Where to Put a Bed in a Room with Windows?

Hey friends! Welcome back to Home Décor Chat. Today, we’re diving into a common decor dilemma – figuring out the optimal place to place your bed when you have windows to work around.

As a light source and architectural feature, windows need special consideration when arranging bedroom furniture. The wrong bed placement can lead to unwelcome drafts, disruptive early morning sunlight, and awkward furniture alignments. But when done right, your windows can become a beautiful asset that enhances the overall ambiance.

Through my trial and error in decorating our historic bungalow, I’ve discovered some key factors that guide clever window-bed placement. Whether working with a cozy nook or grand picture windows, these tips will help you create a functional, stylish layout that aligns with your unique space. Let’s get started!

where to put bed in room with windows

Taking Stock of the Space

Before choosing the perfect spot for your bed, it’s essential to assess the dimensions and layout of your room fully. Mapping out these critical details will allow you to visualize how the bed can be integrated harmoniously.

Measurements Matter

Start by measuring the length and width of the room to get the overall square footage. Don’t forget height, too, especially if you have soaring ceilings! Jot down these numbers and sketch them out roughly on graphing paper.

Next, note the placement of windows, doors, and any built-in features or architecture, like nooks, fireplaces, or angled ceilings. Measure and indicate these elements on your sketch as well. Having an accurate layout to reference makes it much easier to experiment with different furniture configurations.

Feng Shui Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Zoning In On Focal Points

Now consider the room’s primary focal point. What’s the first thing that catches your eye? For many bedrooms, the headboard acts as the main grounding design piece. But you may also have striking architectural details, an eye-catching light fixture, or breathtaking outdoor views that serve as the visual anchor.

Identify which architectural or decorative element will be the star of the space. Then, strategize the bed placement to complement it. For example, placing the bed below a beautiful stained glass window allows it to act as a headboard. Or positioning it across from panoramic views capitalizes on the outlook.

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Factoring in Window Size and Placement

Windows come in all shapes and sizes so bed placement strategies may differ. Here are some window-specific considerations.

Get the Most Out of Your Natural Light with the Right Bed Placement

Grand Picture Windows

For rooms with huge picture windows, it’s usually best to place the bed aligned parallel to the window. This lets you take full advantage of the view while using the window as a dramatic headboard alternative.

To pull off this look seamlessly:

  • Allow ample space between the bed and the window. About 18-24 inches is ideal for circulation and to prevent claustrophobia.
  • Incorporate symmetrical nightstands and lamps on either side to create balance.
  • Use curtains or blinds to add softness and filter light as needed. Sheers hung closer to the ceiling to enhance height.
  • Add a long console table or shelving underneath the window for display space.
Create a Bright and Airy Space with a Strategic Bedroom Layout

Cozy Alcove Windows

Placing a bed tucked into an alcove or bay window creates such a charming, enveloping effect. This works incredibly well in bedrooms with window seats or built-ins.

Some tips for this layout:

  • Flank the window with symmetrical nightstands and lamps to complete the cozy vignette.
  • Incorporate storage like shelves or cabinets for optimal use of the nook.
  • Use textiles such as pillows and throws to make the space extra comfy.
  • Consider only the mattress without a bulky headboard if the nook is exceptionally snug.

Dealing With Multiple Windows

It can be tricky figuring out bed placement with two or more windows in a room. Often, the best arrangement is situating the bed smack between the windows. Not only does this provide light from both sides, but it creates a pleasingly symmetrical look.

With this type of layout:

  • Use identical curtains on both windows to create visual continuity.
  • Incorporate matching nightstands and lamps on either side.
  • Add an area rug underneath to define the space while allowing light flow.
  • Place a dresser or other furniture symmetrically at the foot of the bed.
  • Hang art or a decorative mirror above the headboard to form a focal point.

No matter which window type your bedroom has, avoid pushing the bed flush against the window. Allow ample circulation space of at least 18 inches. Nothing ruins a good night’s sleep like clammy drafts and closed-in feelings!

Wake Up to a View: Another Thing to Consider When Deciding Where to Put a Bed

Smart Bed Positions for Natural Light

Sunlight streaming through bedroom windows sets a beautiful, relaxing tone. But glare, UV damage, and harsh light can be unappealing. Strategic bed placement allows you to reap sunlight’s benefits while minimizing drawbacks.

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Perpendicular to The Window

Positioning the bed perpendicularly, or at a 90-degree angle, to the sunlight source is ideal in most cases. This prevents glare or harsh direct light from falling onto the mattress. It also still allows abundant ambient natural light to filter throughout the rest of the space.

Make sure to incorporate lamps or wall sconces above nightstands for needed task lighting on the perpendicular side of the bed.

At An Angle

For bedrooms with sunlight exposure from multiple directions, an angled bed placement helps find balance. Pointing the head of the bed toward the primary light source takes advantage of the glow while preventing glare.

Use blackout curtains on the brightest windows paired with sheers on subtler light sources. This customizes illumination perfectly.

Is it okay to put the bed in front of a window?

Facing Away

As a last resort, the bed can face entirely away from troublesome light. This is only necessary in extreme situations, as it sacrifices the tranquil qualities of natural light.

If this layout is required, incorporate abundant mirrors and reflective surfaces to compensate. Hang crystalline prisms in the problem windows to cast rainbow light patterns instead of glare.

Feng Shui Factors to Consider

Incorporating the principles of Feng Shui brings good energy flow, which contributes to restful sleep. Here are some pointers as they relate to bed placement near windows.

Commanding Position Alignment

Ideally, beds should be positioned diagonally from the entry door, not lining up directly or blocking access. This allows the occupant to see the door while feeling protected.

Avoid placing the bed directly in their sightline when it comes to windows. Instead, orient it diagonally or perpendicular. This prevents too much vulnerability while sleeping.

Harnessing Positive Chi

In Feng Shui, Chi is the circulating vital energy in an environment. Certain areas have more positive, activating Chi, while others harbor stagnant or draining Chi.

Bed facing the window good or bad?

Bed placement depends on a window’s orientation:

  • East-facing fills the room with uplifting morning Chi. Perfect for beds on this wall.
  • West has a soothing, refreshing sunset Chi, ideal for bed placement.
  • North attracts healing and calm energy, but keep beds away from cold northern corners.
  • South-facing sunshine can provide too much intense Yang energy for restful sleep.

You’ll reap Feng Shui’s rejuvenating benefits by aligning your bed with the best Chi flow for your space.

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Three Optimal Bed Positions

Now that we’ve covered the broad factors that impact bed placement near windows, let’s explore some prime positioning options.

Centered Between Windows

One failproof layout is placing the bed smack in between two windows. This looks visually balanced and lets you reap natural light from both sides.

Make sure to use identical curtains, bedside lamps, and wall art/mirrors on each side to enhance symmetry. The space underneath also allows for a console table, dresser, or storage bench.

Foot Of Bed Beneath Window

Tucking the foot of the bed underneath a window is brilliant for odd-shaped rooms. It also visually grounds the mattress and acts like a built-in headboard.

Three Optimal Bed Positions for a windowed bedroom

Be sure to allow walking space at least 32 inches wide at the foot of the bed. Windows low to the ground require a short or absent headboard. You can compensate for the lack of height with wall art, sconces, or hanging shelves.

Perpendicular With Reading Nook

Arranging the bed perpendicular to the primary window often maximizes floor space best. It also prevents light from shining directly in your face for sleep-friendly feng shui.

Use the adjacent wall space to create a cozy reading or work nook. Add a comfy chair, desk, or shelving with a lamp for the perfect built-in retreat.

Designing a Personal Bedroom Sanctuary

“Your bed placement should make the space feel uniquely yours. I hope these tips inspire you, but don’t be afraid to get creative and break the”“rules” if it suits your style.”Your bed placement should make the space feel yours uniquely. I hope these tips inspire you, but don’t be afraid to get creative and break the “rules” if it suits your style.

Some extra pointers for adding character:

  • Incorporate meaningful artwork, textiles, or objects that reflect your personality.
  • Use your favorite color palette in the space to set the mood.
  • Add layers of lighting for ambiance during the day and at night.
  • Maximize storage with under-bed drawers, beside shelves, and other built-ins.

The correct bed position can make your bedroom the restful sanctuary you deserve. Remember to have fun and storytelling with your design! I’d love to see your beautiful creations.

Sweet dreams, friends! Let your windows bring a new sense of harmony and positive energy through strategic bed placement. Thanks so much for reading!