10 Attic Bathroom Ideas

The most significant single cause of arguments in our family is bathroom time.  Our morning routine used to be an idyllic family breakfast, where we would discuss the upcoming day.  As our family grew and the kids got older, this pleasant time has changed to a cutthroat frenzy to see who can get their share of morning bathroom time.

Something had to change, and we had been using our attic for storage space. We decided to reuse this space and build an attic bathroom. The project was a big one as we had to add the attic plumbing. There are many attic bathroom ideas to discover.

Attic Bathroom IdeasPin

Did this rebalance our home and make us a family again?  Only time will tell, but it did have one unexpected effect that I will tell you about at the end of this post.

For inspiration, we looked at some interior design magazines and found some fantastic options.

Half Walls

Attic Bathroom Half Walls

Tiling the walls of your attic bathroom provides a great look and also helps with waterproofing. Tiling the full wall or half the wall.

Enclosed Shower

Attic Bathroom Enclosed ShowerPin

This bathroom with its enclosed shower and free standing bathtub makes use of the space in a long, thin attic area. The track lighting provides light at night with the skylights providing natural light during the day.

Sloped Ceiling

Attic Bathroom Sloped CeilingsPin

The sloped ceiling along with the blue mosaic provides incredible contrast. This tile mosaic also acts as a backsplash for the bathtub.

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Gray Bathroom

Attic Bathroom GrayPin

This ultra modern gray bathroom makes great use of the small space. The large mirror gives a sense that the room is much larger. The skylight provides some wonderful natural light.

Wood Tile

Attic Bathroom Wood Tile

The wood time and exposed wood of the roof gives a natural look to this bathroom. The large skylight provides the natural light for the vanity.

Modern Bathroom


I love the unusual shape of the free standing bathtub in this incredible bathroom. The large windows leading to the balcony would make me a little nervous. Maybe some frosted glass would be the answer.

Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist Attic BathroomPin

I am not sure if I love or hate this bathroom design. It certainly is minimalist. In our house space is at a premium so having all this space in the bathroom would be impossible.


Attic Bathroom SkylightPin

A large skylight window in my attic bathroom is my favourite feature. I love having the natural light while I am getting ready to start the day.

Vaulted Ceiling

Attic Bathroom Vaulted CeilingPin

If your attic has vaulted ceilings you will have a lot of space. I love the look of this bathroom. The white and gray walls and the wood tile floors really work well together.

Bathroom Feature

Red Attic Bathroom FeaturePin

The last design is one of my favorites. I love the red feature wall with the red bathtub. The His and Hers sinks would make this an amazing place to start the day.

One month on from the completion of our attic bathroom and things are calm in the house.  Our girls are talking to each other again, and amazingly a couple of times a week, we eat breakfast together. 

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The addition of the extra bathroom was worth it, and using our attic space was the best idea.  I wish we had done this years ago.