Blue Bathroom Vanity Ideas (19 Fresh Designs)

Last year my baby sister decided to update her master bathroom.  One of the choices she had to make was the color of her bathroom vanity.  She settled on a navy blue bathroom vanity and is very happy with the results.

Today we will look at some blue bathroom vanity ideas.  From light to dark shades and single to double vanities.

Light Blue Bathroom Vanity

Light blue has always been a popular choice for bathroom color schemes.  Lighter blues tend to make smaller bathrooms look bigger.

Baby Blue Bathroom VanityPin

This single bathroom vanity offers ample storage and has a beautiful cool baby blue color.  The white marble countertop sits atop the painted wood cabinet.

Extra storage is provided by the thin blue cupboard that has plenty of room for towels and accessories.

Blue Bathroom VanityPin

A pedestal ceramic sink tops this pale blue vanity.  The open storage area is designed to fit all your towels and soaps.

The blue herringbone backsplash is the focal point of this room.

Dusty Blue Bathroom VanityPin

This large double vanity is a beautiful light blue shade.  The stone countertop is home to his and her sinks.

A large window next to the bathtub provides sweeping views—what a wonderful place to soak and relax.

Pale Blue Bathroom VanityPin

This one-piece ceramic counter and sink are quite unusual.  It sits atop the electric blue vanity.  The unusual material of this vanity and counter makes for quite a striking design element.

Dark Blue Bathroom Vanity

Darker shades of blue give a more elegant and regal feel to your bathroom.  They are suited to larger bathrooms where there is ample space.

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Blue Bathroom Vanity Paint ColorPin

These older cabinets have been painted navy blue.  This simple coat of paint gave this old bathroom a quick new look.

Dark Blue Bathroom Vanity 1Pin

A large sink is atop the floating blue vanity.  There is also a thin matching cupboard next to the shower.  The shower is the room’s focal point, with the pale blue tiles and lighting giving a feeling of being underwater.

Navy Blue Bathroom VanityPin

This is quite an unusual single sink bathroom vanity.  The wooden sink is next to the navy vanity.

Royal Blue Bathroom VanityPin

This contemporary bathroom has a feeling of lowing water.  A white porcelain sink is on top of the multi-toned vanity.  

Double Vanity

Double sinks mean no sharing, no sharing of space or mess.  I am sure having separate sinks has saved many relationships.

Blue Bathroom Vanity IdeasPin

I really like the shade of blue used in this double bathroom vanity.  The floating vanity has two vessel sinks with plenty of storage below for towels and toiletries.

Light Blue Bathroom VanityPin

A double integrated sink is set into the floating vanity.  The real star of the show is the incredible view from the floor to ceiling window.

Midnight Blue Bathroom VanityPin

Two sinks sit atop the natural marble counter.  The dark blue vanity features a double door cabinet with side storage for towels.

Powder Blue Bathroom VanityPin

This huge bathroom features an unusual charcoal gray bathtub and a large double sink vanity.  With plenty of room for toiletries and under sink storage, this modern bathroom has many styles.

Teal Blue Bathroom VanityPin

I snuck this bathroom in for the view.  The blue walls and large mirror look amazing, but it is the view that takes your breath away.

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Single Vanity

In a small bathroom or guest bathroom, you may not have a lot of space.  A single bathroom vanity can be used when space is at a premium.

30 Inch Blue Bathroom VanityPin

This single vanity has an integrated sink and double cabinet doors.  The medicine cabinet also provides storage.

Blue Bathroom Vanity PaintedPin

This small bathroom packs a lot of items into a small space.  All bathroom essentials are included.  

Gray Blue Bathroom VanityPin

This large slate blue under-mount sink vanity feature two large drawers and cupboards.  The countertop is Carrara marble and has plenty of space for toiletries and accessories.

Grey Blue Bathroom VanityPin

This simple gray-blue vanity has a single integrated sink.  Its simple lines and construction make it ideal for a quick bathroom remodel.

Slate Blue Bathroom VanityPin

This blue painted single vanity has a quartz countertop and an under-mount sink.  The large vanity has a solid wood frame and plenty of storage for all your towels and toiletries.

Small Blue Bathroom VanityPin

This unusually shaped top-mounted sink tops a small electric blue single bathroom vanity.  Designed for a tiny bathroom, the blue adds energy and a feeling of space.

Blue is a versatile and fun color for your single or double bathroom vanity. A beautiful vanity will be the star of any bathroom remodel. I hope these vanity sets give you some new ideas for blue bathroom vanity.