20+ Living Room Table Lamps

Getting the lighting just right in our living room was challenging. The light from the overhead fixtures didn’t reach some places, and there were arguments about when the lights should be off. The addition of our living room table lamps solved these problems.

Today we will look at the different types of table lamps and decide on our favorite lamp styles.

Bedside Lamps

Bedside lamps in the living room?  This type of light can be used anywhere in your home and is designed to illuminate a small area. 

Classic Adjustable Desk LampPin

This classic adjustable desk lamp allows the person sitting in the armchair to read while not disturbing others in the room.

Living Room Desk LampPin

This brass lamp provides soft lighting for the couch. 

Adjustable Task LampPin

This adjustable task lamp provides light for one side of the couch.  

small ceramic lampPin

This small ceramic lamp blends into the colors of this living room.  The lamp provides a small amount of light to the couch and a separate chair.

small reading lampPin

The small table lamp matches the larger floor lamp.  The alcove becomes a perfect place for reading while leaving the rest of the room undisturbed.

Large Bedside LampPin

This fixture is the largest of our bedside lamps.  The lamp provides a lot of light with the lampshade directing the light to the corner of the room.

Buffet Lamps

Buffet Lamps are also known as candlestick lamps.  They are taller than other table lamps, so they provide light to a larger area.

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Candlestick LampPin

This lamp sits on a small table in the corner of the room.  The white lampshade matches the other elements in the room.

Small buffet lampPin

This small buffet lamp matches the white coffee table perfectly.  

Elegant LampPin

This elegant lamp lits the dark corner in this room.  I love these end table lamps as they provide much-needed light in hard to reach places.

Tiffany Table Lamps

Tiffany lamps got named after Louis Comfort Tiffany, who crafted lamps with stained glass shades.  He made these in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  If you are lucky enough to find an original, they are incredibly valuable.

Modern Tiffany style lamps are made with colorful glass and are used to provide a colorful accent to a room.

Yellow Tiffany Table LampPin

This lamp provides a splash of yellow to the otherwise mutes tones of the room.

The drop chain switched, and the brass base gives this an elegant antique look.

Blue Tiffany Table LampPin

These two lamps show the fantastic combinations of colors available with Tiffany lamps.  The cool blue in the foreground lamp contrasts the warm yellows and reds of the lamp in the background.

Beautiful Tiffany Table LampPin

This lamp is my favorite of the Tiffany lamps we have here.  The combinations of colors work incredibly well and bring much-needed color to the room.

Glass Table Lamp

Glass table lamps are trendy.  The use of glass in the base or the shade provides a very modern look.

Glass Table LampPin

The combination of the end table and lamp fits perfectly for this room.  

modern glass table lampPin

There are several round features in this living room, with two glass spheres in the base of the lamp complement this motif. 

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Table Lamp GlassPin

Here we have another spherical glass base.  Along with the caged design of the end table, the two add to the feeling of open space in the room.

White Glass Table LampPin

This lamp has a trio of glass balls rising from the base.  These lamp sets are perfect for the clean white design.

Modern Table Lamp

Modern table lamps combine different materials and construction techniques. These lamps are often included in a room as much for their design as they are for the light they provide.  

Modern Table LampPin

This perfectly placed tripod table lamp sits on the end table.  The legs of the lamp match the legs of the table.

Wooden Modern Table LampPin

This four-legged table lamp with a dark shade stands out against the pastel colors of the room.

Tripod Table LampPin

Here we have another tripod shade.  This one looks more sturdy with the thick wooden legs.

Feature Table LampPin

This modern table lamp is a feature in the room.  The metallic base and shade cover four light bulbs.

Wire cage table lampPin

This lamp reminds me of a birdcage.  The wire cage base gets topped by a shade that is also enclosed by wire.

Accent LightPin

This lamp is a great accent light. The build and fixture is wire box made of copper.

Suppose you have some dark, unlit spots in your living room.  Or if you need to light one area while leaving while not disturbing others, a living room table may be the answer.

Of all the lamps above, which is your favorite?  Vote below.