Bedroom Colors and Mood (Color Psychology)

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt different?  Maybe you felt a surge of energy or completely relaxed.  It probably doesn’t surprise you that there is a link between bedroom colors and mood.  

Today, we look at how your color choice can affect your mood and what color scheme you should use to elicit your desired moods.


Purple (Soothing and Creative)

Purple is a bold color choice for your bedroom.  It is a soothing and creative color that has been known to spark people’s imagination.  If you are looking for inspiration and wisdom, purple is a good choice.  Here are two purple bedrooms.

Purple Bedroom DesignPin

The mixture of purple tones in the wall, bedding, and rug provide a soothing bedroom experience.  With three round windows, the room has a nautical vibe.

The lighter purples of the bedding and rug contrast the wooden floor.

Purple Bedroom IdeasPin

The darker purples of this bedroom have a much more intense feel.  The dark purple accent wall extends up from the bed head and continues in the ceiling.  

Gray (Wisdom and Stability)

Gray is a color that symbolizes wisdom, intellect, stability, and compromise.  If you cant decide on a color scheme, then gray is a popular choice.

Dark Gray BedroomPin

The dark charcoal gray of the walls is softened by the lighter gray shade of the bedding.  A wooden feature wall behind the bed brings a much needed natural color.

The reading chair and lamp add to the feeling of wisdom and intellect.

Light Gray BedroomPin

This bedroom is a lighter shade of gray (now I have that song in my head).  With multiple shades of gray and the large window providing light, this room is bright and cheerful.

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Blue (Calm and Serenity)

Bedroom walls painted in blue evoke calm and serenity.  Light shades like pastel blue help calm and lower energy levels that can aid with sleep.

Bedroom Color BluePin

This bedroom makes me feel relaxed just looking at it.  For some reason, it reminds me of a late afternoon by the sea.  The blue wall is a cloudless sky, and I can imagine drifting off to sleep feeling relaxed and happy.

Blue Bedroom IdeasPin

The lighter shade of blue in this room reminds me of dusk.  With the dusty blue shade, the bed looks incredibly comfortable and inviting.  This is another room that is calm and serene.

Red (Passion and Energy)

Red gives me a feeling of energy and passion.  The color red has been used in bedrooms to infuse romance and power.

Red Bedroom DesignPin

This looks like a fun room.  Maybe not ideal for sleeping, this room is full of energy and drama.  The white bedding softens the energetic color of the walls.  This is the room to get your heart rate up!

Red Bedroom IdeasPin

The red and gray of this bedroom is more subdued.  The darker shades evoke less energy but still the same feeling of passion.  

White (Peaceful and Clean)

In western cultures, white symbolizes peacefulness and innocence.  We like white wedding dresses, white baby clothes, and white bedrooms.  White is often the color scheme used as it works in any home.

White Bedroom DecorPin

From the snow outside to the bleached wooden floorboards, it doesn’t get much whiter than this.  Apart from the splash of color from the plant, everything is creamy white.

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White Bedroom IdeasPin

It is a wonderful view that adds color to this pure white room.  With white walls, floors, and bedding, I don’t think you can have kids and a room like this.

Green (Healthy and Natural)

Green is the most common color in plants, so you won’t be surprised to hear it will bring a feeling of nature and health to your bedroom.  

Dark Green BedroomPin

The subdued olive green of the walls and the more striking emerald green of the begging is a perfect color combination.  These colors combine with a calming effect that in this bedroom decor.

Sage Green BedroomPin

The avocado green of the wall and the pillows’ lime green bring a vibrant energy to this room.  With the large window bathing, the room in natural light this room reminds me of springtime.

Brown (Strength and Reliability)

Using light brown in your bedroom envokes a feeling of reliability and calm strength.  The darker browns are a warmer bedroom paint color. 

Brown Bedroom IdeasPin

The light caramel brown of the walls, bedding, and floor combine for a cozy, sensual feeling in this space.  The herringbone style wooden floor adds a graceful movement to the room.

Brown Bedroom WallsPin

The darker brown walls of this room are warm and elegant.  The antique bed and accessories add creativity and refreshing quality to this space.

Pink (Love and Kindness)

Not just for little girls, pink is a stimulating color of love, kindness, and compassion.  If you are looking for a warmer color, it may be perfect for your bedroom.

Blush Pink BedroomPin

The shade of pink in this room is a warm and restful color.  The wall is complemented by the muted pastel tones of the bed fabric covers.  

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Pink Bedroom IdeasPin

The light pink and dark turquoise combine to bring depth to this room.  Combining the warm color of pink with the fabric’s dark color is a perfect bedroom color combination.

Yellow (Warm and Positive)

Yellow is another of nature’s abundant colors.  A yellow bedroom is a bright, warm room that evokes feelings of summer and hot weather.

Yellow Bedroom IdeasPin

The yellow walls with white dots deliver a fun and energetic boost to your morning mood.  This bright color idea is perfect for a child’s bedroom.

Yellow Bedroom WallsPin

A darker yellow still is a bright choice and promotes rest and creativity. The walls and bed bring warmth to the room.

Orange (Warm and Vibrant)

Like yellow, orange is a vibrant and warm color choice.  Perfect for your master bedroom, it is one of my favorite bedroom colors.

Coral Bedroom IdeasPin

This room feels like it is from an old Italian villa.  The rich terracotta walls and pots make you feel warm and comfortable.  The plants add a nice contrast with a feeling of a late summer evening.

Coral Bedroom WallsPin

More modern use of orange is shown in this large apartment master bedroom.  This calming color and ” be happy” message chases away all feelings of aggression.

As you can see, different colors evoke different moods.  Color psychology tells us that a color change can have physical effects like lowering your blood pressure.  Your bedroom colors and mood are more linked than you think.