Luxury Living Room Ideas (20 Luxurious Designs)

Our living room is where we spend most of our time as a family.  It is also the place where we entertain guests.  Our living room needed to be comfortable, but we also wanted to add some luxury.  Before we remodeled our living room, we looked at several luxury living room ideas.

What we ended up with is a welcoming and comfortable living space with a few dashes of luxury.  Below are some of the ideas we looked at before we made our interior design decisions.


A Living Room With A View

Unfortunately, we do not have a fantastic view from our living room.  If you do have an incredible view, you should incorporate it into your living room design.

Luxury Living Room Large WindowsPin

The floor to ceiling windows frames this fantastic view.   If you are lucky enough to have an ocean view like this, you can match your living room decor to the white sand.  The ocean view and palm trees make this a beautiful room.

Luxury Living Room Mountain ViewPin

Overlooking the mountains, this living room interior has its focus looking outwards.  The floor to ceiling windows looks out to a fantastic view.

Luxury Living Room ViewPin

This is another room with a fantastic view.  Looking out onto the ocean, this luxurious living room makes use of the natural light and view.  I could imagine myself sitting watching the natural world for hours.

Luxury Living Room Water Front ViewPin

This living room is all about the view and the outlook onto the lake.  The large bay windows open up and give direct access to the lake.

All these rooms used interior design techniques to focus on the outdoors.  I would like dearly to have any of these views from my house.

Luxury Living Room With A Fireplace

A fireplace can be a beautiful focal point for your family room.  There is nothing better than sitting around a warm fire on a cold night.  Here are some design ideas where the fireplace stands out.

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Large Luxury Living Room With Fireplace Pin

This fireplace is perfect if you want a touch of luxury and a whole lot of comfort in your living room. The warm fire and cozy sofas make this ideal for those looking for a place to relax and recuperate. This combination will make your family room a beautiful and inviting space that you rarely want to leave.

Luxury Living Room Large FireplacePin

I almost put this room in the magnificent view style.  The large fireplace makes this room a piece of art.  This is a superb room.

Luxury Living Room Velvet Sofa With Fireplace 1Pin

An open fireplace will add a touch of color and a modern feel to the look of your living room. This room has a fireplace that adds a nice touch of class to any room.  What better time to give your home a treat with a living room makeover?

Modern Luxury Living Room With FireplacePin

The right choice of decor will make the essential difference to your requirements of comfort and luxury. This family room has a fireplace that will complement any open-plan space or living room. The warmth of the fireplace adds a lot of charm to a modern look. Give your living room a lovely breath of fresh air!

Modern White Luxury Living Room With FireplacePin

If you want a touch of class in a limited living space, try using a nested coffee table. The table adds a lot of detail to a smaller space.  The fireplace has a clean glass enclosure that sports a modern design. Use these ideas to help create your perfect space!

Modern Luxury Living Room Ideas

If you are looking at a living room remodel, then here are some modern living room ideas from black and white to colorful texture and mirror features.

Luxury Living Room Black And WhitePin

If you want to make your living room look modern, opt for a black and white theme. The style features a contemporary design that’s amplified by black and white fabric.  Furnish your home with pieces you love, like this black and white rug, which are comfortable and suit their purpose.

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Luxury Living Room Velvet SofaPin

If you want to make your house look luxurious, opt for a lush and comforting sofa. The sofa and coffee table adds a lot of detail to the design. This coffee table has an art deco look that will add a nice touch of class to any room. Turn your family room into an ideal living space with these interior design ideas.

Luxury White Living RoomPin

I love this room’s look, but I don’t think it would work for a family like ours.  With two small kids, the beautiful white furniture would not stay white for too long.  With the use of artwork around the room, this is a living room interior for me to dream of.

Modern Luxury Living RoomPin

The marble feature wall is the highlight of this stunning room. It is the element that is perfectly highlighted by the color scheme.  This is a stunning living room design.

Colorful Luxury

Adding splashes of color to your living room furniture is a decor idea to add luxury to any room.  Choosing a color palette, you can use your personal style to design a luxurious living room.

Luxury Colorful Living RoomPin

Choosing the right color scheme will make the room look beautiful and comfortable to live in. This room has a dark red colored feature wall that sports a bold design. The sofa features multi-colored pillows, which is why it is as bold and fun as it is.

Luxury Living Room Colorful ChairPin

This wonderfully colorful chair stands out against the gray sofa and marble floors.  The gray sofa also has colorful buttons that match the colors of the accent chair.  This design may not be for everyone, but it is striking and unforgettable.

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The Golden Room

Nothing says luxury quite like gold.  Whether it is used as an accent or in a feature like an antique chandelier, gold does bring out the luxury in your interior design choices. 

Luxury Living Room ChandelierPin

The right choice of lighting will make the essential difference to your requirements of comfort and luxury. This chandelier has a golden look that will retain its charm for a long time. The golden chandelier and plants’ use make this living room the perfect place in your home with soul and personality. This living room design will add elegance and functionality to your interior decor!

Luxury Living Room Gold Fittings ChandelierPin

Selecting the right interior design will make your space luxurious and stylish. The use of gold accents makes this living room the perfect place to entertain and relax. Decorate your home with soul and personality.

Luxury Living Room Gold FittingsPin

The antique sofa and coffee table provide a cohesive theme for this opulent living room.  The rich wooded walls and the rich fabric of the furniture provide a very glamorous living area. 

Luxury Leather 

I love leather sofas.  If you ask me what makes a luxury living room, I would say it is a beautiful leather sofa.

Luxury Living Room Leather SofaPin

This leather sofa looks so soft and comfortable.  It has an unusual shape with almost no backrest.  I could imagine myself stretched out on this sofa, looking out at the spectacular views.

Luxury Living Room White Leather SofaPin

These large white leather sofas and tall ceiling look so soft and inviting.  The large throw pillows make this an ideal place to curl up with a good book and do some reading. 

There are so many interior design choices you can make for your luxury living room.  I hope the design ideas above helped get you thinking about your next living room design.