Living Room Coffee Tables

A great coffee table will really elevate your interior design.  I love a good coffee table.  They are not just for coffee.  You can use them to rest your favorite book or magazine, or even your feet (don’t tell my partner).  

The right coffee table can bring together an entire room by adding both function and beauty.  Below are some of my favorite coffee tables.


Nesting Coffee Tables

Nesting coffee tables are a modern solution to an old problem. Coffee tables used to be large, bulky pieces of furniture that took up the center of a room. Then they evolved into small, square shapes that were only slightly larger than a laptop.

Living Room Coffee TablesPin

This round-nested coffee table is a perfect example.  The smaller table is enclosed under the top table and can be pulled out when needed.  It can then be returned when you have finished with it.

Nesting coffee tables are a beautiful way to organize, display, and store your home decor. With the ability to nest side-by-side, you can create a dual design that fits your style. Nested coffee tables are perfect for those who like a clean line and minimal clutter.

This white nested table is an unusual shape.  The large magazine is open across the two tables.  This is a perfect example of the use of these nested tables.Pin

This white nested table is an unusual shape.  The large magazine is open across the two tables.  This is a perfect example of the use of these nested tables.

Nesting coffee tables are a contemporary way of displaying decorative items. They show off your style and your taste, instead of being hidden away. And they look great in any room, from the living room to the bedroom or even just as an office desk.

Clear Glass Tables

Clear glass coffee tables are great for letting the light in or keeping your view. They’re available in a wide range of styles and sizes, so you can find the perfect one to fit your space.

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Clear Glass TablesPin

Clear glass tables are perfect for those who want to keep the clutter of everyday life to a minimum. Glass is a great option for those with allergies or sensitive skin because there are no refractions to cause irritation. Clear glass tables also have a timeless look that will always be popular.

The unusual shape and design definitely bring so much charm to this living spacePin

Clear glass tables are the epitome of modern living. You can look at your beautiful family photos, or a coffee table book while you drink your morning coffee. Place a plate of food on the table and pretend that you’re hosting a meal for guests. You can use them to create an elegant setting for an intimate cocktail party. Whatever you do, don’t let these little beauties sit in storage all day because they’re too pretty to be hidden away like that!

Round Glass Coffee TablePin

Clear Glass Tables make the perfect centerpiece for your living room. Round in shape, clear glass tables are a stylish choice for any home. Available in different shapes and sizes, our clear glass tables are perfect for placing floral centerpieces, candles, and vases.

Experience the beauty of a clear glass accent table. Experience the simplicity of a clear glass table.

Square Tables

Square coffee tables offer a large surface for your mugs and magazines.  Many also offer storage with drawers or shelving.

Square coffee tablesPin

This white coffee table is a decorative piece that can provide a function to your front room. The white color will make this table blend with all kinds of decorating styles. Decorating a room is one of the most exciting parts of moving into a new home, and this table with storage, with its height and storage, can be a big part of that. This table will make your room a place that you really enjoy.

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small square tablePin

To make your home fit your family’s style adding a small square table to your living area is a good first step. This tiny modern coffee table features a wooden top that can be used to store your knick-knacks with grace and style. Give your living room a new attractive look.

large square coffeePin

A large square coffee table can make your house a home where you find peace and comfort. The table adds a contemporary and timeless design. A wood coffee table with a large surface area like this will be the main attraction in your living room. Make your home a fun place for you and your family to live and enjoy.

coffee table on wheelsPin

The right coffee table will truly complete your home and let you create your very own unique style. The wheels and storage will fulfill all your functional needs, and let’s have fun while working on it. With its fun design, large surface space, this will look amazing in your home. This coffee table will make your living room a place with character.

Wooden Tables

Wooden coffee tables have been popular in houses since the beginning of time.  With a wide selection of different woods to choose from and many designs, the combinations and natural beauty are infinite.

three legged coffee tablePin

A small wooden coffee table can really add personality to your living room while being a functional piece of furniture.  This small cocktail table sports a three-legged design, which will give your home a transitional look. A table that has three legs like this will be the main attraction in your living space. Give your living space a new attractive look.

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Raised top coffee tablePin

This round table works especially well for people who have limited space. This table features a raised top that will allow you to reach it easily to make it extra special because of limited space. This table sports a raised rim. After you use this table for a while, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

rustic wooden coffee tablePin

If you want to make, people feel welcome in your home, adding a large wooden coffee table can go a long way. This table has a beautiful wood finish that will enhance your living space. A home decor essential, a good coffee table with plenty of space will feel warm and familiar. This table will make your home feel rooted as if it belongs and has always been there.

hardwood coffee tablePin

A coffee table like this one can become the show-stopping centerpiece of your home. The wooden table will make your living space a welcoming place. This table, with its simple and enticing looks, will make it easily blend with all decors. Furnishing a living room is about making a space comfortable, and this coffee table can help you do that.

light wooden coffee tablePin

This farmhouse coffee table will make a stunning addition to any interior. The wooden construction will make this the perfect table to create a stunning focal point for your living area. This table features a unique wooden base, which helps you add a traditional flair to your seating space.  Give your living room a modern makeover by using this funky wooden table.

These living room tables add function and style to the rooms.  When you plan your living room upgrade, remember can give your room a new look with the addition of a new stylish perfect coffee table.