Wood Bathroom Vanities (19 Fresh Design Ideas)

A few weeks ago, a family friend completed a full bathroom remodel.  We knew nothing about the project, and when they invited me over to take a look, I didn’t know what to expect.  I was expecting a standard white bathroom with matching vanities.  I was surprised to hear they had been looking for wood bathroom vanities and the results were spectacular.

The addition of a wooden bathroom vanity brought an unexpected style and natural feel to the room.  After seeing this incredible bathroom, we decided to investigate a range of wood vanity ideas.

Solid Wood

For many years real solid wood was put aside for more modern building materials.  In the past few years, solid wood has made a big comeback, and it is easy to see why.  Real wood brings authenticity and character to a bathroom in a way that some modern materials cant.

Modern Wooden Bathroom CabinetsPin

This beautiful solid hardwood vanity provides incredible contrast in this sleek gray bathroom.  The vessel sink sits atop the vanity that supplies ample storage for your bathroom essentials.  

A window above the mirror provides the natural light and makes the wood glow.

Rustic Wooden Bathroom CabinetsPin

Here we have another vessel sink atop a wood counter.  This bathroom has a more earthy feel with the addition of greenery from the many plants.  The frame on the vanity mirror matches the green.

Even though these first two bathrooms use wood vanities and gray walls, they couldn’t be more different.  This highlights the versatility of these materials.

Wooden Bathroom Cabinet Pin

The bathroom layout is quite an unusual shape, and the use of wood on the floors and walls makes the most of this space.  The shower and commode are set against the wooden floors and wall with the centerpiece, the floating wood vanity.  

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Wooden Bathroom Cabinet with MirrorPin

Here we see another floating vanity with a marble countertop.  Once again, the wood adds a natural feel to the room that otherwise may be too stark.  The marble surface and sleek lines of the vanity are perfect for this modern master bathroom.

Wooden Cabinets

The addition of cabinets to your bathroom provides much-needed storage space.  Solid wood has become more popular than particle board in the last few years as people improve their home’s look and feel.

Dark Wooden Bathroom VanityPin

This elegant bathroom has plenty of storage in these wooden bathroom cabinets.  The dark wood set against a distressed concrete wall provides a modern yet old-world feel.

This would be the ultimate gentleman’s bathroom.

Light Wooden Bathroom VanityPin

This older bathroom shows how long hardwood cabinets last.  With the rest of the bathroom looking a bit old, the cabinets still look fresh. 

It wouldn’t take too much effort to update this bathroom with new counters and sinks.

Small Wooden Bathroom VanityPin

From an older family bathroom to a brand new apartment bathroom.  This free-standing wooden vanity adds natural color to this ultra-modern and ultra white bathroom.

This solid wood vanity looks not only great but also provides much-needed storage space for this stunning white bathroom.

Wooden Bathroom Vanity IdeasPin

His and hers sinks sit atop this floating wood vanity.  The type of wood used is also used for the shower floor.  The rain forest shower actually looks out onto a tropical forest through the large floor to ceiling window.

Wooden Bathroom Vanity UnitPin

The use of wood for the floors, walls, and vanity makes this large bathroom a joy to behold.  I love the reading lamp next to the freestanding tub—what a perfect place to soak away the stress of the day.

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Double Sink Vanity

Double sink vanities are trendy for master bathrooms.  They make it much easier to share a single space (and much easier to tell who is making a mess). 

Dark Wood Bathroom VanityPin

There is a lot of space between the two sinks on this bench style counter.  The basins are set on either side of the window, providing plenty of countertop space.  

The wood backsplash behind the matches the wood used bathtub.  The only thing that is missing from this is a pair of mirrors above the basins.

Floating Wood Bathroom VanityPin

This bathroom makes the most of the tremendous view from this high rise apartment.  The double vanity has two small vessel sinks, but the show’s real star is the view.  

Light Wood Bathroom VanityPin

Here we have another tub with an amazing view.  Even though these two bathrooms use similar colors and materials, they have a very different feel.  The double bathroom vanity provides storage and function.

Both of these bathrooms would be a wonderful place to relax after a hard day in the city of the hustle and bustle.

Natural Wood Bathroom VanityPin

The clean lines of this solid wood vanity compliment the dark blue tile backsplash.  Although this is a simple design, it works perfectly.

Wood Bathroom Vanity TopPin

The wood tone of the flooring and the wood base of the counter soften the stark white of the rest of this bathroom.  This modern vanity suits the minimalist theme, with the large window bringing in natural light.

Single Sink Vanity

If you don’t have a two-sink double vanity space, there are still some amazing designs with single vanities.  

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Modern Wood Single Bathroom VanityPin

This is my favorite of the ultra-modern designs.  The floating wood vanity envelopes a single sink.  I have never seen a single vanity design like this before.

A matching wooden light fixture illuminates the vanity.

Modern Wood Bathroom Vanity_Pin

Made from a single piece of solid wood, the two shelves of this vanity look incredible.  I love that the designer kept the irregular shape and bark on the edge of each shelf.

The wooden backsplash and light fixture matches the floor tiles perfectly.  This Asian-style bathroom is another of my favorites, with the unusually shaped sink.

Rustic Wood Bathroom VanityPin

This rustic single bathroom vanity matches the distressed wood of the vanity with the stone of the basin.  The earthy, rustic feel reminds me of an Asian spa deep in some tropical rain forest.  

Single Sink Wood Bathroom VanityPin

A rectangular vessel sink tops this solid wood single bathroom vanity.  With four soft close drawers and a single cupboard, this vanity provides ample storage for this small bathroom.

Wood Bathroom VanityPin

Finally, we have another vessel sink atop a sold wood countertop and cabinet.  Making the best use of a small space, the vanity provides storage for all your bathroom essentials.  

With so many choices available for wood bathroom vanities, you are sure to come up with the perfect look for your home.  Whether you need a single bathroom vanity or double bathroom vanity, you can’t go wrong with a solid wood design.