The Cost of a Front Door: How to Get the Best Value

Hey friends! As someone obsessed with all things home design, I often get asked: “Amanda, how much should I spend on a new front door?”

It’s a great question. Your front door is like the smile on your home’s face – it sets the tone for the whole house! At the same time, you don’t want to end up with an intimidating toothless grin or (even worse) a wobbly tooth ready to fall out.

In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know to get the most value for your money when remodeling your home’s entryway. Please grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get started!

The Cost of a Front Door How to Get the Best Value

Understanding Those Front Door Figures

Before we look at numbers, there are a few things to decide:

What’s Your Front Door’s Purpose?

  • Curb appeal – if looks are everything, go bold!
  • Security – focus on durability and reinforcements.
  • Energy efficiency – insulation and weatherproofing are key
  • Find your “front door personality.”
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Set a Budget

Be realistic – front doors can cost anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to several thousand. It’s better to save up than to regret it later.

Consider Your Climate

If you live somewhere warm, focus on ventilation. Cold climates? Prioritize insulation.

Humidity and extreme weather can also impact materials.

The truth about front door prices

The Material Matters

Time to look at options! Here are some of the most popular:

Classic Wood


  • A natural, warm look
  • Can be stained, painted, customized
  • Good insulation


  • Prone to weather damage/rotting
  • Can warp or crack over time
  • Needs refinishing


  • Softwood (pine) – $500-$1,500
  • Hardwood (oak) – $1,000-$3,000
  • Custom – $2,000+

Durable Steel


  • Very strong and secure
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost-effective


  • Can dent
  • Poor insulation
  • Industrial look


  • Standard – $800-$2,000
  • Insulated – $1,200-$3,500

Fiberglass or Composite


  • Impact-resistant
  • It won’t warp or crack
  • Energy-efficient
  • Low-maintenance


  • Can fade over time
  • Less customization


  • Basic – $800-$2,000
  • High-end – $2,500+
How to Get the Best Value for Your Front Door

Design Plays a Role

Beyond the base material, customization impacts price:

  • Size – bigger = pricier
  • Decorative glass or ironwork – intricate details cost more
  • Custom carvings or engravings – specialized work is expensive
  • Unique shapes like arches or angles – complexity adds cost

Security and “smart” features also increase the price tag:

  • Reinforced frames – $200+ extra
  • Smart locks – $300+
  • Security screens – $100+

But they may be worth it for added peace of mind!

Don’t Forget the Extras!

The door itself isn’t the only expense:


  • Basic knobs/handles – $50-$200
  • Keyless/touchpad locks – $100-$500


  • DIY – Just time and energy!
  • Professional – $1,000-$3,000
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Finishing Touches

  • Paint – $100-$500
  • Stain & sealant – $150-$400
  • Decorative glasswork – $500-$1,500

Factor these in upfront to avoid surprise costs down the road.

which material is suitable for your front door

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Now for tips on finding the best value with your front door!

Compare Costs to Durability

A higher upfront cost can pay off if it buys better durability and lower maintenance. Therefore, it is crucial to know the lifespan of each material.

Energy Efficiency Saves Money

Properly insulated doors keep heating/cooling costs down. Look at weatherstripping, glazing, and insulation ratings.

Maximize Warranties and Resale Value

A longer/transferable warranty means more years of protection. Plus, an attractive front door boosts curb appeal, which can help when selling.

Where to Shop Smart

Local vs. Big Box Stores

Mom-and-pop shops offer personalized service and connections with local artisans. Big box stores provide convenience and affordable standard options.

Home Improvement Chains

The Home Depots and Lowe’s of the world have selections ranging from basic to high-end. You can peruse them in-store or online.

The Different Styles of Front Doors

Specialty Providers

Check companies focusing on doors and entryways if you want contemporary designs or complete customization. But beware of the premium prices.

Order Early!

Lead times are commonly 4-6 weeks. If your door needs replacing, don’t wait until the last minute.

Finding the Best Deals

Off-Season Sales

Shop winter sales after peak replacement season ends. July 4th or Labor Day sales are also good bets.

Discount/Closeout Models

Retailers often mark down floor models or discontinued styles. Ask about open-box options and lightly dented/scratched units.

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Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate!

Haggle respectfully for floor models, custom/unique items, or off-season purchases. The squeaky wheel gets the deal!

Choosing What’s Just Right for You

Beyond the cost, picking the perfect front door is personal. Here are a few final tips:

  • Match your home’s style – modern, traditional, etc.
  • Consider the big picture – how does the door complement your exterior materials and colors?
  • Add subtle security features that blend in.
  • Seek energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal.
  • Weigh practicality vs. splurging on your dream door.

You know your home and style best. The “right” door is whatever makes you proud. You should be happy to walk through it every day!

Doors Come In All Sizes

Let’s Recap

  • Understand your priorities – looks, security, efficiency
  • Set a realistic budget and stick to it
  • Research material types that suit your climate
  • Design, size, and customizations affect cost
  • Look at total prices: door, hardware, installation, finishing
  • Compare durability, energy savings, warranties
  • Shop sales between peak seasons
  • Negotiate respectfully for deals
  • Choose what matches your home and lifestyle

Invest wisely in your home’s first impression! Still, have questions on finding the perfect fit? Leave them below, and we’ll chat soon!