Liven up your bathroom with wall art

As a New Yorker living in an apartment with limited square footage, I understand the challenges of decorating a small bathroom. But over the years, I’ve discovered an easy and affordable way to add personality and transform even the tiniest of bathrooms – wall art!

Wall art is often overlooked in home decor, especially in the bathroom. We focus on significant fixtures like the tub, toilet, and vanity. But the walls offer valuable real estate to express your style. Whether you’re going for spa-like serenity, rustic charm, or modern chic, wall art can bring your vision to life.

The Power of Wall Art in Bathroom Decor

In my decade as a designer, I’ve learned never to underestimate the power of a blank wall! Wall decor creates visual interest and brings warmth and character to any living space. But why is wall art particularly impactful in the bathroom?

For starters, spending time in the bathroom is quite a personal and intimate experience. Imagine starting your day gazing upon artwork that inspires you or captures a cherished travel memory. Letting your walls reflect what you love creates a soothing environment, almost like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket!

Liven up your bathroom with wall art

Artwork also has therapeutic benefits, which science has proven. Studies show that visual stimuli like art can lower stress and anxiety. Since morning bathroom routines are often hectic, calming artwork can set the tone for a peaceful day. Likewise, an uplifting or humorous piece can put you in a positive mood.

Beyond the emotional impact, wall decor is hugely influential in making a tiny bathroom feel more spacious. Art draws the eye upwards, creating the illusion of higher ceilings. Bold artwork also dominates blank walls, letting fixtures like the sink and toilet fade into the background. Suddenly, that cramped bathroom feels a bit more roomy!

So, if you’re looking for an easy, budget-friendly way to overhaul your bathroom, artwork is the answer. A few choice pieces can entirely transform the look and feel of the space. Let’s explore stylish and creative options to get those creative bathroom juices flowing!

Choosing the Right Wall Art for Your Bathroom

Of course, not all art is created equal. Bathrooms demand pieces that can withstand heat, humidity, and the occasional splash. As a designer and long-time New Yorker, I’ve got some insider tips on selecting durable and water-resistant artwork.

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Considering Moisture and Material Durability

Bathrooms see a lot of steam! Choose pieces made from moisture-resistant materials to ensure your artwork survives the humid conditions. Some top options include:

  • Waterproof canvas is my go-to choice. It handles bathroom humidity beautifully and is easy to clean. Look for pieces specifically labeled “waterproof.”
  • Acrylic prints: Acrylic is naturally water-resistant, so prints encased in this material are great for bathrooms. High-quality acrylic also resists yellowing.
  • Frameless glass is a sleek, modern option. Glass can withstand high humidity and is easy to clean. Just watch for glass glare near light fixtures.
  • Tile art: Made from ceramic or porcelain, tile art is durable and water-resistant. Just be sure to seal the grout lines properly.
Bathroom Wall Art The Secret to a More Livable Space

Understanding the Scale of Your Bathroom

An oversized artwork can easily overwhelm a petite powder room. On the flip side, a tiny piece gets lost on a large, blank wall. Consider the size and proportions of your bathroom when selecting artwork. Here are a few tips:

  • Measure: Note the wall dimensions before shopping. Also, measure any windows and doors that may impact art placement.
  • Scale appropriately: Choose pieces that suit your bathroom’s proportions. Oversized art will overwhelm a small space.
  • Mind your focal points: Anchor artwork to your bathroom’s main feature, like above the tub. This creates a stunning focal point.
  • Play with shapes. Horizontal art can widen a narrow bathroom, while tall, vertical pieces draw the eyes up in a small square space. Get creative!

Balancing Art with Existing Features

The key is choosing artwork that complements your bathroom’s fixtures rather than competing with them. Follow these tips:

  • Use negative space: Don’t crowd the walls. Leave breathing room between artwork and fixtures.
  • Select coordinating colors: Pick an ocean-inspired canvas if your bathroom is cast in tranquil blue tones.
  • Match styles: A modern glass print matches the sleek vibe of contemporary bathroom fixtures.
  • Create a focal point: Customize a blank wall, like behind a freestanding tub, with a vibrant gallery display.

Harmonizing scale, color, and style will make your artwork and bathroom feel cohesive. Let’s explore some eye-catching ways to decorate those bare bathroom walls!

Get Your Bathroom Walls Popping With These Art Ideas

Styles of Wall Art to Consider for Your Bathroom

Artwork options for the bathroom are limited only by your imagination! From classic landscapes to funky modern designs, there’s an art style to match any bathroom’s vibe.

Traditional and Classic Pieces

Some old-fashioned artwork styles have timeless elegance perfect for bathrooms:

  • Botanical prints: Vintage botanical drawings, common in old bathrooms, remain timeless. Opt for framed herbarium prints or floral watercolors.
  • Landscape paintings: Landscapes of peaceful beaches, forests, or mountains elicit tranquility. Watercolor and oil paintings work nicely.
  • Still, life: Flowers, fruit, and everyday objects in classic still-life paintings add quiet sophistication.
  • Portraiture: For a formal feel, try framed black-and-white photography or portraits of historical figures.
  • Architectural prints: Black-and-white etchings of statuesque buildings feel grand yet neutral.
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Modern and Abstract Artwork

Contemporary art styles boldly buck tradition with unique forms, vibrant colors, and imaginative designs:

  • Geometric shapes: Graphic, linear wall art provides a modern punch. Metallic foil prints also shine.
  • Abstract art: Visual texture and movement liven any blank wall. Acrylic pours and fluid paintings work wonderfully.
  • Pop art: Warhol-esque bright colors and artsy collages create a fun, eclectic bath decor.
  • Minimalist: Clean lines and space create Zen appeal. Try black-and-white photography or tonal prints.
  • Sculptural: Bas-relief wood or metal panels add a modern dimension to blank walls.
Get creative and make your wall art

Nature-Inspired and Coastal Themes

Bring the serenity of the sea and great outdoors into your bathroom with these styles:

  • Ocean scenes: A beach vista, crashing waves, or seashell illustrations evoke tranquil vibes.
  • Maps: Vintage nautical maps, topographic prints, or colorful aerial maps feel well-traveled.
  • Wanderlust photography: Black-and-white scenic prints capture exotic locales from Morocco to Machu Picchu.
  • Botanicals: Ferns, leaves, and blooming flowers breathe fresh style into bathrooms.
  • Birds and butterflies: Delicate wings and feathers grace peaceful nature scenes and prints.

Humorous and Whimsical Wall Art

A touch of playfulness helps any space take flight:

  • Witty word art: Clever typography turns walls into your wisdom or joke board.
  • Quirky animal prints: Cartoon creatures and anthropomorphized animals make for wink-worthy art.
  • Audubon prints: Vintage bird illustrations or pressed fauna inject old-timey charm.
  • Pop culture: Incorporate your fandom into the bathroom through movie posters, album covers, or artistic renderings of your favorite fictional worlds.
  • DIY: Make personalized wall art from magazine cutouts, scrabble tiles, or hand-painted designs.
Experiment with wall art until you find your perfect match.

Final Touches for Polished and Professional Art Displays

Now comes the fun part – pulling it all together! Follow my top tips for installing and arranging your new bathroom artwork:

  • Hang at proper height: Hang the art lower in steamy bathrooms to avoid moisture damage and allow easy viewing. About 60 inches from the floor to the art’s center is ideal.
  • Use bathroom-safe hanging: Safety first! Use adhesive hooks rated for bathroom use. Also, consider anti-humidity frame options.
  • Arrange with purpose: Curate art into vignettes that complement each other and highlight the room’s features.
  • Vary sizes and shapes: Mix different-sized square and rectangular frames. You can also sprinkle in oval or round pieces.
  • Play with groupings: Gallery walls with clustered frames feel cohesive. Or try framing similar colors together.
  • Add lighting: Install sconces or dangling bulbs above artwork to spotlight your new displays.
  • Refresh regularly: Update artwork display seasonally or whenever you need a change of scenery. Bathroom art should inspire you!
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Where to Buy Stylish and Eye-Catching Bathroom Wall Art

Looking for places to shop for inspiring bathroom wall art? Here are some of my favorite sources for finding unique and affordable pieces:

  • Support local artists at art fairs and markets. Chat with creators about custom pieces for your home.
  • Etsy offers one-of-a-kind vintage and handmade finds, from original paintings to custom wall prints.
  • Society6 allows indie artists to sell their designs on fantastic products like wall hangings, murals, and stickers.
  • has a stellar collection of framed prints and iconic art images at reasonable prices.
  • Check out Amazon’s wall art department for a wide range of styles usually available at lower costs.
  • Local home decor boutiques curate collections of art and prints thematically.

Many interior decorators offer custom art sourcing services for more personalized help. And don’t forget your creativity! DIY wall art using decoupage, string art, photo collages, or canvas paintings makes for meaningful bathroom decor.

Craft Your Bathroom Masterpiece

Channel your inner Monet or Picasso and create custom wall art. Here are thrifty ideas for transforming bare bathroom walls into personalized art installations.

  • Photo collage: Gather favorite photos and fun mementos from trips, holidays, weddings, and other milestones. Arrange them artfully in a framed collage.
  • Map wall: Tape together world maps, nautical charts, or topographic maps to form a display. You can embellish it with pins or LED string lights.
  • Shadowbox: Small art pieces and objects, such as seashells, figurines, or dried flowers, can be showcased behind the glass of an antique shadowbox frame. This is great for small walls!
  • Vinyl mural: You can order a custom-sized mural with any design or photo. Vinyl is steam-proof, easy to install, and allows you to remove and swap out images at any time.
  • Framed sketch art: Showcase your best or child’s artwork in simple, affordable clip frames. Group color themes together for impact.

With ingenuity and effort, you can design affordable bathroom wall art tailored to your tastes. DIY art gifts great personality. And it forever memorializes precious travel moments and milestones.

Final Thoughts on Jazzing Up Your Bathroom with Wall Art

I hope I’ve inspired you to amplify your bathroom’s style with meaningful, well-chosen wall art. Thoughtfully curated and adequately cared for, artwork can completely transform the ambiance of your bathroom. It also showcases what makes your spirit soar!