Attic Bedroom Ideas (25+ Bedroom Ideas)

Adding an extra bedroom to your home is a dream for many growing families. If you have a large attic, you can add a bedroom there. It is a significant undertaking, but a project like this can add a lot of value to your home. Below are many attic bedroom ideas to get you started.

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Master Bedroom

Building a new master bedroom in your attic is a great way to add privacy to your bedroom. Your modern master bedroom will become a private oasis for you away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the family.

Below are some Amazing Attic Master Bedroom Ideas.

Attic Master BedroomPin

If you are lucky enough to have a large attic space, this is a perfect way to use it. The feature wall behind the bed matches the wood of the vaulted roof and the wooden floorboards. The large window lets in plenty of natural light, and this suits the light and airy feel of the room.

Open Skylight IN Attic BedroomPin

This large attic room has a painted white wall behind the bed and utilizes the wooden beams to create shelving. The dark stain on the wood matches the headboard of the bed, and this creates a nice contrast between dark and light. The large skylight window in the slanted ceiling opens to let in the fresh air.

White Attic BedroomPin

This master bedroom is swimming in natural light from the skylight window and the large front window. This natural light highlights the polished wood floor and the matching wood of the bed frame and bedside table.

Converted Church Attic BedroomPin

This converted church loft makes use of the dark wood roof, stained glass windows, and brick front wall. The addition of two skylight windows delivers much needed natural light. The dark wood roof gets matched by the dresser and bed frame.

Modern Cabin BedroomPin

This modern cabin style room makes perfect use of the wood beams and roof. The stone wall with a mounted television would make this an ideal place to spend a lazy weekend.

Guest Room

If you have a lot of overnight guests, then an attic guest room is a great idea. It allows your guests some privacy, and it won’t inconvenience the rest of your family.

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Small Attic GuestroomPin

This small guest room makes use of small attic space. The skylight provides your gusted ample natural light during the day. The door leads to a small veranda and can get opened to let in the fresh air.

Twin Beds AtticPin

With twin beds, this room is a flexible guest room if you have overnight guests who do not want to sleep in the same bed. This room doubles as a playroom for the kids and is an excellent place for them when they have sleepovers.

Cozy Attic BedroomPin

This cozy attic guest room has a bed and a sitting area. This space is perfect for when you have longer staying guests. The sitting site provides some privacy for your guests during the day.

Attic Guestroom with EnsuitePin

This guest room also has an adjoining bathroom. The large skylight and cream-colored walls and floors give a spacious feel. The accents of the wooden trunk and dresser add some nice color to this room.

Small GuestroomPin

This small guest room is a cozy sleeping space. The wooden bed and footlocker match the dresser and bedside tables. The sloped roof above the bed makes excellent use of this small space.

Exposed Beams

Attics are often filled with columns and exposed wooden beams. The rooms below make use of these beams as features of the rooms. Matching or contrasting the beams with other parts of the room can help bring the interior design together.

Attic Bedroom Exposed BeamsPin

The roof beams in this room get put to great use. Not only do they match the color of the hardwood floor and headboard of the bed. But the large canopy style light is hung from one of the beams.

The addition of plants and the green in the bedspread finish the room off nicely. The window seats add to the living space.

High Ceilings AtticPin

The use of wood in this room is unique. Once again, the rustic wooden beams are color matched with the other wooden fixtures in the room. I love the pallet style bed base, which fits the wooden hearth on the fireplace. The bed looks incredibly cozy.

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The white walls and floor work correctly in this inspired attic bedroom.  The skylight above the bed provides reading light during the day and a beautiful view at night.

Dark Wood Beams Attic BedroomPin

This photo is another angle of one of the master bedrooms above. This angle highlights the use of the wooden beams as a feature of the room. The spotlights illuminate the wood of the roof, and this flows down behind the bed.

The bedding matches the dark closet area and becomes the focal point in the large room.

massive beams and roofPin

The wood of the massive beams and roof, along with the stone walls, give this room an amazing cozy feeling. The use of pine throughout this charming room makes me imagine a Scandinavian cottage.

Attic BedroomPin

The irregular shaped bricks and dark red wood work well together. The window and skylight combination above the bed add to the distinctive look of this room. This is an excellent use of small attic space.

Small Attic Bedroom Ideas

Depending on the type of home you have, you may not have ample space in your attic. Even if you only have a small space, you can still make use of it for a new bedroom. Below are some small attic bedroom ideas.

Cozy Small AtticPin

This cozy attic bedroom makes excellent use of space. The bed is placed against the back wall, allowing natural light through the small window. The two large closets get set into the sloping wall. A writing desk is put into the alcove with a window above it.

Attic Kids Bedroom

This kid’s bedroom makes fantastic use of the limited space. The bed gets set against the sloped wall with the closet set into the area of the highest part of the roof.

Attic Bedroom Yellow WallsPin

The sloped walls of the attic get put to fair use in this small bedroom. The cupboards and storage get set into the lowest point with the bedhead set at the highest point. This allows easy movement around the room and doesn’t waste any space.

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Sloped Wood CeilingPin

This small area is correctly used for this bedroom. The bed is against the low sloped roof. This allows normal movement around the bed, and the large window lets in a lot of natural light.

Small Space Attic BedroomPin

This room has a roof that slopes at a low angle. This limits the amount of comfortable walking area in the room. The storage space is located at the lowest point of the roof with the head of the bed at the highest point.

The white color scheme makes the room feel bigger and well lit.

Vaulted Ceilings

High vaulted ceilings can be used to enhance the look of your attic bedroom.

Multiple skylightsPin

The vaulted ceilings are put to great use in this room. Multiple skylights flood the space with natural light. The bed is centered on the highest part of the roof, with the storage and dresser placed where the roof slopes.

The ensuite bathroom makes this a perfect enclosed space.

Elegant Attic BedroomPin

This room has an elegant antique look to it. The wallpaper matches the wooden roof, and the dark accents of the lamps and doorframes blend with the dark hardwood floors. This antique look is carried into the ensuite bathroom with the claw foot bathtub.

Twin Skylight bedroomPin

This modern attic bedroom uses a symmetrical theme with the large dual skylights and reading chairs. The colors of the bedding match the floor and chairs. The white faux fur coverings accent the white painted walls on the chairs.

Nautical Attic BedroomPin

This small room leads on to a small verandah. The light blue walls and hardwood deck provide a nautical theme for the room. Storage is built into the sloped ceiling wall. Walking out onto the patio feels like walking out onto the deck of a yacht.

Small Elegant Attic BedroomPin

This elegant small bedroom has a forest theme. The polished hardwood floors and pale green walls perfectly match the view of the trees through the twin windows.

Out of all these stunning attic bedroom ideas, which is your favorite? I particularly like all of the rooms with the large skylights.  Vote below on what you think would be the perfect addition to your home.