Blue Kitchen Cabinets (20+ Exciting Designs)

Are you bored with your plain white kitchen?  Tired of the wood cabinets and white walls?  Blue is not the first color I think of when discussing new kitchens, but it is an excellent option.  Blue kitchen cabinets look great with many color schemes.

With so many shades of blue, we have assembled some popular ideas for your new kitchen design.  


Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Light blue tones bring light and freshness into your kitchen.  This shade of blue works well with white and wooden surfaces.

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets FarmhousePin

There are several blue tones used in this gorgeous kitchen.  The cabinets are a light sky blue with an even lighter shade on the light fixture and accessories.

This is a wonderful example of using multiple blues in a single room.

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets ModernPin

Here we have a nice example of the combination of wooden countertops with blue cupboards.  The clean lines of the counters extend down to the wooden floors.

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets Paint ColorsPin

This small apartment kitchen is bright and clean with light blue cabinets and white backsplash.  These simple yet elegant design ideas will never go out of style.

Light Blue Kitchen CabinetsPin

White countertop and aqua blue cabinets energize this kitchen.  This simple kitchen is bathed in natural light.  With a strong feeling of summer, I would love to cook in this kitchen.

Navy Blue Cabinets

While light blues give your kitchen light and energy, darker blues are elegant and calming.  Some of these shades may be a bit lighter than a traditional navy blue, but you don’t want to go too dark in your kitchen.

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Navy Blue Kitchen CabinetPin

The deep blue of the walls and lower cabinets are accented by the gray upper cabinets and kitchen island.  

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets FarmhousePin

This small modern kitchen has wood cabinets surrounded by dark blue shelves and a kitchen island.  The two-tone design works well with the large window providing ample light for food preparation. 

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets ModernPin

The small older style of this kitchen has painted cabinets with a deep blue color.  This highlights the wooden frames and countertops.  An inexpensive kitchen upgrade that looks incredible.

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets Paint ColorsPin

Another combination of blue and white cabinets in this modern apartment kitchen.  I like the deeply textured look of the blue paint against the white countertops.

Midnight Blue Cabinets

Midnight blue is an even darker blue tone.  Natural wood finishes soften the tones..

Fusion Midnight Blue Kitchen CabinetsPin

Dark wood floors and the dark blue cabinetry give this kitchen a rustic style feel.  This farmhouse style kitchen is part of an open-plan apartment.

Midnight Blue Kitchen CabinetPin

The butcher block countertops perfectly complement the cabinets in this kitchen. The upper wooden cabinets complement the dark built-ins.   

Midnight Blue Kitchen Cabinets CupboardsPin

The dark blue cabinets perfectly frame the white color backsplash.  With the Island doubling as the food preparation and eating area, this high-rise apartment kitchen is a popular kitchen space. 

Midnight Blue Kitchen Cabinets Paint ColorsPin

With the herringbone flooring, wood and blue are perfectly mixed in this kitchen.  The wood counters are extended to a small dining table.

Slate Blue Cabinets

Slate gray is a combination of blue and gray shades.  It is another stylish and elegant choice for your kitchen decor.

Dark Slate Blue Kitchen CabinetsPin

This is an exciting design.  The contrast of the gray upper cabinets and appliances adds depth and character against the blue cabinets and backsplash.

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Light Slate Blue Kitchen CabinetsPin

With so much natural light, this kitchen would look amazing whatever color was chosen.  The slate blue looks almost sky blue with all of the light flowing in.  This is an excellent combination of blue and white.

Slate Blue Kitchen Cabinets PaintedPin

Glamour is the style of this kitchen.  The blue and pink contrast each other perfectly.  A white tile backsplash adds an extra layer of texture to a room that is already oozing class.

Slate Blue Kitchen CabinetsPin

This is my favorite kitchen in this bunch.  The herringbone floor flows straight into the kitchen.  Marble countertops and backsplash add an extra layer of elegance.

If I could choose any of the kitchens on this list, this would be the one.

Modern Blue Cabinets

Lastly, we are going to look at some cabinets that fit perfectly into modern kitchen designs.

Baby Blue Kitchen CabinetsPin

The blue paint color used allows the grain of the wood to be still visible.  This matches the countertops, which are perfect for this kitchen style.

Gray Blue Kitchen CabinetsPin

This kitchen has quite a view.  The high ceiling and skylight windows bath this open plan kitchen in natural light.  The white counters match the frame of the cabinets.

Grey Blue Kitchen CabinetsPin

Here we have another room with a view.  What a place this would be to spend time preparing meals for your friends and family.  The large windows and sloping roof frame the kitchen.

Modern Blue Kitchen CabinetsPin

The electric blue cabinets look incredible with the white countertops.  I really enjoy the modern light fixture that illuminates the entire kitchen.

If blue is the color of choice for your kitchen, you have many options.  From deep navy to lighter shades, there are many blue kitchen ideas.