Create a Focal Point with a Fireplace Accent Wall

Hey friends! Angela here from Home Décor Chat, coming to you live from my little bungalow in Charlotte. Today we’re tackling one of my favorite topics – the fireplace accent wall!

Now, I know not everyone is blessed with a fireplace in their home. But if you do have one, then you gotta make it the star of the show! A fireplace is prime real estate for creating a focal point and infusing personality into a space. But it can be tricky to figure out how exactly to turn your fireplace into a Pinterest-worthy stunner. That’s where the accent wall comes in!

Transforming the wall around your fireplace into a gorgeous accent wall takes this cozy spot from drab to fab. You can get really creative with colors, textures, shelving, and more to design a showstopping feature. I’ve got loads of ideas to share, whether your style is modern glam or farmhouse chic. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Accent Walls

Before we get to the nitty gritty of fireplace accent walls, let’s chat for a sec about why the accent wall is such a powerful design tool.

In a nutshell, an accent wall is a single wall in a room that is treated differently than the others through color, material, texture, or decor. It instantly becomes a focal point and helps anchor the layout of a space. An accent wall breaks up all that monotonous blank space and adds some style and personality!

Fireplace Accent Wall

Now, take all the benefits of a regular accent wall and apply it to your fireplace wall – woohoo, it’s about to get good! The fireplace is already a natural focal point, so drawing even more attention to it with a stunning accent wall makes complete sense.

Not only can it turn a dated or boring fireplace into an eye-catching feature, but the accent wall also pulls together the rest of the design in the space. It creates a cozy atmosphere and gives your room some life!

Designing Your Dream Fireplace Accent Wall

Now for the fun part – actually planning and designing your fabulous fireplace accent wall! Here are some things to keep in mind before getting started:

Define the purpose. What do you want your accent wall to accomplish? Do you want to modernize a dated fireplace, create a rustic cabin vibe, or just add some visual interest? Defining this upfront will inform all your design choices.

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Up the Ambiance with Fireplace Accent Lighting

Consider the existing architecture. Take notes on the size and shape of your fireplace, height of the wall, and any distinguishing characteristics. This will determine options for shelving, built-ins, tile, etc.

Choose a color palette. Fireplace accent walls look best in rich, saturated hues. Whether you go for moody burgundies, earthy neutrals, or vibrant jewel tones, limiting it to 2-3 colors creates a warm, welcoming vibe.

Collect inspiration. Search sites like Pinterest and Houzz to save photos of accent walls with styles and elements you’re drawn to. This will help you hone in on the look you’re going for.

Think about function. Beyond just looking pretty, your fireplace area should be usable. Plan for ways to incorporate storage, display space, seating, etc. through built-ins, shelves, and furniture arrangement.

Once you’ve got these critical considerations nailed down, it’s time for the fun part – bringing your fireplace accent wall design to life!

A fireplace is a great way to create a focal point in your home

Fabulous Fireplace Accent Wall Materials

The materials and textures you use for your fireplace accent wall are one of the most important decisions. This is your chance to add serious style! Consider these options:

Natural Stone

Rough-hewn stone is a classic choice for fireplace surrounds, delivering organic texture and earthy elegance. Opt for large slabs or a mosaic pattern. Just be aware – natural stone is pricey. Consider faux panels for a budget version with the same effect.

Try: Slate, travertine, limestone, fieldstone

Wood Paneling

For a warm, welcoming look, wood paneling can’t be beat. Painted, stained, reclaimed – the options are endless! Add molding for bonus style points. Wood infuses rustic charm or polished sophistication, depending on your choice of finish.

Try: Shiplap, barn wood, cedar

Exposed Brick

Channel your inner urban loft with exposed brick surrounding your fireplace. For a modern twist, coat with white or gray paint. Leave it raw for an authentically industrial vibe. Exposed brick instantly elevates a basic fireplace.

Try: Faux panels, reclaimed brick, textured paint techniques

Metallic Tiles

For serious glam and reflectivity, metallic tiles are unbeatable. Gold, silver, copper – take your pick for shine. Pair with equally dazzling accents and decor. Just note that installation is best left to the pros.

Try: Penny tiles, stainless steel, mosaic sheets

Create an Instant Fireplace Accent Wall with These Tips


Make a bold statement by surrounding your fireplace with eye-catching wallpaper. Pick a vibrant print or modern geometric pattern wallpaper to contrast the fireplace. So many options to infuse personality!

Try: Grasscloth, floral, reclaimed wood, geometric

Textured Paint

For a budget-friendly option, get creative with special textured paint finishes. Try ragging, stippling, or color-washing for depth. Layer texture over texture for extra dimension.

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Try: Trowel, ragging, stippling, sponging, color-washing

Fireplace Accent Wall Design Ideas

Once you’ve settled on the right material for your fireplace accent wall, it’s time for the fun decorating! Dress up your focal point with these design ideas:

Add floating shelves – Perfect for displaying art, greenery, books, and treasures. Staggered floating shelves make any wall 10x cooler.

Hang a statement mirror – Anchor your fireplace accent wall with a bold, eye-catching mirror. Round, oval, rectangular – any shape works!

Spruce up your fireplace mantel with some stylish accessories

Incorporate wood storage – Custom floor-to-ceiling wood cabinetry or shelving brings function and style. Open shelving keeps it airy and light.

Layer on multiple textures – Think: shiplap layered over brick or stenciled painted wood. Mixing it up creates visual interest.

Include cozy built-in seating – Maximize unused space around the fireplace by tucking in a built-in bench or seating nook.

Add sconces or pendant lights – Strategic lighting amps up the ambiance and highlights your fabulous accent wall details.

Display artwork – Your fireplace wall is the perfect gallery for showcasing treasured art, prints, or gallery walls.

Add a rustic wood mantel – A mantel offers loads of potential for decorating. Front and center over the fireplace, obvs!

Incorporate textiles – Hang tapestries, quilts, or woven wall hangings for boho flair. Layer rugs on the floor for extra coziness.

Create vignettes – Use the mantel for curated vignettes that complement the wall. Candles, plants, sculpture – get creative!

Paint or stain the wall boldly – Color choice directly impacts the overall vibe. Moody and intimate? Cheery and bright? You decide!

Transform Your Space with a Pop of Color on the Walls

DIY: How to Create Your Fireplace Accent Wall

If you’re feeling handy (or just want to save some cash), a fireplace accent wall is totally DIY-friendly. Here are the basic steps:

Prep the Area

Start by cleaning the wall surface so it’s free of dust and debris. Fill any cracks or holes with joint compound, then sand smooth. Apply primer to create a fresh base for your finish of choice.

Add Decorative Elements

Now for the fun! Determine the layout of any tile, shiplap, panels or other decorative materials. Measure carefully before cutting. Use construction adhesive and finish nails to affix decorative elements to the wall securely.

Finish the Wall

Choose your paint, stain, or other wall covering and apply to any remaining exposed areas. Apply multiple coats for full coverage and intensity of color. Allow proper drying time between coats.

Style and Decorate

The final step is accessorizing with shelves, artwork, mirrors, mantel decor and more. Take time arranging these thoughtful finishing touches until you’re thrilled with the final look! Stand back and high five yourself on a DIY job well done.

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Add a touch of elegance to your fireplace with a mirror or piece of art

When to Call in the Pros

While a fireplace accent wall is totally DIY-friendly, there are some instances where you may want to call in a professional:

  • You’re installing natural stone, which requires expertise to properly secure to the wall.
  • Your wall surface needs extensive repairs or smoothing before installing your finish.
  • You want specialty finishes like hand-troweled plaster applied perfectly.
  • Your accent wall includes structural changes like adjusting the fireplace size or building out framing.
  • You need help incorporating electrical like sconces or under-cabinet lighting.
  • Time and physical ability are limited – hanging tile or lifting wood panels is labor intensive!

The right pro – a carpenter, interior designer, or general contractor – can take your fireplace accent wall to the next level. Just share examples of your dream design to communicate the look you love. They can then make it a reality!

Maintaining Your Fireplace Accent Wall Over Time

Once your fabulous fireplace accent wall is complete, you’ll want to keep it looking fresh by:

  • Dusting regularly using a microfiber cloth or duster. Get into crevices around decorative elements.
  • Gently cleaning the surface a couple times a year using the approved method for your material. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasives.
  • Touching up paint if needed to conceal any scuffs or scrapes. Coordinating paint pens make spot fixes easy.
  • Applying sealer to natural materials annually. This protects from dirt buildup and discoloration.
  • Checking for loose materials and re-affixing anything like tile that feels unstable. Don’t delay repairs.
  • Rearranging decor to keep your accent wall looking updated. Freshen things up seasonally if desired.

With a little TLC, your fireplace accent wall will maintain its eye-catching beauty while remaining a cozy focal point for years to come!

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Once you’ve selected the perfect piece, could you take a few minutes to style it? If your console table has drawers, use them to store firewood or kindling for easy access. Or, display a few of your favorite books or magazines on the surface. You can also use the console table to showcase a few decorative items, like candles or vases.

Final Thoughts on Fireplace Accent Walls

Well friends, I hope all this info has your fireplace accent wall wheels turning! The options are practically endless.

My best advice? Get creative and let your personality shine through. Unexpected color palettes, quirky gallery walls, and unique textures all personalize this special spot in your home. It should feel cozy, inviting, and completely you. You got this!