5 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom Walls

Hey friends! The bathroom. For some, it’s merely a place to start the day or get clean, but I see it as an opportunity to express creativity and style! Your bathroom walls set the tone for the whole space, so you’ll want to decorate them with intention.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with various materials and designs to make my bathrooms feel like a relaxing retreat. From bold wallpapers to custom murals, the possibilities are endless! In this post, I’ll share five of my favorite creative ways to transform those boring blank walls into a beautiful backdrop. Let’s dive in!

Why Decorate Your Bathroom Walls?

Before we get to the fun stuff, let’s discuss why bathroom wall decor is so important. Here are some key reasons to show those walls a little love:

Create an Inviting Vibe: Decorating your bathroom walls is a chance to set the ambiance you want for the space. Do you prefer a crisp, clean look or something more rustic and natural? The decor you choose will shape that overall feeling.

5 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom Walls

Your home is a chance to showcase what you love, and decorating the bathroom is no exception. From vintage travel posters to modern geometric prints, wall decor is a way to express your aesthetic.

Enhance the Architecture: Many bathrooms have interesting nooks, sinks, or tubs that deserve highlighting. Carefully chosen wall decor can accentuate these built-in features.

Hide Flaws: We all have those little imperfections or quirks in our homes. Strategic wall decor, like a gallery wall or floor-to-ceiling drapes, can disguise flaws like uneven walls or an awkward corner.

Add Functionality: Wall decor doesn’t have to be just pretty! Clever solutions like floating shelves, vertical storage, or a built-in desk can add Function while you decorate.

I. Dare to Go Bold with Wallpaper

Wallpaper has come a long way from its stuffy reputation of old. You can find gorgeous prints from subtle textures to dramatic graphics these days. Here’s how to rock wallpaper in your bathroom:

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A. Patterns and Textures Galore

Floral, damask, geometric, graphic art… there are endless pattern options! I love how wallpaper can create an intricate, almost fabric-like effect on your walls. Go for something visual and modern or vintage and romantic.

Textures like grasscloth and embossing add fabulous visual interest, too. And don’t forget – you can always use bold wallpaper as an accent on just one wall, not necessarily the whole room.

ake your bathroom walls pop with fun and funky wall art ideas

B. Choose Durable Materials

With all that moisture, you’ll want wallpaper that can withstand the conditions. Many companies offer specifically engineered waterproof wallpaper. I also like vinyl, fabric-backed, or pulp/cellulose papers for bathrooms.

Pro tip: Choose a wall covering with a wipeable surface for the best results, especially around sinks or showers. Cleanability is clutch!

C. Professionally Installed or DIY?

Are you looking to DIY your wallpaper project? It can be done if you have patience and prep properly. Be sure to measure twice, cut precisely, and apply adhesive evenly. Take your time smoothing out bubbles and wrinkles as you go.

For more intricate wallpaper projects, I recommend hiring a professional installer. They have the skills to handle tricky corners and perfectly align the pattern. Whichever route you choose, proper prep of the wall surface is crucial for long-lasting wallpaper.

II. Bring On the Color with Murals

If walls could talk, a mural would make a statement! From abstract shapes to scenes of nature, murals are a fantastic way to add a bold splash of color.

Add a Splash of Color to Your Bathroom with a Towel Rack

A. Choosing a Design

Think about the mood you want to set in your bathroom. Do you enjoy a soothing sunset or beach scene? Something whimsical like animal shapes? When selecting a subject for your mural, consider the size of your space. Small bathrooms look best with smaller-scale murals.

B. Paint or Wallpaper?

Murals can be painted directly on the wall or created using wallpaper or decals. While painted murals require real artistic skill, they offer creative freedom, and pre-made wallpaper or decals make it easier for non-artists to develop a mural look.

Either way, use materials designed to endure moisture and humidity. Seal-painted murals with a water-resistant topcoat.

C. Hiring a Pro Muralist

Hiring a professional muralist is often worth investing in large, intricate projects. With their expertise, they’ll translate your vision onto the wall. Look for muralists experienced in bathroom settings who use quality paints and sealants.

III. Get Function and Style with Shelves

It’s easy to underestimate the decorative power of simple bathroom shelves. Those practical storage spaces can also infuse color, display cherished items, or showcase collections.

A. Shelf Materials for Style + Substance

Glass, wood, metal…when choosing shelf materials, consider both the look you prefer and functionality. I love the airy, light look of glass shelves. Wood brings warmth and rustic appeal. Metal, in brass, copper, or chrome, offers a modern style.

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B. Clever Storage Solutions

Baskets, boxes, and bins are perfect for stowing items in style. I’m obsessed with apothecary jars for cotton balls and Q-tips. Leaning ladder shelves are super fun for draping rolled towels, too. Get creative with your storage solutions!

C. Artful Arrangements

Now for the fun part – arranging all your favorite items on the shelves! Aim for an artful, balanced composition. Try grouping items by color, Function, or shape. Don’t overcrowd, but add decorative touches like plants, candles, or trays. And don’t forget the lighting. Sconces or under-shelf lighting can make your displays pop!

Create a Beautiful Bathroom with Decorated Shelves

IV. Bring Nature In with Plants

As a tried and true plant lady, I firmly believe every bathroom needs a little greenery! Plants can purify the air, add natural texture, and make your morning routine feel more zen.

A. Moisture-Loving Plants

With all that humidity, bathrooms are ideal spots for certain houseplants. Ferns, orchids, mosses, and succulents thrive in these conditions. Just be sure to steer clear of plants sensitive to wetness, like fiddle leaf figs.

B. Creative Displays

Now for the fun part – getting creative with displaying all your new plants! Hanging planters, wall-mounted terrariums, a living fence…the options are endless. I love DIYing mini geometric planters to mount on the walls, too.

C. Faux Plants for Low Maintenance

If keeping plants alive sounds stressful, faux greenery can be a great alternative. Silk plants have come a long way and can look quite realistic nowadays. Just choose good-quality artificial plants if you go this route.

V. Dreamy Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors don’t have to be boring rectangles stuck to the wall. With some creativity, your mirror can become an actual statement piece!

A. Fun Shapes and Sizes

Go for an unexpected shape like a circle, arched, or starburst mirror. Oversized mirrors can make a small bathroom feel grand. Or opt for a unique layout like a wall of SMALL square mirrors. The options are infinite!

B. DIY Mirror Frames

One of my favorite weekend projects is transforming a primary mirror with a custom frame. Some ideas:

  • Frame with painted wood boards for a shabby chic look
  • Use peel-and-stick tiles or shaped stones to create a mosaic
  • Glue on trim pieces like molding, rope, sequins – anything goes!

Let your creativity run wild and frame your mirror to match your unique bathroom style.

C. Mirrored Cabinets for Hidden Storage

For a multitasking mirror, install a mirrored cabinet above your sink. The mirrored fronts disguise all the items stored inside. Just be sure it’s moisture-safe if you install it near a shower.

bathroom wall art

VI. Make a Statement with Tile

Tile isn’t just for floors and backsplashes. It can also be used on walls to create unique focal points. From natural stone to glass mosaics, the options are limitless.

A. Accent Tiles for Pops of Color

Accent tiles are a fabulous way to incorporate color. Use them sparingly to create a striking border or backslash focal point. I especially love colorful Moroccan-style tiles in bathrooms.

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B. Stacked Stone for Organic Texture

Pieces of stacked slate or travertine stone tile create the most gorgeous organic texture. I love this look paired with driftwood accents and round basins for a nature-inspired vibe.

C. Get Creative with Shape and Layout

Hexagons, fish scales, subway bricks – don’t limit yourself to basic tile shapes and layouts! Get creative with shaped tiles or irregular patterns. And don’t forget to have fun mixing different colors and textures.

VII. Make the Most of Lighting

The proper lighting can truly make or break your carefully crafted bathroom design. Use a combination of lighting sources to create the perfect ambiance.

A. Function + Ambience

Mix functional lighting, like vanity strips, with ambient fixtures, like pendants or sconces. Lighting for specific tasks versus an overall soft glow – it’s all about balance!

B. Show Off Your Style

Have fun and show off your style with unique light fixtures like retro pendants, modern chrome sconces, or antique chandeliers. Bathroom lighting can be a true statement.

C. Set the Mood

From bright and refreshing to soft and serene, lighting affects mood. Dimmers are game changers. Set your bathroom aglow in relaxing hues for that spa moment.

VIII. Infuse Personality with Accessories

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories and finishing touches. Vases, trays, towels, and art add those personalized details that make your bathroom truly yours.

A. Artwork with Meaning

I love incorporating meaningful art pieces, like cherished travel photos, children’s artwork, or favorite landscapes. Even something as simple as framed seashells from a beloved beach trip.

B. Pops of Color

Vibrant towels or trays, colorful glass bottles, a bright piece of art – all easy ways to infuse bold color into your neutral bathroom palette. Don’t be shy!

C. The Details

Pay attention to the little details that add up to a cohesive look – tissue boxes, soap dispensers, drawer knobs, cups for toothbrushes. Match these functional items to your decor style for a pulled-together space.

Final Thoughts on Decorating Your Bathroom Walls

Well, there you have it, friends – five of my favorite techniques for transforming boring bathroom walls into a beautiful backdrop! From daring wallpaper prints and colorful tile to artwork and creative shelving, your bathroom decor is an opportunity to express your style.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to decorate your bathroom walls. Remember, decorating is a process. Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to switch things up if a look isn’t working. A decorate-erase-repeat cycle is all part of honing your style.