Gray Kitchen Ideas (20 Incredible Designs)

Gray is an under-appreciated color in kitchens. There’s a good reason for that: besides the fact that it can be found in every room of the home, gray tends to be a neutral shade that allows you to make your own style statements. That same neutral quality makes it the perfect color for a variety of kitchen accessories, from cabinets and tile to refrigerator and flooring. 

With gray kitchens becoming the new neutral, it’s time to get a little creative with your color choices. Check out the ways designers are getting more gray in the kitchen.


Modern Gray Kitchens

To make your home feel more modern, stylish, and approachable, choose a color that conveys all of the things you love about yourself. Your kitchen can look this way too! With gray cabinets, a white countertop, and flooring, and light gray walls with some artwork and accessories to jazz it up, this color scheme allows you to express your personality.

Agreeable Gray KitchenPin

It is a modern, clean look with a contemporary touch. The flat modern cabinets and functional design will give your kitchen the look of new and trendy. This style has a great capacity and lots of storage space so that you can organize all your kitchen needs in an organized way. The countertop is made of solid wood, and it is very durable and long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

Blue And Gray KitchenPin

This modern kitchen features clean lines, a unique color scheme, and the perfect balance of teal and light wood tones. The open layout is perfect for creating a casual yet homey feel. The countertop design allows you to choose the ideal layout for your cooking needs.

Dark Gray KitchenPin

It’s time to upgrade your kitchen, but where to start? With modern gray kitchens, you can change everything about your décor and still maintain a classic vibe. This modern kitchen design is perfect for any style of decor. It features a contemporary countertop that matches the wide-open cabinets, giving you the freedom to layer in your favorite appliances.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets PaintedPin

The countertop makes a statement in the kitchen and enhances the entire look of the space. The cabinets are stylishly designed to match the countertop and add a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

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Kitchens with Gray Backsplash

A grey kitchen backsplash can go a long way towards making your kitchen feel more like home. The possibilities for what to use it for are almost endless, from creating a calming ambiance in the kitchen to making it stand out from the rest of your space.

Gray Kitchen Backsplash IdeasPin

This ultra-slick, ultra-functional charcoal gray surface will do the trick. The smooth matte finish makes it easy to clean, while the nonporous surface is easy to install and helps a high level of durability.

Gray Kitchen BacksplashPin

The dark gray backsplash tiles are a unique way to bring style to your kitchen. With its minimalist design, it will create a platform for the rest of your kitchen decor. This tile comes in large format, so you can make sure that the color will perfectly match with other elements of your home.

Gray Kitchen WallsPin

I’m not really a fan of the typical kitchen backsplash. It’s typically made of a pressed ceramic tile, which can be pretty boring. However, I love the look of an old-fashioned slate tile backsplash! It gives your kitchen a vintage feel, and it doesn’t require any maintenance or cleaning, making it perfect for those who aren’t super handy.

Light Gray KitchenPin

This gray kitchen backsplash will help you bring your home decor to the next level. It is perfect for a modern look and will make any minimalist kitchen shine. This subway tile is made of ceramic and has an elegant appearance that goes well with any color scheme.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray cabinets are a great way to update your home’s look with an understated, modern appeal. The grayscale kitchen ideas with white accents give any kitchen a clean and stylish feel.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets FarmhousePin

Modern kitchen cabinets have come a long way since the days of matching glass doors and stainless steel appliances. Now, they are sleek, clean lines with interesting shapes and unique colors. They add drama to your everyday cooking and baking with their ability to breathe new life into your kitchen. Don’t forget to choose a cabinet that’s practical for storing all of your kitchen essentials.

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Gray Kitchen Ideas Color CombosPin

Create a stylish kitchen with gray color cabinets. Use the brushed steel to highlight the brand new appliances, and choose neutral colors to keep your kitchen sophisticated and modern. The furniture can be combined with other styles, such as the silver granite countertops.

Gray Kitchen IdeasPin

Gray kitchen cabinets, a design that is both functional and stylish. The combination of neutral colors makes the gray cabinets look modern and fresh. It is a perfect choice for those who like to change their home’s style from time to time.

Gray KitchenPin

The gray cabinets are perfect for your kitchen. It’s stylish and fresh. The bright color of the kitchen will bring a warm atmosphere to your home.

Kitchen Islands

What’s the best way to make your kitchen space look bigger? To make the room look bigger and more functional, you have to add some style. The kitchen island is a great way to open up a small space visually, and it can be used for storage. A great choice if you have limited room in your kitchen but still want a functional spot for storing food prep items and cooking utensils.

Brown And Gray KitchenPin

The kitchen island brings a fresh new look to your kitchen. A beautiful, elegant design, it is sure to be the centerpiece of your home’s decor. The stone top features a range for cooking. The matching cabinet features two doors for practical use of plate storage and an additional shelf for extra storage options.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets With GranitePin

The kitchen island is a fixture in the kitchen for a reason: It’s one of the best spots to create a functional space, but it also provides an excellent spot to display some beautiful objects. This stylish kitchen island features a natural wood finish for durability as well as storage.

Gray Kitchen Decorating IdeasPin

A stylish way to organize and display your kitchen essentials. The island features a deep storage area and two drawers for all the things you love to keep on hand.

Gray Kitchen IslandPin

When you need a place to put everything, a kitchen island is a place for it. A stylish and functional piece that will help make any room in your kitchen look amazing.

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Modern Gray KitchenPin

In a kitchen full of new shapes and designs, this island stands out by providing an old-fashioned sense of style. The low, round top helps to focus on the stove or sink while seamlessly blending with the rest of the kitchen’s decor. High-quality material and construction ensure durability that will last for years to come.

Gray Kitchen With White Walls

White is an absolute classic. It’s the most versatile color for kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. But white can feel a little sterile. With a gray kitchen, you can make your kitchen look more interesting and unique with warm greys and blues that feel more natural than their icy white counterparts. The light walls and white tile give the room a bright look while also making it easy to keep clean.

Gray Kitchen CabinetsPin

You’ll love it because it’s simple and elegant. The white walls create a light, airy space, and the light kitchen cabinets mimic the look of drawers or pantry shelves in an antique kitchen. The modern sink features a seamless front, which gives it a sleek look.

Gray Kitchen CountertopsPin

Who said white kitchens need to be monochromatic? If you’re ready to break out of the boring white, try the gray kitchen instead. Combined with black appliances and black-and-white tile, it looks sleek and stylish yet will still go with various colors.

Gray Kitchen TablePin

The warm, inviting feel of a gray kitchen is a great addition to any home. Gray is a safe, neutral color that brings an air of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen. It’s the perfect color for making your kitchen look modern and clean without being too trendy or too fussy.

White And Gray KitchenPin

If you’re a minimalist at heart, this might be the kitchen of your dreams. The simple and basic white appliances and walls are the perfect backdrops to let colorful accessories really pop. A coordinating patterned countertop or backsplash can add depth and dimension to space while taking it from plain to trendy to stylish in an instant.

The kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. It is where we entertain, cook, and do all our daily tasks. A gray kitchen is perfect for an elegant look that will make your home feel lively and inviting to everyone who enters it.