25 Gray Bathroom Ideas (Floors, Vanities, And Tubs)

If you’re looking for a modern and stylish way to update your bathroom, why not consider adding some gray decor? Gray is a timeless color that adds a touch of sophistication to any space, and it looks great in bathrooms. In this article, we’ll cover 25 inspiring gray bathroom ideas to help you create the perfect look in your home. From simple and classic to bold and daring, you’re sure to find a style that works for you. So let’s explore how you can incorporate gray in your bathroom.

Gray Bathroom Ideas For Houses

If you’re looking for fresh ideas for a gray bathroom in your house, you’ve come to the right place! This section will explore various inspiring gray bathroom ideas to help you create a stylish and contemporary space. From gray walls and furniture to gray tile and accessories, we’ve got you covered. So let’s get started and explore some fantastic gray bathroom ideas!

Gray Bathroom With White Vanity and TubPin

We are starting with one of my favorites. The white fixtures offset the gray of the wall and floors.

The sizeable standing tub and washbasins sit on the bathroom floor and enhance the bathroom’s overall look.

Small Gray BathroomPin

This small bathroom looks good with the large gray stone tiles. The purple light shade provides a dash of color.

The white fittings contrast the gray tile exceptionally well.

Dark Gray Bathroom with SkylightPin

This dark gray bathroom gets lit by natural light coming from the skylight. The light streams in over the shower enclosure.

This master bathroom uses the white shower, all as an accent wall. THow he darker shades paired with the white wall offer a stunning contrast.

Gray honeycomb WallPin

This bathroom makes excellent use of the natural light it receives from the two large windows. I love the honeycomb motif being the bathtub along with the wooden floors and vanity.

The tiling makes the bathtub the focal point of the room.

Gray tiled backsplashPin

The gray tiles of the backsplash continue into the shower. The dark gray countertop matches the door and other fixtures.

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The backsplash tile continues and becomes a solid grey in the shower enclosure.

Gray bathroom with large windowPin

Here is another excellent use of wood as an accent. They installed the tub on the wood floor that extends outside. Secondly, the wood accent on the wall brings focus to the gray tub.

The large windows provide natural light, with high walls giving privacy.

Wooden Bath tubPin

We have taken the use of wood a step further in this bathroom. The bathtub got made from wood. The color and grain of the wood match the backsplash behind the floating white marble sink.

The pebbles below the sink and natural light from the high window give a feeling of being outdoors.

Small gray bathroom with tiled showerPin

This small bathroom uses a small space, with sizeable gray tile behind the vanity and toilet and a contrast of gray herringbone tile of the walk-in shower.

gray bathroom with tons of natural lightPin

The tub is backed by a dark gray privacy screen, allowing natural light to stream into the room. The contrast of the black and gray vanity matches the floor and privacy screen.

The gray tile provides a neutral backdrop, drawing attention to the bathroom area with the large window.

Boat shaped tubPin

The boat-shaped bath is the centerpiece of this bathroom. The gray walls are accented by a surrounding mirror that gives the feeling of extra space and light.

Gray Bathroom Ideas For Apartments

If you’re looking for stylish, elegant, and modern ideas for your gray bathroom in your apartment, then you’re in the right place! In this section, we’ll explore some great ways to use the gray color palette and create a functional and beautiful bathroom. We’ll look at different ways to use tile, paint, and decor to bring the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom. Let’s get started!

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Gray bathroom looking over city skylinePin

This large apartment bathroom has a painted brick backsplash and a gray floating double vanity. With large windows, look out on the city skyline. I imagine it would look amazing at night.

Incredible white vanity and tubPin

This gray and white bathroom has some great fixtures. The bathtub and sinks look carved out of a solid block of stone.

Pop goes the basinsPin

The large red vanity basins pop when set against the gray wall. The feature wall got painted to look like a solid piece of granite.

Simple and Elegant dark grayPin

The dark walls and black fixtures contrast with the white sink and wooden vanity. The different-sized “his and hers” mirrors give this room a futuristic look.

White and gray bathroom with large windowPin

The gray stone floor and vanity look great with the stark white tub and sinks.

The small plant above the vanity adds a splash of color against the whit walls.

Incredible gray powder roomPin

The bleached wood floors complement the natural light coming through the large window. The polished concrete wall and gray tub, and vanity look incredibly modern.

The large mirror behind the vanity gets illuminated by the light fixtures at night and by sunlight during the day.

Gray bathroom with textured wallpaperPin

I really love the textured wallpaper and stone floor in this room. The shade of gray is perfect with the white tub and vanity.

Gray bathroom in high rise apartmentPin

The dark tiled floor and tub in the corner window are ideal for this apartment. The wooden accessories are a perfect match.

Gray honeycomb floor and tubPin

This is another shot from above showing the honeycomb-patterned floor. The large tub with a lamp makes a great place for relaxing and reading.

corrugated gray bathroom wall.Pin

The corrugated wall behind the bathtub is a slightly lighter shade of gray than the rest of the bathroom.

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The carved wood basins add a splash of color to the room.

bathtub on wooden raised floorPin

I like the use of wood in this room. The bathtub sits on an outcrop of timber that flows up the wall and is lit by two pendant lights.

The simple wood vanity has “his and hers” sinks with an elegant single mirror.

Grey wall with inbuilt shelvesPin

The dark gray painted walls and inset shelves give an elegant minimalist look.  The use of wooden inlays in the recessed shelves brings to mind Scandinavian bathroom designs.

Gray wall and floor tiled bathroomPin

I would love to start my day in this bathroom. The floor tiles match the wall tiles, and the distinctive colors light up the room.

The simple tub shower combo and double sink vanity complete the room.

Incredible tap fixture in this bathroomPin

The tap unique tap fixture is really the star of this room. It looks incredible. However, I don’t know how efficient it would be.

The gray stone wall and black floating countertop look amazing.

gray tiles provide an understated feature wallPin

The crisscross of grain on the gray tiles provides an understated feature wall. The polished concrete of the floor matches perfectly.

Gray is a very adaptable color scheme for a modern bathroom. It is a neutral color that can suit almost any home. Which of the above bathroom is your favorite gray bathroom idea? Vote below.