Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

When I think of Farmhouse Kitchens I imagine a rustic cozy kitchen in some faraway part of the world.  For me, the farmhouse kitchen is the perfect match between food preparation and eating area.  Farmhouse kitchens are very popular in modern homes as they become a focal point for the family to gather.

Modern farmhouse kitchens need modern lighting fixtures.  Here are some modern farmhouse kitchen lighting ideas to inspire your kitchen.  

Types of Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

Pendant Light

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Pendant LightPin

These three pendant lights are a trendy style. They hang above the kitchen island that doubles as a food preparation and eating area.

These lights can be used alone for a more intimate feel or with the in roof lighting to provide a lot of light.

Exposed Bulbs

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Exposed BulbsPin

This combination of exposed light bulbs and clear glass shades give this kitchen a relaxed retro vibe.

The mix and match of modern bulbs with track lighting is one of my favorite lighting ideas.

Shaped Glass ShadeModern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Shaped ShadePin

The shaped glass on these pendant lights reminds me of a rock formation in a cave.  These shades perfectly fit with the stone countertops and tile mosaic of the backsplash.  

These incredible lights look like mini chandeliers and are a very popular style.

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Linear Chandelier

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Linear ChandelierPin

This linear chandelier with three vintage bulbs and metal fixtures light the sink and island area.  The metal light fixture matches the stove and range, which accent the clean white cabinets.

The use of antique bulbs with the caged glass shades make this light fixture a focal point of the room.

Crystal Chandelier

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Crystal ChandelierPin

I have never liked crystal chandeliers, and I don’t know why.  This chandelier looks good in this modern apartment. The bright lights and the modern interior design with the cloroful accents really work well together.

Vintage touch

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Vintage touchPin

These decorative wire pendant lights give this modern kitchen a vintage look.  The earthy tones and nueutral colors of the cabinets with the in cabinet lighting make this an inspired kitchen. 

The wire cage of the light fixtures make this one of the most popular lighting styles.

Metal Fixtures

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Metal FixturesPin

Metal light fixtures is a very popular lighting style.  This brass pendant light with the matching  brass cabinet fixtures provides a vintage look with modern flair.

Metal Pendant Lights


These large brass metal pendant lights match the color of the wood counter tops and contrast the blue pastel wall color.  

Clear Glass Shade

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Clear Glass ShadePin

The clear glass shades on these light fixtures are perfect for this kitchen.  They provide a symetrical look for this large kitchen.

Of all the kitchens here this is my favorite as it is large and full of natural light.

Painted Finish

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Painted FinishPin

I love everything about this kitchen.  The painted finish of the mini chandelier matched the neutral colors of the cabinets and the brick backsplash.

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The architectural features like the large range and huge island would make this kitchen a perfect place for entertaining.

Hanging Glass Lanterns


These classic hanging glass lanterns provide a vintage look to this modern farmhouse kitchen.  These light fixtures look great, however it can be tricky to change the light bulbs.

Lighting is especially important for you farmhouse kitchen as the kitchen becomes the heart of the house.  Whether you use track lighting, chain pendants or mini chandeliers, make sure they provide enough beautiful light for your family.

With all these lighting ideas please vote on your favorite modern farmhouse kitchen lighting fixture below.