Rethinking Bifold Doors? Reasons They Might Not Suit Your Home

Hey friends! It’s Amanda here again to chat about all things home design. Today, I want to dive into a popular fixture that’s become a staple in many modern homes – the bifold door.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the appeal of bifold doors. When open, they create this gorgeous, comprehensive portal that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces. Very à la mode! But are bifold doors always the best choice for your home? Let’s weigh the pros and cons.

What Exactly Are Bifold Doors?

Why bifold doors may not be the best choice for your home

First, let’s get clear on what bifold doors are!

Bifold doors are made of two or more panels, hinged together to fold against each other when open. This folding mechanism is what gives bifold doors their space-saving appeal. Bifold doors take up minimal wall space when closed compared to traditional swing doors.

The panels are usually aluminum, uPVC, timber, or glass. They slide open along tracks at the top and bottom. Modern bifold doors can be configured in many ways – some stack to one side, others split in the center. Fancy ones even have more than two panels!

The Allure of Bifold Doors

It’s obvious why bifold doors are so coveted in home design today. Here are some of their highlights:

  • Indoor-outdoor living: Bifold doors create a vast opening connecting indoor and outdoor areas. It’s a breathtaking, ultra-modern effect.
  • Space-saving: Bifold doors fold neatly when closed, taking up very little wall space compared to regular doors. This makes them perfect for smaller spaces.
  • Light and views: Bifold doors usher in tons of natural light and open up exterior ideas, making them a great way to make rooms feel more expansive.
  • Adaptability: Bifold doors come in many configurations, materials, and finishes. There’s a style to complement any home!
  • Aesthetic appeal: Bifold doors, with their clean lines and minimalist look, add a contemporary edge to modern and traditional homes.
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So, with all these benefits, what’s not to love? Well, a few things…

why bifold doors can be drafty

Potential Downsides of Bifold Doors

As with any design choice, bifold doors also have some potential disadvantages. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

Size and Space Requirements

  • Bifold doors need ample wall space to open and fold back correctly. This can be challenging in smaller rooms.
  • The wall area where the doors fold back needs to be kept clear. Do not block the bifold doors with furniture!
  • Bifold doors may not work well in irregularly shaped rooms that lack adequate flat wall space.

Operation and Maintenance

  • Bifold doors can be heavy and tricky, especially for children or older people.
  • The hinge mechanisms require regular maintenance to keep the doors sliding smoothly. This may need professional help.

Temperature Control and Noise

  • Bifold doors may not insulate as well as traditional doors, leading to higher energy bills.
  • Likewise, they may allow more outdoor noise- something to consider if you live near a busy street!
Dont let grime get the best of your bifold doors


  • Bifold doors are often more expensive than regular doors. Their installation is also complex, which increases labor costs.
  • Over time, the ongoing maintenance costs also add up.

Resale Value

  • While bifold doors are trendy, some buyers may consider them overly contemporary or impractical, making your home harder to sell later.
  • Trends come and go – when you sell, bifold doors may be seen as dated, turning off potential buyers.

As you can see, bifold doors have some real disadvantages, too! Let’s explore a few alternative options.

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Alternatives to Bifold Doors

Instead of bi-fold doors, you may want to consider:

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors give you the same indoor-outdoor feel and natural light as bifold doors while being more straightforward to operate and more affordable to install. Just be sure to choose a high-performance glass that insulates well.

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French Doors

With their classic paned windows and elegant style, French doors add a lovely touch of tradition to a home. When open, they don’t save as much space as bifold doors, but the swing operation is smoother and more accessible.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors slide neatly into the wall, disappearing from view when open. They save even more space than bifold doors without sacrificing insulation or noise control. Just be sure to install them properly to avoid jamming.

Solid Wood Doors

A classic solid wood door with well-placed windows adds beauty and character to a home. Solid wood also insulates well and provides excellent noise control. Opt for a sleek slab style with a modern finish for a contemporary spin.

new bifold closet doors

Key Considerations Before Installing Bifold Doors

Bifold doors can be gorgeous, but they’re not suited for every home. Before taking the plunge, think carefully about:

  • Your home’s size and layout
  • How often you’ll use the doors
  • Your local climate
  • Your decor style
  • Your budget for installation and maintenance
  • How long do you plan to live there

Carefully weighing all these factors will determine if bifold doors are the best choice for your unique home.

This article gives you a balanced view of bifold doors. There’s so much to consider with any major home purchase. Ultimately, the “right” choice comes from your needs and lifestyle.

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What do you think of bifold doors? Love them, hate them? Let’s discuss this in the comments!