Black and White Kitchen (31 Bold Designs)

In our house, we can never agree on color schemes.  I like bold colors and patterns, and my wife likes more muted pastels.  So when it came time to remodel our kitchen, we decided to compromise and choose a black and white kitchen design.  

Black and white is always a popular choice for designers.  With so many choices, you can really make a statement.


Black Cabinets

Black cabinetry looks amazing and can add depth and weight to your kitchen.  Below we have five kitchens showing the different looks that can be achieved. 

Black Kitchen Cabinets Marble CountersPin

The bold backsplash perfectly complements these matte black cabinets.  The white streak reminds me of a bolt of lightning that brings electricity to the cooking area.

This style is matched on the large kitchen island that has an unusual double facing sink.

Black Kitchen Cabinets White ApartmentPin

The stainless steel appliances and countertops highlight the black cabinets.  The stovetop is located on the island, making this an ideal place to prepare and eat meals.

Black Kitchen Cabinets White KitchenPin

Many are going on in this design: both black and white cabinets, wooden counters, and concrete islands.  I particularly like the light fixtures.  

All these elements come together as a modern rustic kitchen.

Black Kitchen Cabinets White WallsPin

The glossy black cabinet doors stand out against the white walls and wooden counters.  

Black Kitchen CabinetsPin

The black charcoal cabinets draw attention to the lovely herringbone tile backsplash.  This style appeals to me ad I love touches like herringbone tiles.

White Cabinets

White cabinetry adds light and brings a clean, fresh feel into your kitchen.  Below we have five kitchens showing the versatility of this decor.

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Black Kitchen Counters With White CabinetsPin

This kitchen is bright and modern.  The black countertops and refrigerator contrast the white cabinets. The glass backsplashes add to this ultra-clean and modern look.

Black Kitchen With White CabinetsPin

This apartment is very white (I bet no kids live here).  The entire kitchen is pure white with the black island and accent above the cabinets in black.

Black Kitchen With White Kitchen CabinetsPin

This is one of my favorite kitchens on this list.  The black floor and walls are offset by the white cabinets and wood counters and table.  This room blends this living space into the view outside with the plants and large windows.

Large Kitchen With White Kitchen CabinetsPin

This is another modern apartment.  The white marble tile floor is extended up to the countertop.  The white cabinets are built into the black wall.

Small Kitchen With White Kitchen CabinetsPin

This small kitchenette has a mix of wood and white cabinetry.  

Black Countertops

Black countertops are a popular choice these days, especially with the availability of black appliances.  Here are five examples to show the versatility of these designs.

Black CountertopsPin

The glossy counters reflect the thin offset tiles of the backsplash.  The white, painted walls draw your eyes to the window.

Black Island and Kitchen CountertopsPin

The black quartz worktop is a practical and beautiful addition to this room.  The island can be moved to make more room or as a serving surface for guests.

Black Kitchen Countertop With SinkPin

The two sinks are set into a black island countertop that is raised slightly from the cabinetry.  This modern look is a style that I really like.

White Kitchen Black Counter and IslandPin

I am excited to see some more herringbone tiling in this farmhouse kitchen.  Black is used on the counters, rangehood, island, and window frames, and they all look amazing.  The light star of the show is the lighting fixtures for this farmhouse kitchen.

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White Kitchen Black CountertopsPin

The black countertops are extended up the wall as the backsplash for this small apartment kitchen.  This design adds depth and a feeling of space to this small area.

White Countertops

White countertops are a popular choice if you want a bright and clean kitchen.  Available in many different materials, they are a great combo for your kitchen.

White Kitchen Countertop Black And White BacksplashPin

This pure white counter reflects the natural light from the large window.  The small indoor herb garden adds a nice splash of color to the room.

White Kitchen Countertop Black And White CabinetsPin

This is a wider view of the same kitchen.  White counters highlight the black and white checkerboard backsplash and the black cooktop.

White Kitchen Countertop Black CooktopPin

All white counter highlights the black stovetop and utensils.  The white theme is continued with the brick bond tile backsplash.

White Kitchen Countertops Black TilePin

This brick bond backsplash is a charcoal gray, and the counter is a white laminate.  The various jars and accessories follow this two-color scheme.

White Kitchen Countertops Large WindowPin

The white counters and walls give this kitchen an open and airy feel.  This is helped by the large window that lets in abundant natural light.  This is a perfect kitchen for preparing a hearty breakfast.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are great. Instead of preparing food while facing the wall, you can talk to your family and friends around the island.  I am so glad we included a large one in our remodel.

Black Kitchen Large Black Kitchen IslandPin

This long black kitchen island looks incredible against the hardwood floor.  This is definitely a kitchen for entertaining while you are preparing your meal.

Kitchen Black Kitchen IslandPin

This kitchen island has plenty of space for preparation and dining.  The large tv on the wall means this family spends a lot of time here.

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Small Kitchen With Black Kitchen IslandPin

Maybe this is not an island but a table that can double as a food preparation area.  This small kitchenette doubles as a dining area.

Kitchen With White Kitchen IslandPin

The white kitchen island is extended with a wooden eating area.  A long thin kitchen like this is the perfect design for entertaining.

White Kitchen Black Kitchen IslandPin

The real star of this modern kitchen is the floor to ceiling window.  With its large food preparation area and black faucet, the large kitchen island is all black.

White Kitchen Large Black Kitchen IslandPin

This may be my dream kitchen. The enormous black and white island have so much room for food preparation and seating—what a perfect place to prepare and serve an amazing weekend brunch.

Black and White Backsplash

These five backsplash ideas all use black and white in different ways.

Black and White Check Kitchen BacksplashPin

With its simple checkerboard design, this backsplash looks amazing in this small kitchen.  

Black and White Mosaic Kitchen BacksplashPin

The irregular pattern set against the gray brick bond tiles delivers a stunning look.  This pattern is the focal point of the room.

Black and White Patterned Kitchen BacksplashPin

With its floral pattern, this backsplash adds a touch of elegance to this kitchen.  It fits perfectly into the black and white theme.

Black and White patterns Kitchen BacksplashPin

Here is another organic pattern used in the backsplash.  This is contrasted by the inverted pattern on the refrigerator door.  This makes for quite a striking look.

Black and White Tile Kitchen BacksplashPin

Lastly, we have another simple black and white checkerboard tiled backsplash.  I love this simple design, and I will be pushing for this when we make some changes in our kitchen.

With so many options and different kitchen design elements, a black and white kitchen is a great choice.  We are delighted with our kitchen and still enjoying it after many years.