Small Kitchen Ideas (21 Small Bold Designs)

They say ” good things come in small packages,” which is definitely the case for small kitchen ideas.  You don’t need a lot of space to design and create a beautiful modern kitchen.

Below are some of our favorite small kitchen designs.  


Small Kitchen Layouts

If you are trying to fit your kitchen into a small space, the design is key.  Planning your available real estate to squeeze the most functionality into your kitchen.

Small Kitchen Galley LayoutPin

Here we have a perfect example of a galley kitchen.  The entire kitchen is set against a single wall space.  This leaves space for food preparation and a small table for eating.

Small U Shaped KitchenPin

A U-Shaped kitchen makes use of a smaller but wider area.  In this white kitchen, we have the sink and refrigerator on opposite sides.  The cooktop and range hood are against the far wall.  This leaves plenty of space to move around while preparing the meals.

Small Kitchen With Small Kitchen IslandPin

We have a perfect example of a galley kitchen with a small kitchen island used to prepare and eat.  The white painted brickwork doubles as a backsplash.

Small Kitchen Apartments

When you live in an apartment, you know that space is limited.  So how do you get the most out of your small apartment kitchen?  

Small Apartment Black KitchenPin

This black L-Shaped kitchen looks out onto an amazing view. The end of the countertop doubles as a dining table to make the most of the limited space.  Black cabinet doors provide a striking contrast to the white walls.

Small Apartment Galley KitchenPin

White is a great color to use when you are trying to make a small space look bigger.  In this kitchen, the white cabinet doors and table add light and a sense of space.

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Small Apartment Kitchen With IslandPin

In a tiny one-room apartment, you need to make the best use of space.  This tiny kitchenette features a small island that doubles as the food preparation and dining area.  

Small Apartment KitchenPin

The use of gray in the backsplash matches the range hood and the fridge.  Also, the wooden countertop is a match for the wood floor.

Small Kitchen For ApartmentPin

The unusual counter next to the range is at a lower level than the other countertops.  Even though this kitchen is small, there is plenty of counter space for preparation. 

Small Kitchen Ideas on A Budget

If you are on a budget, you can still have an amazing small kitchen remodel.   

Budget Conscious Small Kitchen Pin

The addition of the stainless steel appliances elevated this kitchen.  The cabinets have been repainted to give them a new lease of life.

Small Budget KitchenPin

A tiny kitchen can still be functional.  There is a sink, stove, and cooktop fitted into this small space.  There is still ample counter space in this tiny kitchen.

Small Kitchen on a BudgetPin

This loft kitchen takes up a small area of the living space.  Making the most of an amazing view, the floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the dining area in natural light.  White cabinets are topped by wooden countertops that complement the wood floors.

Small Kitchen With Herringbone TilePin

The blue herringbone tile backsplash brings a feeling of space to this small area, white kitchen cabinets adding to the room’s light and airy feel.

Modern Small Kitchens

Using modern design principles will elevate your small kitchen design.  From modern appliances to statement lighting, there are thousands of choices.

Modern Small Attic KitchenPin

Adding a dash of color to this white kitchen turns a drab room into something to be proud of.  The tile backsplash extends up to the sloping roof of the attic.

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Modern Small Curved KitchenPin

Following the curve of the rear wall, this small kitchen makes great use of space.  The window above the sink helps the feeling of space as this kitchen is very cramped.

Modern Small Kitchen Black CountertopPin

The modern kitchen appliances and counter that doubles as a dining area make good use of the limited real estate.  The white subway tile backsplash is a classic look that never goes out of style.  Light is supplied by the single glass pendant light above the island.

Modern Small Kitchen White CountertopPin

With white countertops and gray cabinets, this bright kitchen makes perfect use of the small space.  The rangehood provides the space with light.  

Modern Small Wooden KitchenPin

I really like the light wood of the countertops and upper cabinets.  The natural hardwood floors, along with the wood countertop, give a rustic feel.

Very Small Kitchen Ideas

How small is small?  When your space is minimal, you need to pack as much into the small space as possible.

Below are some ideas for your tiny kitchen.

Tiny Kitchen With PlantsPin

Using shelves instead of cabinets can save space and also look great.  Storage space is limited in this kitchen, with the wall shelves used for crockery and pans.

Tiny KitchenPin

Your kitchen sink doesn’t need to be large to be functional.  This small sink doesn’t take up much space but is still enough for a few dishes and cleaning.

Very Small KitchenPin

This small sink looks out the window with the oven and microwave in the wall next to it.  With very little space, you need to get creative where you place built-in appliances.

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Very Small Wooden KitchenPin

A tiny kitchen for a tiny house.  When space is limited, you don’t need full-sized appliances.  A smaller fridge and cooktop are all that is need for this small space.

We hope you have enjoyed these kitchen designs and small kitchen decorating ideas.  Whether you have a fixer-upper project or are just looking to install a breakfast nook, big is not always better.