How to Use Removable Wallpaper to Spruce Up Your Space

Removable wallpaper has become an increasingly popular option for refreshing home decor. Unlike traditional wallpaper, removable wallpaper can be easily peeled off when it’s time for a change. From temporary fixes to complete wall transformations, removable wallpaper offers a versatile and budget-friendly way to add personality to your space.

This post will explore the ins and outs of using removable wallpaper to spruce up your home. I’ll share creative ideas, handy how-tos, and tips to make your wallpaper dreams a beautiful reality. So brew a coffee, cozy up on the couch, and let’s dive in!

What Makes Removable Wallpaper So Special?

Before decorating, let’s look at what separates removable wallpaper from the traditional stuff.

How to Use Removable Wallpaper to Spruce Up Your Space

It Leaves No Trace Behind

Traditional wallpaper removal is a tedious (and sometimes damaging) process. In contrast, removable wallpaper peels off cleanly, leaving your walls smooth with no sticky residue. This makes it ideal for renters or anyone looking to change up their decor without committing long-term.

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Reuse it, Don’t Lose It.

The best part? Removable wallpaper can be reused over and over. So you can take it down, store it away, and slap it back up when the mood strikes. Cost-effective and planet-friendly!

Stick It Where You Want It

Removable wallpaper lets you get creative with shapes and sizes, unlike painted walls. You can cover a whole accent wall, spice up furniture fronts or stair risers, create framed art pieces, and more. The decor options are endless.

Pick the Perfect Removable Wallpaper

With the basics covered, let’s discuss selecting the ideal removable wallpaper for your space. Consider these factors:

Size Matters

Measure the surface area you want to cover and buy enough wallpaper to fit it, plus a little extra. Choose a bold, graphic print for large statement walls. For small spaces, choose smaller patterns to avoid visual overload.

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With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to finding the perfect removable wallpaper for your home.

Think About Lighting

The wallpaper looks different in different lighting. If the room is dim, brighter colors and bolder patterns will pop, while well-lit spaces can handle darker, more subtle designs.

Complement What’s Already There

Take stock of your existing furniture, artwork, and decor pieces. Your removable wallpaper should enhance the room’s overall look, not compete with it.

Creative Ways to Show Off Your Removable Wallpaper

Ready to decide where and how to unleash your removable wallpaper? Here are some fun ideas:

Make a Statement Wall

Covering one whole wall creates a significant visual impact. Use a bold print or colorful mural to transform the feel of a room. Tip: Hang artwork or shelves over the wallpaper to create an artful composition.

Wallpaper Furniture

Removable wallpaper can give tired furniture a new lease on life. Try glossy faux marble or metallic patterns for an instant luxe look.

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Frame Your Art

Cut shapes from wallpaper to frame artwork or mirrors. You can also podge wallpaper onto canvas for artsy DIY pieces.

Disguise Design Dilemmas

Use neutral patterns like grasscloth to cover damaged walls or outdated tile temporarily. When your reno plans are ready, the wallpaper comes off.

Host a Party

For special events, temporarily wallpaper a wall with something fun, like balloons or confetti. It makes for a festive selfie backdrop!

Applying removable wallpaper is a breeze

Applying Removable Wallpaper: A Step-By-Step Guide

Once you’ve selected your wallpaper and decided on the space, it’s time to apply. Follow these steps:

Prep Your Surface

Make sure the surface is smooth, clean, and dry. Fill any holes or cracks and sand bumps for the best adhesion. Priming is also recommended.

Gather Your Materials

You’ll need wallpaper, wallpaper paste (if required), smoother plastic, a utility knife, level, painter’s tape, a sponge, a craft stick, and drop cloth.

Plan Your Placement

Study the pattern repeat and determine the best starting point. Use painter’s tape to map edges and create a straight installation line.

Apply the Adhesive

Use a wallpaper brush or roller to apply an even layer of paste or adhesive to the back of the wallpaper. Follow the product directions carefully.

Hang Your First Strip

Position the wallpaper along your guideline and smooth from top to bottom, pressing out bubbles. Use your plastic softer or creasing tool to flatten.

Repeat the Process

Hang additional strips edge-to-edge, slightly overlapping seams. Use your utility knife to trim excess paper along ceilings, floors, and corners.

Seal the Edges

Once all the wallpaper is hung, use seam sealer to adhere the edges and seams. Then, use a damp sponge to remove lingering air bubbles or paste.

Let It Dry

Give your wallpaper 24-48 hours to completely dry before furnishing the room. Then, stand back and admire your work!

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Use removable wallpaper in unexpected ways

Caring for Your Removable Wallpaper

The correct maintenance keeps your wallpaper looking lovely. Follow these care tips:

  • Dust gently using a microfiber cloth to prevent buildup.
  • Spot clean stains gently with warm, soapy water. Don’t scrub too hard.
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure to prevent fading. Hang curtains or blinds.
  • A humidifier keeps moisture levels in the optimal 40-55% range.
  • Avoiding touching the wallpaper reduces oil transfer from hands.
  • Apply protectants like polyurethane annually to prevent moisture damage.

When It’s Time to Remove and Replace

One of the joys of removable wallpaper is that it can be changed when you’re ready for a refresh. Here are signs it might be time:

Curling Edges or Seams

Lifting seams likely mean the adhesive is wearing off. You can repair small spots or replace the whole wallpaper.

Discoloration or Stains

As wallpaper ages, stains can become impossible to remove. Replacing is better than living with an eyesore.

Plain Old Boredom

If you’re craving a change, removable wallpaper makes switching up your look fast and simple.

Find the Best Removable Wallpaper to give Your Space a Refresh

The Last Layer: Sealing the Deal on Removable Wallpaper

As you can see, removable wallpaper offers a creative, budget-friendly way to refresh your home decor. With so many fun patterns to pick from, the possibilities are truly endless. All it takes is a little planning and commitment to make your wallpaper dreams a stunning reality.

The best part? If you decide to switch it up down the road, the removal process is smoother than ever. So take a chance, get creative, and embrace the decorative freedom of removable wallpaper!