minimalist bathroom.

A bathroom for SoakingPin

It is not hard to see what that the homeowner enjoys taking a bath when you look at this bathroom. The tub is the centerpiece of this sizeable minimalist room. With the white tub and large marble backsplash set against the black wall, it makes me think of a chessboard.

Minimalist Bathroom with wooden floorPin

If I lived in a high rise apartment, I would love a bathroom like this. I love the use of wood in the floating vanity that matches the floor. Both the bathtub and shower are set against large windows. I can imagine myself relaxing, soaking in the bath at night with a glass of wine and a good book.

Bathtub Focal PointPin

Here is another bathroom where the tub is the focal point of the room. Set against the dark tiled wall, the tub is illuminated by the under-shelf lighting. There is also a window providing sunlight for the tub.

Incredibly, you can get so many different looks from just black and white. Where various color schemes come into and go out of fashion, black and white seem to be timeless.

I know which is my favorite. Let us know your favorite below.