Cost of Bifold Closet Doors: Budgeting for Your Home Makeover

It’s time to discuss one of my favorite home upgrades – bifold closet doors! As a decor lover and thrifting queen, I always search for budget-friendly ways to refresh my home’s style. Switching out tired old sliding doors for sleek new bifold doors is a simple swap with a severe impact.

So today, on the blog, I’m breaking down the deets on bi-folds: how they work, why I dig them, and most importantly – wait for it – how much they cost! I’ve got all the intel you need to decide if these space-saving stunners are in your budget. Let’s dig in!

Folding 101: The Lowdown on Bifold Closet Door Mechanics

First things first – what are bifold doors, exactly? I’m glad you asked!

In short, bifolds are doors made up of panels that fold. Unlike regular doors that swing open, bifold panels accordion back and forth on hinges. This allows them to open and close in tight spaces without room to swing.

The panels connect via hinges on the outside edges. Most bifolds have hinges on both the top and bottom of the panels, which keeps the doors aligned and allows them to glide smoothly. Fancy upgraded models feature tracks above the panels that guide them along.

Bifold Closet Doors How Much Do They Cost

When closed, the panel edges meet in the middle. Opening them up causes the panels to fold in a zigzag. The doors can be stacked fully open, folded partially, or closed tight. This flexibility lets you control privacy, airflow, and sightlines.

Bifolds work by folding multiple hinged panels, not swinging out like regular doors. This compact concertina motion makes them ideal for cramped quarters and smaller floor plans.

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Why I Adore These Aesthetic Space-Savers

Now that we’ve got the mechanical lowdown let’s chat about why bifold doors are so cute! Here are my top reasons to love them:

They’re Sleek Space-Savers

Regular swinging doors need ample room to open without whacking into walls or cabinets. But since bi-folds simply fold, they can work in super-narrow floorplans. Nothing beats a good bi-fold for small bathrooms, hallways, laundry rooms, and closets.

So Many Stylish Design Options

Bifolds come in wood, glass, metal, and plastic composite in a rainbow of colors. You can choose painted, stained, frosted, or mirrored doors- whatever suits your fancy! Panel styles range from plain to decorative. And hardware offers many options, such as black iron handles or brushed nickel knobs.

Easy to Install Yourself

DIYers rejoice! Many bifolds are designed for easy self-installation. They include pre-drilled panels, labeled hardware, and instructions. With essential tools, handy skills, and patience, you can install bi-folds in a day without splurging on a handyperson.

Costs Less Than Custom Doors

The price tag is one of the best perks for budget-conscious people like me. Bifolds cost significantly less than full custom doors and are way cheaper than hiring a pro to measure and fit them. More money left in my pocket? Yes, please!

Now that we’re enthusiastic about the benefits of bifold closet doors let’s get to the good stuff – how much do these space-saving stars cost?

The Cost of Bifold Closet Doors

Factors That Sway the Price of Bifold Doors

Several key factors influence the cost of bifold doors. Let’s look at the primary considerations:


Not shockingly, materials make up the bulk of the price. Natural solid woods like oak or mahogany are the priciest. Engineered timber and composites like vinyl and PVC cost less. For budget buys, opt for painted pine.


Standard-sized bifolds from big box stores generally start around $100. But prices rise accordingly once you customize them for narrower walls or taller ceilings. Measure carefully!

Design Features

Frosted glass panels, decorative hardware, and custom finishes add cost fast. Keep it simple to save.


DIY is the cheapest. Having a pro install your bifolds adds a few hundred bucks.

With an understanding of these factors, let’s explore typical bifold door price ranges…

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Budget Buys: Entry-Level Bifold Prices

You can score simple, builder-grade bifolds for around $100 – $300. Check local home improvement stores for these standard off-the-shelf options:

  • Hollow core painted pine or composite
  • No glass panes
  • Plain hardware
  • Stock sizes only

At this price point, don’t expect luxury. But you can get durable, decent-looking doors that fold and function just fine! I always say you should spend where it counts most in a room. For closets and hallways, save with value bifolds.

How Much Do Bifold Closet Doors Cost

Mid-Range: Mix of Quality & Value

For good looks, smoother operation, and a bit more durability, expect to spend $400 – $800. Look for upgrades like:

  • Solid wood or wood veneer panels
  • Basic hardware like black iron pulls
  • Limited custom sizing
  • Simple framed glass panes

This middle price range allows for more excellent materials and details while keeping costs reasonable. If your closet is average, mid-range bi-folds, check all the boxes!

Luxury Bifolds: The Sky’s the Limit!

When budget isn’t a concern, bifolds go luxe! For premium woods, ornate designs, and flawless function, you’ll spend $1,000 – $3,000+. We’re talking details like:

  • Exotic woods or stain-grade oak
  • Etched or frosted glass designs
  • Intricate hardware in brushed brass or nickel
  • Completely custom sizing and panel layout
  • Smooth ball-bearing slides

Palatial master suites and dressing rooms can have bi-folds worthy of a magazine shoot, but most prioritize lowering costs.

Don’t Forget Additional Expenses!

When estimating your total investment, factor in these additional costs:

Installation Fees

Hiring a carpenter or handyman to install custom bifolds costs $200 – $500. If you’re comfortable and capable, DIY is the cheapest option.

Future Maintenance

Occasional hinge tightening, track cleaning, and alignment adjustment will extend their lifespan. Replacing broken panels or hardware down the road also adds costs.

Beyond the door itself, accurately planning for installation and maintenance stops sticker shock down the road.

Bifold vs. Sliding vs. Hinged: Comparing Door Options

How do bifolds stack up cost-wise against other closet door options? Let’s compare!

Bifold vs. Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are another go-to choice for tight spaces. But bifolds cost significantly less than sliding doors. You can install a basic bifold set for the price of just one premium sliding panel!

Bifold vs. Hinged Doors

Hinged doors take up more space than bifolds, and custom-sized ones cost exponentially more. Bifolds offer a wide range of styles for smaller, awkward spaces at a fraction of the price.

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Bifold closet doors offer the most design bang for your buck. They are the best option unless you need glass panels or have super-wide openings!

How to Save Money When Purchasing Bifold Closet Doors

Shopping Smart: Where to Buy & Save

Are you looking to score bifolds at a steal? Here are my tips:

Check Big Box Stores

Watch for Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards sales, or order online for convenience. Just remember to measure carefully to avoid returns!

Order from a Door Factory

Check out online retailers like Shaker Doors or Edwards Door for more comprehensive sizing options at wholesale prices.

Hire a Custom Door Maker

Get quotes from small custom workshops if you want total design control and premium materials. Just be prepared to pay more.

Buy at End of Season

For the best deals, shop clearance sales in fall as stores make room for holiday decor. Cha-ching!

No matter where you shop, take measurements before you buy! Precise sizing saves money on returns or unfinished projects.

DIY Installation: Maximize Savings

If you’re a brave DIYer like me, self-installing your bifold doors saves a chunk of change. Here are my tips for tackling it yourself:

  • Carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s directions
  • Have a helper for fitting and hanging panels
  • Use painter’s tape to prevent surface damage
  • Work slowly and double-check measurements
  • Use a level, stud finder, tape measure, and drill
  • Adjust hinges, slides, and hardware until movement is smooth

With patience and proper prep, you can DIY your bifold installation successfully. You’ve got this!

The Last Word

Well, there you have it, pals! Everything you need to know about the cost of beautiful bifold closet doors.

In short, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $3,000+, depending on materials, size, features, and installation. Careful shopping and strategic DIY will keep costs down.

Basic bifold simply can’t be beaten for small, awkward spaces on a budget! You can transform a closet for under $300 with a splash of paint and new hardware. Now, that’s an affordable, achievable upgrade with fantastic impact.