Get Organized: Tips for Using a Bedroom Storage Bench

Decorating a bedroom with limited space can be challenging. As a small home dweller, I’m constantly looking for multitasking furniture to keep clutter at bay. A bedroom storage bench is a piece I swear by for its dual functionality and style potential. Not only can it provide extra seating, but it can also house a ton of items that would otherwise crowd your precious square footage.

Storage benches come in many shapes, sizes, and designs – but not all are created equal. The key is choosing the suitable bench and using it intelligently to complement your existing layout and decor. Read on for my top tips to help you select, style, and organize a storage bench!

Choosing the Right Bedroom Storage Bench for You

Regarding storage benches, one size doesn’t fit all. Here are some factors to keep in mind when selecting the perfect pick for your space:

Tips for Using a Bedroom Storage Bench

Scale and Dimensions Are Key

First, you need a bench that fits in your bedroom! I made the mistake of purchasing one online that looked way smaller in the photos. When the hulking piece arrived at my door, I realized it had taken over half my room. Measure the footprint where you plan to place your bench before shopping around. Consider how a bench with extended seating or pop-up storage compartments could impact the room layout.

The height of your bench is essential for both functionality and visual appeal. A bench that’s too high or low can look awkward and uncomfortable. Choose a bench similar in height to your bed so it feels cohesive rather than out of place.

Consider How You’ll Use It

It’s vital to consider how you’ll be using your storage bench before committing to a particular style. If you’re looking for primarily a seating piece, prioritize comfort and choose softer upholstered options. If storage is your top concern, look for benches with lift-top lids, drawers, and other organizational features. A wood bench with built-in cubbies can be ideal for a blend of form and function.

I like to use my small upholstered bench at the end of the bed, mainly for seating when getting dressed. I keep a handcrafted teak bench with baskets below by my closet as a dedicated spot to store out-of-season clothes and spare linens. Determine your needs upfront so your bench can adequately serve its intended purpose in your space.

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Storage Ottoman

Style Sets the Tone

Bedroom storage benches come in various materials, each with a distinct vibe: wood, woven rattan, metal, and upholstery. Choose a bench that aligns with your overall bedroom aesthetic. An ornately carved wooden bench suits traditional spaces, while a sleek leather or stainless steel bench feels right at home in modern rooms.

I even like to use benches as a style focal point in the bedroom. The sky blue tufted one at the foot of my bed adds a fun pop of color and texture to my otherwise neutral boho vibe space. Get creative and let your bench reflect your taste!

Clever Ways to Store Items in Your Bedroom Bench

One of the best parts of a storage bench is keeping less sightly items out of view. Here are some of my favorite ways to organize inside the bench:

Neatly Stow Linens and Towels

I don’t know about you, but I have an embarrassingly large number of linens and towels crammed into my closet. Moving some into my bench cleared up so much space on my shelves!

I use lidded baskets inside my bench to corral sheet sets, blankets, and extra towels. This keeps them clean and dust-free. I keep my most-used towels and linens in a fabric cube with open sides for easy access when making the bed or tidying up after a shower.

Pro tip: Add a hook to the inside of your bench lid to hang a hand towel or bathrobe for overnight guests!

Padded seat storage bench

Create a Clothing Storage Station

As a lover of thrift store fashion, I tend to hang on to clothes long after they’re out of season. Storing these gently worn pieces in my bench frees up coveted real estate in my closet for current staples.

I fold sweaters, winter accessories, and other cold-weather wear neatly into lidded storage cubes that slide effortlessly in and out of the bench. I also keep spare hangers to rehang items in the closet once the weather cools.

You can even install a removable closet rod across the width of your bench to double hanging space!

Organize Seasonal, Rarely Used Items

I don’t know about you, but I accumulate more random stuff by the season – holiday decorations, cool weather gear, bathing suits, and pool toys in summer. My storage bench has been a lifesaver for housing these items needed only for part of the year.

Under-bed or collapsible fabric bins are great for tucking away decorations by holiday. For off-season clothing, I keep special acid-free storage boxes made for housing delicates and sweaters through the summer. My bench keeps everything right at hand when I need it!

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Styling Your Bedroom Bench Like a Pro

I think a storage bench shouldn’t just be functional and look fabulous! Here are some of my tried and true tips for styling a bench to look like it belongs on the pages of a magazine:

Get Your Bedroom Organized with a Storage Bench

Layer On Cozy Decor

A bare bench can look flat. To make mine more inviting, I like to top it with a soft blanket or quilt that picks up the colors from the pillows on the bed. A couple of plush throw pillows complete the cozy vignette.

I recommend choosing low-profile pillows in small bedrooms so the bench doesn’t appear cluttered. Select pillow covers in complementary textures, like cable knit, velvet, and linen, for a pulled-together yet casual look.

Incorporate Baskets and Trays

A super easy way to add visual interest to a storage bench is to tuck in a few decorative baskets, trays, or boxes. I keep solar-powered twinkle lights in a matte white woven basket on my bench – this hides an everyday necessity while adding a magical glow!

For benches with a hard surface, try lined baskets to avoid scratches. A retro silver or copper tray is great for corralling jewelry, perfumes, and other trinkets. Include a few particular sentimental objects or plants to infuse personality.

Use as a Bedroom Accent Piece

Think outside the box when styling your bedroom bench. I love using mine as a statement piece that informs the room’s color palette. Try an intricately embroidered bench or one with global details for boho spaces like kilim pillows. Bench shape can also make a style statement – try a scalloped silhouette or curved barrel design.

Go bold with bright pops of color, or make it the star neutral in an otherwise loud room. Wherever it’s placed, a thoughtfully styled bench commands attention and pulls the room together.

Choose the Right Storage Bench for Your Bedroom

Multipurpose Uses for Bedroom Benches

One of the advantages of the humble storage bench is how versatile it can be. Here are some alternate ways to put your bedroom bench to use:

Extra Seating Nook

For studio and small spaces, have a dedicated sitting area for reading a book or enjoying morning coffee (beyond the bed or a lone chair). Place your bench at the foot of the bed or next to a window topped with plush pillows and a cozy throw.

Add a floor lamp or sconce overhead for ambiance. You’ve instantly created a peaceful little respite within the bedroom!

Impromptu Side Table

When short on surface space, a storage bench can double as an end table in a pinch! I often place a lamp and a small vase on mine when extra tablescape room is needed. The bench surface also works excellent for stacking books, letters, or other bedside items.

“For a more polished look, accessorize your bench”“table” with a table runner that complements your pillows and bedspread.”

A foot-of-bed extension

Does your bed frame feel dwarfed in a spacious master suite? Place a long bench horizontally at the foot of the bed to scale it up. This trick makes any bed feel instantly grander.

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It also helps define the sleeping area in open-concept spaces. I like to top the bench with an oversized bolster pillow and drape a blanket over one side for a luxe hotel vibe. Use it to hold spare pillows, linens, and pajamas for easy overnight access.

How to Use a Storage Bench to Organize Your Bedroom

Keeping Your Bench in Top Shape

With some regular care, a quality storage bench can look great for years. Here are my maintenance tips:

  • Inspect hinges and joints periodically. Tighten hardware when needed.
  • Dust wooden benches regularly and polish them with furniture wax or oil.
  • For upholstered benches, vacuum frequently and spot clean stains immediately.
  • Use leather cleaner and conditioner on leather benches to prevent cracking.
  • Limit direct hot sunlight, which can cause wood and fabrics to fade over time.
  • Place felt pads under the legs to prevent scratches and scuffs on floors.
  • Avoid rolling or swivel casters on uneven or poorly laid flooring that could lead to structural damage over time.

I hope these storage bench tips inspire you to incorporate one of these functional and fabulous pieces in your bedroom! Let me know if you have any other questions – I’m happy to help. Now, go out there and find the perfect bench to take your space to the next level.

Keep your bedroom looking tidy with a storage bench


“A well-chosen storage bench can be that elusive”“perfect piece” we all dream of – something beautiful that keeps our bedrooms organized and clutter-free. I hope my real-life tips give you plenty of ideas for selecting, styling, and making the most of a bedroom bench in your space.” A well-chosen storage bench can be that elusive “perfect piece” we all dream of – something beautiful that keeps our bedrooms organized and clutter-free. I hope my real-life tips give you plenty of ideas for selecting, styling and making the most of a bedroom bench in your space.

A bench can solve common minor bedroom issues like lack of seating, insufficient storage, and sparsely furnished areas. Plus, it provides plenty of creative ways to reflect your decor style. Find one that suits your space and your needs, and I’m optimistic you’ll add this functional furniture gem to your list of smart buys!

What did you think of these storage bench tips and tricks? Do you already have one in your bedroom? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you.