Revitalize Your Kitchen: Trending Cabinet Colors of the Year!

Hey friends! It’s Amanda here again to chat about one of my favorite topics – bringing color into your home. Today, we’re focusing on the heart of your home – the kitchen! 

Kitchens have a reputation for being bland, with safe white and wooden cabinets ruling most designs. But your kitchen should reflect your unique personality. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color to make this space yours! 

In this post, we’ll explore how cabinet colors can transform the look and feel of your kitchen. I’ll share some classic hues with timeless appeal, plus bold and beautiful shades that make a statement. We’ve got dreamy pastels for those seeking a calm oasis, too. And if you’re feeling dramatic, I’ll show you how to embrace the moody side with dark kitchen cabinets. 

The Transformational Power of Color in Kitchen Design

Think about the feeling you want to evoke in your kitchen. Cozy and welcoming? Sleek and modern? Playful and cheery? The cabinets set the foundation for the room’s ambiance. Color is one of the most potent tools for instantly transforming the look and mood of your space.

kitchen cabinet colors

Painting the cabinets can dramatically impact without a complete renovation or replacing them. Look at this kitchen makeover using a bold navy blue on the base cabinets! The blue pops against the crisp white uppers, creating a coastal chic vibe. Accessorizing touches like the wood accents, brass hardware, and white subway tile backsplash complete the new look.

So don’t settle for boring. Unleash the possibilities with color! Let it reflect your personality and enhance the atmosphere you want for cooking, gathering, and living.

Why Color Matters in the Kitchen

Beyond aesthetics, color can affect us psychologically and physiologically. This is especially true in a space like the kitchen where we spend so much active time. Consider how color choices impact the form and function of your kitchen.

Modern kitchen with navy blue kitchen cabinets

Mood Enhancer

Color sets the emotional tone of a room. Warm hues like reds, oranges, and yellows evoke warmth, energy, and cheer. They stimulate appetite and socialization. Cool tones like blues, greens, and purples create a more relaxing mood. They can even suppress appetite. Choose colors to match the ambiance you want for cooking and gathering. Do you want an inviting space for family meals or a calming oasis from daily stresses? 

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Cohesive Design 

A harmonious color scheme combines the whole room for a complete look. Consider how the kitchen ties in with surrounding living areas. Using complementary hues in connected spaces creates cohesiveness. Start with wall colors and then choose cabinet shades that coordinate. Tying rooms together leads to a more unified flow in open floor plans.

Now, look at classic cabinet color choices that will stand the test of time!

Red kitchen cabinets

Classic Cabinet Colors and Their Timeless Appeal

Some shades just always stay in style. They add elegance and versatility to your kitchen design. Here are a few top contenders:

All-White Kitchens 

The crisp, clean elegance of white cabinets makes them a top choice year after year. Their light reflective quality makes small kitchens appear more spacious. White is a neutral background that works beautifully with any countertop and backsplash materials. From subway tiles to marble, you can mix and match with ease. Add warmth with wood accents and brass hardware for a fresh, contemporary twist. Or go for vintage charm with ceramic knobs.

White kitchen Cabinets

Timeless Gray 

Of all the neutral tones, gray reigns supreme in versatility. Gray cabinets pair effortlessly with colors from neutral beiges and browns to eye-popping hues like turquoise or orange. Balance light and dark shades to get the look you crave. For example, try darker lowers with soft gray uppers. Gray looks equally at home in modern and traditional kitchens, giving you flexibility.

Natural Woodgrain Beauty

Natural wood never goes out of favor. The rich, organic textures and grains unique to each species add irresistible warmth. Stains allow you to customize the tone from light and airy to deep espresso. Open shelving offers a great way to highlight beautiful woodgrain. Mixing wood species, like walnut base cabinets with oak uppers, creates a captivating contrast.

Let’s switch gears and talk about…

White and Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Bold and Beautiful: Making a Statement with Color

Want to add an exciting pop of personality to your kitchen? Here are some eye-catching ways to pump up the volume with vibrant cabinet colors:

Ocean Blue 

From soft powdery blues to dramatic navy, blue kitchens are anything but cold. Blue has a calming yet cheerful vibe. Match paler blues with warm metallic accents like brass for a beach house look. Or pair navy with black stainless steel for contemporary flair. Crisp whites complement blues perfectly.

Ocean Blue Cabinets

Lush Greens

Vibrant green cabinets make every meal feel like a celebration! Dark hunter-greens have an elegant, moody richness. Pair them with brass fixtures and marble for upscale traditional styling. Try light minty greens with white countertops and gold accessories for a fresh look. 

Sunny Yellows

Wake up to sunshine every morning with cheerful yellow cabinets! They instantly brighten any space. Yellow works beautifully with white for a crisp, clean cottage kitchen. Or pair it with dark, dramatic colors like charcoal for a funky contrast. Stainless steel, black, or brass hardware enhances sunny yellow cabinets.

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Pretty Pinks

From blush to fuchsia, pink cabinets add playful charm anywhere. Soft pinks feel romantic and feminine paired with light marbles and chrome. Do you want to make a bold statement? Opt for neon pink bases with black uppers and accents for whimsical contrast.

However you use them, vibrant colors make it impossible to ignore your kitchen! Next up…

Pastal kitchen cabinets

Pastel Dreams: Soft Tones for a Calm Kitchen

Do you crave a kitchen with a peaceful aura? Soft pastel cabinets can help you unwind from your busy days with their soothing vibe. Here are some dreamy hues to inspire:

Lavender Whimsy

Who says purple is just for little girls’ rooms? A light lilac or lavender instantly infuses your kitchen with a peaceful refuge. Pair with brass fixtures, wood accents, and marble for timeless elegance. White countertops keep things fresh and clean. Lavender is ideal for creating your dream cottage kitchen.

Modern kitchen with mint green kitchen cabinets

Minty Fresh

There’s nothing quite as rejuvenating as a mint-green kitchen! Mint may be pale, but it has plenty of presence. Use it on lower cabinets to anchor the room. Then pair with brighter whites up top and gold accents for a chic contrast. Try open shelving to highlight beautiful vintage dishware.

Healing Hues

Relax in a kitchen dressed in soothing sky blues and misty seafoams. These restorative shades summon images of drifting clouds and clear skies. Combine soft blue lowers with crisp white uppers and butcher block counters for beach house style. Or go bold with cobalt blue bases and neutral uppers.

Two Tone distressed cabinets

Want to stir up some kitchen drama? Let’s go dark…

Dark and Dramatic: Embrace the Moodiness 

Dark cabinet colors make an intriguing statement in the kitchen. They create cozy, intimate spaces that feel like romantic hidden sanctuaries. Here are some stimulating shades to consider:

Sultry Black

Black cabinets provide the perfect backdrop for displaying vividly colored cookware and dishes. Go for an eclectic look, combining black bases with bold glass tiles. Or try black uppers with crisp white lowers and butcher block islands for a striking contrast. Matte black hardware and vintage accents add an industrial edge.

Spicy Red

Who says red is only for Valentine’s Day? Dramatic crimson or garnet cabinets add depth and passion to any kitchen. Red feels rich and luxurious paired with darker metals like antique bronze hardware. Mix red lower cabinets with sleek black uppers and stainless steel appliances for a contemporary edge.

kitchen with red kitchen cabinets

Mysterious Grays

If black feels too heavy, try a dark charcoal or slate gray. These sophisticated neutrals add subtle depth and dimension. Contrast with light walls and natural wood or concrete countertops to keep things visually intriguing. Bronze hardware warms up cooler dark grays beautifully.

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Want to mix things up? Keep reading for… 

Mix and Match: Combining Colors for a Unique Twist

Two-toned kitchen cabinets open up so many possibilities for creating a custom look. Here are a few ways to mix and match cabinet colors:

Contrasting Uppers & Lowers

One of the most popular techniques is choosing one color for uppers and a different lower hue. For example, you might pair navy blue bases with crisp white uppers. Or go for light gray uppers and moody charcoal lower cabinets. The contrast between the top and bottom immediately creates visual interest.

Statement Island

Make your kitchen island grab attention by giving it an eye-catching paint color. For example, try a bright orange island against subdued gray and white cabinets. Or design a captivating black island providing a bold contrast to light cabinetry. Use that island color to introduce other accent shades.

kitchen with navy blue lower cabinets and white upper cabinets

Matching Tones 

Rather than stark contrasts, you can combine cabinets in shades along the same color family for subtle interest. Let’s go for light sky-blue uppers with deeper navy blue lowers. Or pair muted olive green bases with vivid lime green uppers. Just be sure tones complement rather than compete.

The finishing touch? Choosing the perfect hardware and accents to enhance your cabinets with…

Finishing Touches: Hardware & Accents to Complement Cabinet Colors

Hardware makes a significant impact. Select materials and finishes that complete your kitchen’s overall style:

Warm Metallics

Warm metals like bronze, copper, and brass add a welcoming, upscale touch. Brass hardware paired with black cabinets and marble countertops evokes glamorous luxury. For farmhouse charm, try rubbed bronze with oak cabinets.

farmhouse kitchen with oak cabinets and bronze hardware

Sleek Modern Metals 

Choose matte black, silver, or stainless steel hardware if you love contemporary style. Any of these metals complement counters like quartz or concrete. Matte black hardware on navy blue cabinets lends a modern edge, while brushed steel warms cool gray tones.

Vintage Appeal

Ceramic and glass knobs offer endless variety to match any retro motif. Try molded white porcelain or acid-etched glass knobs on pastel cabinets. Colored glass knobs also introduce pops of accent hues. Or go for “wood” ceramic knobs on natural wood cabinets. Vintage hardware never fails to add that charming antique flair.

As you begin planning your dream kitchen, remember there are no limits. Let your inner artist run free and create a space with your unique personality. Color is the easiest way to transform any kitchen. Test samples to find the perfect hues, then make it yours!