What Is A Bathroom Vanity?

My very first home improvement project was a bathroom remodel.  In hindsight, we probably should have started with something a bit simpler.  We were so new to this. I even asked my partner what is a bathroom vanity and isn’t it just a cabinet?  I learned a lot from that project.

Today we will look at what a bathroom vanity is and discuss some details about them.

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What is bathroom vanity?

A bathroom vanity is simply a storage unit that is topped by a countertop and a built-in sink.  When we changed our bathroom design, we decided on a classic look with the bath vanity and mirror.  We purchased our new vanity along with our other bathroom furniture from our local home improvement store.  

Bathroom Vanity Specifications

With modern bathroom decor, there are no set rules for your bathroom vanity, but here are some standards to help guide you.

  1. Standard Height: Most people agree that the standard height of vanity cabinets is 32 inches (or 81.26 cm). When you add the countertop, this increases to a total height of 33 to 34 inches (83.82 to 86.36 cm).  With newer comfort height vanities, the size has risen to a counter height of around 36 inches (91.44 cm).
  2. Standard Depth: The depth of your vanity will depend on your bathroom layout.  The traditional depth for a bath vanity is 21 inches (53.34 cm).  This depth is measured from the front to the back of the cabinets (or the vanity base), not include any overhang of countertop material.
  3. Average Cost: Like all home projects, the cost of a new bathroom vanity varies greatly.  A mass-produced single bath vanity will cost between $300 to $1000.  A custom vanity can cost thousands of dollars, depending on the size and materials.
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Types of Bathroom Vanities

Here are some examples of bathroom vanities.  Which one is your favorite?

Single Vanity

A single vanity has a single sink.  Below are some examples:

Single Bathroom VanityPin

Here we have a floating (wall mounted) vanity with a single white vessel sink.  The mirror gets set on the ceramic tile wall.  This modern vanity looks impressive but does not provide much storage space.

Single Bathroom Vanity With Vessel SinkPin

This art deco bathroom has a white marble vanity topped with a self-rimming sink.  This sink is one of my favorite sink styles.

Single Bathroom Vanity ModernPin

This modern bathroom has a beautiful use of color. The blue tiles and wooden vanity is a transitional design from traditional to contemporary.

The mismatched tiles of the backsplash give this a Mediterranean look.

Single Bathroom Vanity WoodenPin

This wooden vanity has a stone sink that gives a rustic look to this modern bathroom.  This sink style becomes a focal point for the bathroom.

Single Bathroom Vanity ScandinavianPin

The large vanity perfectly accents the minimalist Scandinavian style of this bathroom with the small vessel sink.  The large mirror and small sink style make the most of the space in the bathroom.

Double Vanity 

A double vanity has two sinks, usually “his and hers,” allowing two people to use the bathroom vanity at a time.  I love this idea, as it will enable me to double my time getting ready in the morning.  Plus, I am not greeted by shaving stubble in my basin every day!!

Double Bathroom Vanity Large MirrorsPin

This large comfort height vanity has so much space.  I love the dark bathroom cabinets and the white ceramic tile backsplash.  

Double Bathroom Vanity Floating VanityPin

The modern style of the floating shelves, along with the tall thin mirrors are a unique look.   The contrast from the black frames and floor to the white basins and walls is striking.

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Floating Double Bathroom Vanity.Pin

The floating double vanity and round mirrors give this bathroom a nautical feel.  

I found looking at this photo quite hypnotic. The symmetry really pulled me in.

Antique Vanity

All of the examples above have been of modern bathrooms.  If you are looking for antique vanities, we have these examples.

Antique Bathroom VanityPin

The dark wood finish and gold fixtures provide an antique look for this modern bathroom.  I especially enjoy the art deco mirror.

Antique Bathroom Vanity WoodenPin

This luxury bathroom has an antique look due to the vanities and accessories.  The glass lamps on the countertops, coupled with the hardwood cabinets, give an elegant feel to the room.  

These bathrooms are a far cry from my first bathroom remodel.  My partner and I are now looking for a new look for the bathroom.  Which of the bathroom vanities is your favorite?  Let us know below.  I know my choice.