Elevate Your Space: 5 Creative Ways to Improve a Man’s Bedroom

Hey there! It’s Amanda coming to you from my little corner of New York. As someone who has made a career out of home design, I’m constantly inspired by how people can transform a space to match their personality and needs. 

Today, I want to talk about bedroom makeovers – specifically for all men looking to upgrade their sanctuary. Your bedroom should be an extension of your style and a place to relax and recharge. It can go from bland to a personalized oasis with a few tweaks.

So, let’s dive into five of my favorite tips for taking your bedroom from bleh to wow!

Add Some Color

Regarding bedroom decor, we often default to neutral, earthy tones like brown, black, gray, and white. While these colors make for a great starting point, don’t be afraid to add some liveliness! 

Color is an easy and affordable way to spruce things up. A pop of color can bring visual interest into a previously dull space, whether through furniture, bedding, artwork, or accent pieces. 

Add Some Color To Your Bedroom

When working with color, I always think about the mood I want to cultivate in my bedroom retreat. For example:

  • Cool tones like blues, greens, and purples create a soothing, peaceful atmosphere perfect for rest. If unwinding is the goal, consider a serene sage green or calming ocean blue.
  • Warm tones like reds, oranges, and yellows energize a space and evoke happiness. Pair vibrant crimson with earthy browns if you want to feel motivated and optimistic. 
  • Bold tones like fuchsia, lime green, or electric blue make a dramatic statement if you have a flair for the daring, mix and match highly saturated brights to liven things up.

Choosing hues that appeal to your sensibilities is critical regardless of your color preferences. I recommend selecting one vibrant color that excites you and then pulling that through the space with bedding, throw blankets, artwork, and accessories. 

If walls seem dull, add color with removable wallpaper or hang bold printed fabrics as makeshift headboards. And don’t forget the lighting – colored bulbs are an easy switch to transform a mood. Have fun and get creative with color pairings to design a bedroom that reflects your personality.

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Add Some Art 

Speaking of personality, art is one of my favorite ways to inject individualism into a bedroom. It adds visual interest while communicating your tastes and passions.

Mens bedroom art

When selecting art for your private retreat, the first step is inventorying what you love. I encourage clients to turn their rooms into galleries of their favorite artworks, prints, photos, and posters. Surround yourself with pieces that bring joy, inspire, or hold special meaning.

If you’re stumped on where to start, here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Printed Photos: Digital frames let you upload personal images, but going old-school with printed photos adds a sentimental touch. Grab a few favorite pics of friends, family, pets, or vacations and display them proudly on the walls or bedside table. 
  • Music Art: For music lovers, buy prints featuring favorite album covers, band photos, or music icons. Or make DIY art by framing vintage vinyl, ticket stubs, or handwritten lyrics.
  • Nature Prints: Art that brings the outdoors inside, from foliage to landscapes, is always stylish. Pick meaningful scenes, like places you’ve visited or plan to travel.
  • Pop Culture Art: Show your fandom with posters, prints, or paintings of favorite movies, video games, sports teams, books, TV shows, and more. Etsy is full of incredible fan art options.
  • Inspirational Quotes: Motivational quotes, lyrics, or mantras centered around mindfulness, dreaming big, or seizing the day can uplift your outlook when displayed in your retreat. 

Mix different mediums, frame sizes, and color palettes for an eclectic gallery wall that showcases your interests. And remember the lighting – strategically placed picture lights or track lighting help draw the eye to unique pieces.

Add Some Art To Your Bedroom

Add Some Furniture

A bedroom makeover is only completed by assessing the furniture situation. Carefully selected beds, dressers, nightstands, and seating can tie everything into a cohesive oasis. 

When furnishing your sanctuary, the first consideration is function. Ensure you have adequate storage solutions for clothing, accessories, and miscellaneous items so clutter stays manageable. I’m obsessed with furniture that doubles as storage, like ottomans with lift-tops or under-bed drawers. 

Next, think about the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. Furniture with clean lines and minimal fuss works great for modern spaces, while ornate carved wood pieces feel at home in traditional bedrooms. Distressed or weathered furniture pairs nicely with farmhouse, rustic, and boho styles.

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Whatever your decor vibe, invest in quality, comfortable pieces that make you feel at home. Here are some of my top tips:

Add Some Furniture To Your Bedroom
  • Make the bed the focal point. Choosing the right headboard can set the tone for the whole room. Upholstered headboards feel plush and inviting, while wooden headboards lend a grounded, earthy vibe.
  • Look at lighting. Bedside lamps with warm bulbs are perfect for late-night reading. And remember overhead lighting – chandeliers or pendant lights add stylish ambiance.  
  • Include comfy seating. A cozy chair, loveseat, or chaise lounge provides a perfect perch for reading, relaxing, or getting dressed.
  • Add personal touches. Incorporate meaningful items like family antiques, vintage flea market finds, or souvenirs from your travels.

Take time selecting nightstands, dressers, mirrors, and other accents that support both form and function. Investing in high-quality furniture that fits your lifestyle is worth it to create a peaceful personal sanctuary.

Add Some Plants

Another way to cultivate peaceful vibes in your bedroom oasis is by bringing in some greenery. Houseplants instantly boost any space – they purify the air, add natural beauty, and have scientifically proven calming effects. 

When styling with plants, first take stock of the room’s lighting. Low-light rooms do best with low-maintenance plants like snake, pothos, or ZZ plants. Bright rooms can support more demanding plants like ferns, orchids, or succulents. 

Modern Mans Bedroom

If you’re a newbie, start with hard-to-kill varieties until you get the hang of plant parenthood. I love displaying low-profile plants on windowsills or nightstands. Hanging plants in macrame hangers look lovely suspended near windows, and trailing varieties like ivy or philodendron can live in wall-mounted planters. 

Need to have windows or natural light? No problem! Get creative with artificial lighting to open up your plant-scaping options. Grow lights and full spectrum bulbs allow you to cultivate plants anywhere. Have fun styling an urban jungle. Just keep plants out of direct pathways to avoid tripping hazards. 

Bringing plants into your bedroom creates a warm, inviting environment. You’ll reap the relaxing benefits as you care for your new leafy companions. It’s incredible what just a few pots of greens can do for your mental well-being and the room’s ambiance.

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Add Some Lighting

No bedroom makeover is complete without an assessment of the lighting situation. Proper illumination sets the tone for the whole space.

Add Some Plants To Your Bedroom 2

First, figure out what’s needed. Do you primarily use the bedroom in the mornings and evenings? If so, bedside lamps and overhead fixtures near the bed are essential. Are you a night owl who wants ample task lighting? Add a floor lamp or desk lamp to your favorite reading nook. 

Ensure lighting is easily adjustable via switches, dimmers, and multiple sources. The right combo of natural light, overhead ambient lighting, and task lighting prevents eye strain and allows you to control your mood.

Here are some quick tips for lighting your sanctuary:

  • Use warm-hued bulbs in table lamps, pendants, and chandeliers. The soft glow is perfect for nighttime. Go for bulbs around 2700-3000K.
  • Install dimmers for total control over light levels at all times of day. Dimmers work on overhead and table lamps.
  • Look at landscape lighting outdoors to extend the ambiance to patios or balconies right off the bedroom.
  • Add accent lighting to illuminate display shelves, artwork, or architectural details. Picture lights, sconces, and track lighting help highlight particular features.
  • Consider smart bulbs that let you control lighting with voice commands or an app. Set schedules and timers and create lighting presets for ultimate convenience.

Lighting can make or break a bedroom’s overall ambiance. Take time planning illumination that works with your habits and design vision to create the perfect mood lighting for any activity.

Add Some Lighting To Your Bedroom

Alright, my dears, that wraps up my top tips for improving men’s bedroom style! The right additions and upgrades can make your space both stylish and functional. Don’t be afraid to add color, artwork, furniture, plants, and lighting that reflects your taste. 

I hope these ideas sparked creativity and got you daydreaming about your future oasis. As always, I’m here to answer any questions or provide encouragement as you give your bedroom a fresh new look. Happy designing!